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Well, I was going to do some combat logging last night to compare to Mew, but a good chunk of my addons that were supposedly “4.0 compliant” still didn’t work. Considering that the patch (which I had conscientiously pre-downloaded) took 2.5 HOURS to install, I kinda ran out of time and patience once things actually loaded up. Anyway, here’s a quick roundup of the state of kitty addons from my perspective:

Need to Know (timer bars):

It worked (kinda) but it’d throw an error every time I turned it on. I’ll have to try deleting the saved data and recreating the bars from scratch. Thankfully, I don’t have a raid to get prepped for any time soon. :) I might start looking at other timer bar addons if it’s a big issue, but I’ve been really happy with NTK. (That said, if someone wants to recommend something that works in 4.0 in the comments, I’ll listen.)


Ovale has been updated for 4.0, but my script threw errors for me as well. Based on a comment on the Curse page, I believe changing the Rake spellid fromĀ  59886 to 1822 should do it, but I won’t be able to test that until tonight. Once I get Ovale working, I’ll start updating the script for 4.0 logic, using information gathered via Mew.

FeralByNight Lite:

Don’t use this personally, but this version should work.

Baud Manifest:

Okay, this isn’t really cat-related, but this was the thing I was most dreading about 4.0…my beloved Baud Manifest addon would no longer work, and I’d have to go back to looking at a grid of icons again. :( Thankfully, a fan update is here. You may want to go into the LUA (line 14) and disable debug, though.

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  1. I updated the spell ID numbers in the Ovale script, but any time that the suggestion pane became active, I received massive interface lag and constant errors were being thrown out. I think it is a problem with the actual addon and not the script.

  2. Raven is a new timer mod available on Curse and WowInterface that shows buffs/debuffs and cooldowns in highly-configurable bar and icon configurations. It also supports condition checking and notifications that can be used for buffing/decursing and spell rotations. I developed (and raided extensively with) an optional cat dps module for Raven that will be updated for 4.0.1 and hopefully released within two weeks (I welcome beta testers for it too).

  3. IceHud seems to work well with 4.0.1. In fact, it might be the only one of my addons that didn’t mess up settings or throw errors when I logged in. You can disable the health / mana bars if you want, and configure any timer bars.

    I highly recommend it.

  4. @Tomber- Ooh, Raven looks spiffy. I’ll give it a try…thanks for the tip. I’d be interested in how the optional modules work as well…the text sorta explained it, but not really.

    @Vaeg- I’ve gone back and forth on HUD’s several times. I may give it a go again with 4.0. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Feral By Nite Lite didn’t work for me. It just kind of sits there and doesn’t change.

  6. Got Ovale working by replacing the Rake code and replacing one instance of Rip with RIP.

  7. I tended to rely on Droodfocus for my energy + CP tracking, FBN to track times on rip/rake/SR (talk about redundant), but have found that Classtimer stil works fine and tracking with that is relatively easy (except for seeing how many shreds have been done on rip).

    It’s similar to Raven, tho’ hearing about feral-specific stuff in it makes me want to play with Raven now.

  8. I’m extremely sad about Drood Focus (which is awesome) and I hope it is updated soon.

    As for timer bars, I use Fortexorcist for all my timer/cooldown needs for all specs.

    Ice HUD is updated quickly after a patch and it works well. However, it is a resource hog compared to my other addons. I’m trying to live without it.

  9. I used ovale a while back, but had found an addon I liked better (which, of course, was not updated for 4.0). I don’t have a script for my kitty spec. Any suggestions as to where I can find one?

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