May 182010

I’m working on a post detailing how Simulationcraft is, by far, your best friend when optimizing your rotation/gear for specific encounters. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of my current optimal priority list, given my current gear. It looks complicated…and it is, sorry, can’t sugarcoat it really, but just read from the top down and go line-by-line. (Yay for superfluous advice.) This may not be optimal for everyone; some will want to FB more (high ArPen folks), some less (ICC 10). More FB’s = less Rip/Rake uptime. This list assumes you never clip DoTs.

1. Feral Faerie Fire, if FF/FFF down.
2. Tiger’s Fury, if available. (Energy below 30.)
3. Berserk, if available. (Energy between 80 and 90.)
4. If SR is down, immediately SR with any CP.
5. Shred on Omen of Clarity proc.
6. Rip if you have 5 CP’s.
7. Mangle if Mangle debuff is down.
8. Fun one: If there is less then 9 seconds on SR and Rip will expire 3 seconds or less before SR, refresh SR if you have 3 or more CP’s. (Desyncs timers to give you time to rebuild CP’s to reapply Rip with little downtime. I’m still playing with the logic on this one to determine an optimal setting. If you relax the SR remaining condition or the sync condition, you’ll refresh SR more often, which leads to better Rip uptime but wasted CP’s and thus less FB’s.)
9. FB with 5 CP’s if Rip and SR have at least 12 seconds remaining or target will die in 5 seconds or less. (Another place to mess with timers to balance FB/Rip.)
10. If Rip has less than 4 seconds and you haven’t Shredded 3 times yet (Glyph of Shred), Shred, unless SR will expire within 3 seconds.
11. Rake.
12. Shred, if less than 4 CP’s or Rip has more than 1 second left, AND if Rake has more than 1 second left, AND if energy is greater then 80, or TF is within 3s of going off cooldown, or you’re berserked.
13. Shred if target will die within 10 seconds, or you have 0 CP’s and SR is about to expire/expired.
14. Otherwise wait to regain energy.

I’ll be rewriting an Ovale script to incorporate this logic, when I have the chance. I’ve posted the Simulationcraft actionlist in the forums if people would like to modify it for their own toon.

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