Jun 252010

Crap, it’s Friday already?

Very busy week for me, so little time to sit down and research/write anything good. Here’s some postlets:

  • Guild progression: Collateral Damage successfully downed H Dreamwalker this week and got a second kill on H Festergut (my first), which leaves us at 5/12 for 25M heroic. Ferals are pretty OP for Fester; since such a low percentage of our DPS is autoattacks, malleable goos don’t affect us nearly as much. Me and the other feral in our raid were 1-2 on the DPS chart; unfortunately for me, we were 2-1 for EPGP purposes, so now he’s got Heroic Distant Land. :( (Grats Feans!)
  • Heroic progression isn’t nearly as interesting as normal progression, I find. Every time we firstkilled an ICC boss on normal mode, there was a killshot and much rejoicing; on heroic, it’s just kinda eh. We’re basically gearing up for the H LK fight, which doesn’t look fun, at all. Oh well, at least there’s Ruby Sanctum to look forward to.
  • Site upgrades: I successfully upgraded the site to WP 3.0 without anything important breaking (yay). I decided to convert my bear guide to BBcode to post on the forums as a test, and it 1) took forever to do and 2) still looks a bit crappy. I think I’m going to give Zel’s suggestion a try with static pages on the blog itself, and put a sticky on the forums with links to the guides.
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  1. Wewt! Seriously formatting in wordpress is so much easier than forum formatting. You can also do a LOT with pages, like setting up page hierarchies, for example.

  2. Just found this blog, but I’m definately coming back. I’m doing the final work on my masters thesis and then returning to WoW to start tanking on my Druid.
    So far I’ve been raiding as restoration, but I’ve figured that with the geargap that’s been growing between my mains gear at time I left and the normal standard for raiding gear atm I might just as well give it a shot now :)

    Anyways, lots of good reading here. Thanks! :)

  3. Glad to hear that the upgrade went fairly well. And grats on the kills!

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