Sep 252010

Ferals, that is. I’ve been following the new feral talents and builds closely via EJ and MMOC, and things still look pretty broken. (I’ll let nice guys like Kal be the guinea pigs and deal with the issues.) From what little I can see, it looks like cats are going to be okay, once they can get the scaling numbers worked out. Quick thoughts (this is just me speculating, mostly, don’t take it as gospel)

  • The removal of ArPen and Feral AP will make bleeds once again the primary source of our damage for initial content. However, since bleeds will not scale with haste, it remains to be seen whether that will stay that way.
  • Rotations will definitely take some getting used to…crit levels are going to be VERY low to start, so cp generation will be slow; however, timers are looser, and losing SR isn’t as much of a DPS killer as it used to be.
  • The new line between “good feral DPS” and “great feral DPS” is going to revolve around tailoring our rotation to required fight movement, and properly rationing cp’s. Energy management will not be as critical as it used to be.
  • The new Stampede is now a DPS cooldown of sorts, as well.
  • Our biggest challenge will be not the content itself, but managing fellow raider / 5-man expectations to start.

Two months ago, I was working hard on Loremaster…now, I can’t find the motivation to resub and finish it pre-Cata. I guess my Achiever personality does have a limit.

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  1. Hey Alaron, Loremassteer was the biggest time sinkhole I ever did in the game. I’m glad I finished it but to be honest I would have been happy never to start it.

    As for Cata kitties i’m worried. The big unknown of course are the boss fight mechanics. But if some of the things posted are true that there will be more CC and movement then that makes things look even worse.

    In WOTLK we still had some decent burst damage every couple of minutes. Things are looking like in Cata that over time bleeds will be more important. With shred still being best damage attack (so far) that means positions naturally. What I hated about Professor P in ICC was that sometimes the front/back of the ooze was hard to tell at the start. If Cata has mobs like that then things are gonna be bad.

    I first played a lock then a rogue then my druid starting in BC days. Been kitty/bear (preferred kitty) since day one. I tried tree/boom but they were never for me. I sure would hate to give it up but right now melee is not getting much love from Blizz in cata. And to be honest the only druid spec that is even OK is boomkin.

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