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Well, it’s good to see my source was accurate. :) The official current draft of the talent trees for Druid/Priest/Rogue/Shaman were publicly released yesterday. I’d previously discussed the new talents here and here, so i won’t rehash those; instead, I’ll look at a few potential feral builds. (These talent trees are nowhere near done; I expect Improved Mangle to be buffed/changed, SOTF is “supposed” to go away, and the Imp. FC/Pred. Strikes/Ravage synergy to be reworked. NS+MS could use a look as well. Primal Madness seems very underpowered.)

Cat: 0/53/18, 5 free points

Cat is pretty flexible. In its current incarnation, you have plenty of flex points; the 5 free ones I’ve indicated above, plus a few points that you have to put in to move down the tree. In this build, I’ve picked up all the survivability talents, leaving you to choose from Imp. Mangle/Feral Aggression for more DPS, Infected Wounds for backup debuff support, or bear talents for emergency tanking. At the moment, I’m considering Imp. FC/Pred Strikes to be PvP talents, so not taking those. The 18 points in Resto are pretty mandatory.

Bear: 0/53/21, 2 free points

Bear, in contrast, is much less flexible, due to taking 21 points in Resto. Until we see how heroics play out, I want to keep the 3 points in Feral Instinct to buff Swipe, so any flexibility (to buff Feral Aggresion, for example) will probably have to come from dropping NS+MS in Resto. Depending on how Rage works, OOC may be droppable; Lacerate will be used more (since we’re consuming them via Pulverize) so your 2 free points will either be used for Shredding Attacks or Imp. FC.

Hybrid: 0/60/16, 0 free points

Happily, a hybrid build still looks to be pretty viable, taking the Bear build and sacrificing the free points and NSS+MS to pick up Shredding Attacks/KOTJ/NomNomNom (heh).

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  1. Honestly I think that those 5 “free” points in the cat tree will end up in feral aggression. I believe 15% more dmg on ferocious bite during the burn phase where nom nom nom is making it refresh rip will prove to be highly valuable.

  2. I don’t like using 5/5 in NS/MS for a <1%/point threat buff now (in Bear builds), and I still don't like it in these Alpha release builds. I think there's better use for them in the Feral tree.

    PvE Ferals shift a couple of times (if at all) across most fights, making 3/3 NS completely worthless. If Blizz would do anything to make it a more desirable PvE talent, I’d probably be all over those 5 points. As it stands now…I just can’t bring myself to spend them there.

    Primal Madness has the potential to be huge for Bears. With 2/2 there, Enrage would give us 32 instant rage plus 10 more over 10 seconds and a 15% damage buff (because of the 3/3 in KotJ we’d have to take to get there). The only thing that stops it from being too good at that point is the Armor hit we take by using it. Maybe with the bigger health pools, that wouldn’t be a terrible thing. Will need play testing to know for sure.

  3. Regarding the bear talent tree, I get why you take 21 points in the resto tree, but why are two of those points in Blessing of the Grove, which only aids cat damage (claw and shred)?

    • Because I feel Bears will still be called on for off-dps on 1.5-tank fights. :) It’s that or Furor; neither is all that compelling, but you need the 5 pts to reach T2.

  4. I really like your hybrid build. I’ll probably use something similar to that as I level and get into the early 85 dungeons/raids.

    • Yeah, I used a hybrid build for Naxx/Ulduar when it was current content, and never had a problem. Since it’s a percentage modifier you lose, you start to feel the loss more as gear/DPS increases.

  5. I don’t know how viable the Shred talents will be in the hybrid build, since blizzard said they wanted to buff Mangle to make it more forgiving when you’re not able to use Shred.
    That buff combined with mangle glyph should be good enough.

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  7. Why Protector of the Pack in the pure DPS build? I thought the 6% AP was just in bear form?

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