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Credit to Ambrosine at I Like Bubbles (again). NSFW, but it’s Friday night…sorry third shifters. :)

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  1. The basics of this flowchart apply to all tanks. I’m predicting complete pandemonium in the LFD tool for weeks.

  2. The chart is missing some fundamentals:

    – press maul when you get green thingies around your character (OOC proc)
    – press mangle when you get the white thingies around your character (Berserk proc)

    Hmmm….. why is everyone dead? Ah crap, I was looking at the green/white thingies! :)

    BTW it’s not as bad as it seems, I’ve tanked a bit on beta and it’s actually smoother than you would guess. Hint: remove maul from your macros and create a macro for AoE: /castsequence reset=target Swipe,Thrash. Saves one button… and trust me, you’ll need to save as many as possible, since we’re getting several new ones to press (maul, skull bash, pulverize).

  3. To be honest, I miss the days where tanking, healing and dps was an actual balancing act that required constant attention. I’m looking forward to watching how many people pull aggro from even the best tanks – because they’ve been so sedated by the excessively easy mechanics of Wrath. :)

  4. And you will get the blame and be called a failed tank. Even today there is little patience in letting new tanks learn their trade in heroics. People are way too quick to vote to kick.

  5. Yeah, Heli, I think it’ll work quite well in theory…and honestly, I think everybody who’s proclaiming the death of the dungeon finder forgets how quickly MMO players optimize. All the heroics will be too hard for the idjits, so they’ll migrate to the lvl 85 normals for a while. (FWIW, WOTLK heroics in blues weren’t the easiest thing ever, either. Loken gave people fits, so did Xevozz in VH, and Azjol trash.) Most of the poor players didn’t get punished for their mistakes in WOTLK due to gear, so they kept making them…however, when you wipe in EVERY instance, instead of just a few, then people start learning. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it takes longer than people expect to get enough gear to be allowed into Heroics.

    Finally, apparently Monday is the new Friday. /brainoff

  6. Losing aggro in instances is easy on beta. This is partly because people are still adapting to the “no free AoE aggro” style, and also because numbers are off. Still, DPS learn fast: with mana being an issue, healers won’t hesitate a second letting the DPS die (which, BTW is exactly what happens on live if you’re not overgeared).
    One advantage in Cataclysm are the huge health pools: people tend not to be OS, so they have time to see and react in case of error, contrary to the “ops, aggro, ops dead” of WotLK.

    Normal instances are forgiving, except boss fights, which are not forgiving, even in normal mode. Screw up on the mechanics and it’s almost guaranteed insta-wipe. Normal instance bosses resemble simple raid bosses with only 1-2 abilities, so it’s easy to learn to deal with them. Of course with gear level going up, everything will tend to become irrelevant and the “burst DPS strat” will be again the norm, but for the initial period, it won’t be the case.

    I really hope that they keep up the approach used at the end of WotLK, with “new and improved” normals/heroics being added, with gear requirements level with the current base-level emblem rewards (justice points).

    • I’m not sure who’s going to be under more stress, the tank because they can’t keep threat, or the healer because they can’t save the DPS when they pull threat. Dungeon Finder will be…interesting.

      The only problem I have with the new 5-man approach is that all the old content gets trivialized. Dungeon Finder helps but causes problems as well, since it matches geared players looking for points with new players looking for gear. I’d love to see a selectable difficulty level for 5-mans (something finer-grained than Normal/Heroic). LOTRO has this for their skirmish instances, where you can set difficulty level, enemy mob level, and group size. If I’m looking for an easy run, I can do a Tier (level) 1, turn down the monster levels a bit, and take home 80% of the points. If I’m looking for challenge, I can do a Tier 2, or turn up the monster levels, and take home 120%+ of the points (assuming success).

      Unfortunately, this probably fragments the Dungeon Finder pool too much, but it might happen. With badges being points now, it’s much easier for Blizz to tweak reward amounts (hard to give a fraction of a badge).

  7. I have to solution to losing agro to DPS. Just make sure all the DPS is feral kitties. :) They will never pull agro with their poor DPS. Of course no heroic boss will ever die. :(

    • Remember, these things are cyclical. Resto and feral DPS were uber during WOTLK, so it’s time for feral tanks and moonkin to take their place in the sun…or moon, respectively. :) All the numbers will get tweaked, but yeah, the 4.0 pre-Cata period might suck.

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