Jun 202010

A short note: I’ll be working on the site and forums some over the next week (upgrading to wordpress 3.0, fixing some phpBB stuff, moving guides from the blog to the forums to make them easier to find (though I may change my mind on this and just make them static pages like Keeva did), updating plugins, updating side-bar, etc.) If you see anything broken (or you want me to implement something), please post a comment and let me know. (Also, I apparently like parentheses.)

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  1. I am freakydeaky about backing up the blog, but 3.0 installed without a hitch, and only broke a few plugins that I didn’t care for anyway. Here’s hoping your switchover is as smooth as mine was.

    Also, static pages are 100% win! You can do much more with them, including fancy HTML and jump-anchor table of contents thingys. I am super-cheat with my static pages and use shortcodes to auto-add links to my posts. For example, I have the static page list all my posts under the “grid advanced lessons” tag. When I post a new guide under that tag – bam! it’s linked to the static page without any work by me. And I’m all about the lazy!

    • That’s…really cool, actually. I’ll take a look into that, when I get time (precious lately). It took hours to convert my bear guide into bbcode for the forum, that’s for sure.

      • I currently use this one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-lister/

        Don’t get scared that the FAQ is in French (chrome gives me a popup to translate and it’s all good) You can list posts by category or tag or whatever. So when I know I’m doing a series I’m going to want to list, I create a unique tag for it, and then just list-by-tag. For example, on this page: http://murlocparliament.com/?page_id=233#Grid if you look, I have all “grid advanced lessons” posts listed. I did not manually add those. That’s just a page code. When I add a new guide wtih that tag, it will link to the top of the list, like magic.

        If you want to do the same for the sidebar (list of posts by tag) I use Query Posts http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/query-posts/ That is how I get my “advanced grid”, “mage renaissance” and “twig’s latest” sidebars. list by tag, category, author, whatever.

        If you want to list by specific tag, you may need to go back and adjust tags on old posts. I recommend Simple Tags http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-tags/ Makes it incredibly easy to add and subtract tags from posts in bulk. Also, you can merge or rename tags easily.

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