Jun 112010

Not much today, so here’s a funny flowchart. :) Credits to Ambrosine at I Like Bubbles.


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  1. Hehehe. It amuses me the vast difference between bear and kitty in complexity in the same tree. :)

  2. Agreed. And thanks for the grins this morning :)

  3. The sad thing is that it completely excludeds Mangle…and it still works. /sigh Such is the plight of the Feral.

  4. Turn on Tidy/Threat plates and watch those big red plates grow while your dps’s using their aoe napalm. I don’t think it’s that simple to just spam swipe if you really want to hold agro in heroics. That being said, I’m eager to get those new shiny Cata tanking spells :)

    • Actually, thats how I do it, mangle glyphed to swipe, with glyph of mangle, tab target taking turns hitting the mob with swipe and mangle hitting my target and a friend.

    • I don’t bother with heroics much anymore..but when I do, I can easily hold agro with just Swipe. (of course, being in full 264 in a cat spec has something to do with that.) If I take the time to put in a Maul glyph, I can generally pull 4-5k DPS, depending on the instance.

    • I tend to use health bar colouring by threat myself… Nothing is easier to pick out than one mob suddenly turning from green to red ;).

      Anyway, it will be very interesting to see how Pulverize works out. Along with Skull Bash it might just save me from rerolling prot warrior. Bear is just mind-numbingly simple ATM. Flipside of that is that it allows for superior situational awareness.

  5. Well, too bad the chart is horribly wrong. Try that on a boss with current DPS values and it’ll not be you tanking the boss after a very short time…..
    The bear rotation is lame, but it has a couple more buttons that what the chart is suggesting (at least for a boss).

    • Note the “5-man” header…

      • I stand by my comment.

        In 5 mans it’s even worse. You won’t even have the time to stack 5 lacerates before the boss is dead. If the group is not providing a bleed, stack 1 lacerate for rend and tear and then go for mangle/FF/swipe/swipe, all with maul macroed in.
        Even better, tank as cat, it goes even faster…..

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