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Well, I said I wouldn’t rehash my previous thoughts on the new talents…and I was wrong. :) I’ve seen some good writeups from other feral bloggers, and I’ve changed my mind on a few. I’ve linked the new talents to Wowhead, but they’re not in the database yet- check here for the text.

Overall, I’m very excited with the direction in which Feral is going right now. Bring on Cata already! :)

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  1. didn’t blizz say haste is going to affect energy/rage regen?
    seems like that could make energy-cap-boostage somewhat useful

  2. “and increases your melee critical strike chance by 2% for each Lacerate application consumed for 10 seconds. ”

    I’m not really sure I understand this part in the Pulverize tooltip.
    Will Pulverize “consume/remove” all stacks of Lacerate on your target when used, or is it just bad sentence-building?

  3. Imp ferral charge may not be great to open a fight but surely its great on movement intensive fights where you could FC back to the boss and open up with some huge numbers?

    Maybe its a situational PvE talent and a great PvP talent! If only they applied it to shred where you didn’t have to be in front of the boss for 6 secs!

  4. I think you’re missing some stuff with the Ravage potential. With the high movements on fights that they seem to be gearing up for, take Morrowgar for an example. Tiger’s Fury should already be up and running, so charge in on the spike and spam Ravage until the 6 seconds are up. This would work as well with Deathwhisper and her mana shield. (Just be sure to mangle and rip before you leave.) The mage on gunship battle. The slimes on Putricide. Burning Skelletons on Dreamwalker. (Or a couple other mobs for that matter.) The downside to the current ravage is you can’t have Savage Roar going first. This fixes that and gives you a ton of burst that isn’t on a Berserk 3 minute cooldown.

    Now obviously, I don’t know what the new fights look like. And maybe it will only have minimal impact on a tank-n-spank scenario, but to me, this seems to make Kitties more flexible on movement fights where we can’t get all our DoTs rolling.

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  6. @Waller- We’ll have to see, but with none of our attacks having any cooldown, faster energy regen shouldn’t cap us (of course, movement fights are a huge variable)

    @Golle- Yep, it’s constructed poorly, but that’s how I read it, it consumes Lacerate stacks. Otherwise, you could just spam it.

    @Rahl/FI- Good points, and yeah, I can see some situational usage on things like Bone Spikes, but don’t forget this critical line from the Shred tooltip: “Effects which increase Bleed damage also increase Shred damage.” With Mangle and a bleed up, Shred will probably hit harder then Ravage, and for less energy.

    • Actually, I ran the numbers on them in another discussion about this:


      Using the talents in the Cata tree it does have more DPE than a talented shred. Both of these numbers are from the highest level currently available and ignoring crit. (Just because I don’t feel like the complexity right now and Ravage comes out better on crit with talents in the Cata tree.)

      2.25(damage) + 666 per 60 energy.

      With Shredding attacks:
      2.25(damage) + 666 per 50 energy.

      With Rend & Tear:
      2.7(damage) + 799.2 per 50 energy.

      Savage Roar Glyphed:
      3.591(damage) + 1062.936

      Dividing out on a per energy basis:
      .072(damage) + 21.259 per energy.


      3.85(damage) + 1771 per 60 energy.

      Savage Roar Glyphed:
      5.121(damage) + 2355.43 per 60 energy.

      Dividing out on a per energy basis:
      .085(damage) + 39.257 per energy.


      .072(damage) + 21.259 per energy for Shred.
      .085(damage) + 39.257 per energy for Ravage.

      Add in the fact that Ravage will have a higher chance to crit than Shred and more likely to benefit from the bonus damage associate with that and it is a win. The low DPE currently comes from the fact that you can not have Savage Fury going in most current scenarios before you ravage.


      Now you’re more the theorycrafter than I am. Did I miss something in my math?

      • Naw, I’m not more of a theorycrafter, I just play one on the internet. :)

        You’re forgetting that the Mangle debuff (+30% damage to bleeds) applies to Shreds as well. Ultimately, though, this is somewhat academic, as they will definitely be adjusting coefficients. I have (tentatively) heard that Ravage’s coefficient will be bumped to 550%, which WILL make it stronger, actually, unless Shred’s coefficient changes as well.

      • Also, don’t forget the extra crit is only for targets over 90% HP. Great for bursting down small adds that don’t hit hard enough to be tanked (because you WILL pull threat with a 550% AP crit Ravage right off the bat) but not much else, PvE wise.

  7. Oh… extra time to Rake & SR? Hawt!

    (NOM NOM NOM!)

  8. Nom Nom Nom: When you Ferocious Bite a target at or below 25% health, you have a 50/100% chance to instantly refresh the duration of your Rip on the target. Very powerful for cats. First, is there anyone that doesn’t like the name? KEEP NNN BLIZZ! Second, this brings a welcome change to the kitty DPS rotation and brings us more in line with other melee DPS classes who have a stronger(“execute”) attack sub-25%. Anything else will have to wait for actual numbers, but it’s good to see FB being rehabilitated. This may finally make Feral Aggression worth taking for cats (but don’t count on it.)

    Dont like this at all….
    NomNomNom should give us 33% more bleed damage as a cat and 33% more dodge as a bear against targets under 25%.

  9. […] My belief (don't want to cross the alpha wall here) is that they are planning on increasing Ravage's coefficient. At some point, however, I'd imagine you'd run into threat problems. That's what'll kill it for PvE, with the exception of things that aren't tanked (think Bone Spikes). Unless I'm misreading Primal Madness, it looks pretty useless for (good) cats, since we're not energy-capping to begin with. (more analysis on my blog here) […]

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