Jun 192010

I’ve previously posted this list, but a few pieces have been added to the loot table, so here it is again with expanded commentary.

271 Leather Melee.DPS Wrists Umbrage Armbands
271 Neck Melee.DPS Neck Penumbra Pendant
271 Finger Phys.DPS Finger Signet of Twilight
271 Trinket Phys.DPS Trinket Sharpened Twilight Scale
271 Trinket Tanking Trinket Petrified Twilight Scale
258 Leather Phys.DPS Chest Gloaming Sark
258 Neck Melee.DPS Neck Baltharus’s Gift

The big prize from RS-25 for feral DPS is the Sharpened Scale trinket. The massive chunk of ArPen makes it superior to any other trinket in the game, save Heroic DBW, and the ability to have two ArPen trinkets (should you be so lucky) will make reaching the ArPen hardcap much easier. Of course, you’ll be rolling against all melee dps classes (except for enh shammies) and hunters, so good luck. Hopefully it will drop more often than DBW has for us.

The Signet ring is pretty nice as well, but the hit/crit itemization drops it in value some. If you don’t have a 264 ring for your second slot and this drops, take it, but otherwise it’s pretty much a sidegrade from Frostbrood Sapphire/H Saurfang’s Cold-Forged.

The Umbrage Armbands are similar; a sidegrade from Toskk’s, a downgrade from H Toskk’s, but better than anything else.

Finally, neck-wise, the ¬†Penumbra Pendant is a strength item, so let your plate DPS have first dibs on it. If you’ve had bad luck on neck drops for some reason, it’s about equal to an ICC-10 neck. (Or you could just buy a Wodin’s, if you have the gold to spare.) For 10-man, Baltharus’s is pretty equivalent to its ilevel; better than a 251, worse than a 264.

For bears, the Petrified Scale tank trinket is very nice as well, but it depends on your personal preference–it’s basically an upgraded Glyph of Indominability, with the same issues. Great mitigation trinket, but no extra HP to swallow burst. ¬†I’d still prefer 2 of Organ/Fang/Key for progression, I think. Come Cataclysm, though, when healer HPS will be more limited, the ability of armor trinkets to reduce DTPS will be much more important. I could see this trinket lasting you until 85, easily. From 10-man, the Gloaming Sark is pretty terrible for feral DPS, but it’s an excellent tanking piece if you don’t have the badges for Shadowseeker’s or the cash for Ikfirus. There’s a strength ring, also, but it’s pretty bad.

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