Oct 242010

The forums have been under low-grade attack by spammers over the past few days (seeing about 4-5 users/day register and post nothing but spam). I IP block them and delete their posts when I see them, but it’s getting somewhat tiresome. If anyone has any phpBB experience or knowledge of a better system, let me know. If it keeps up, I’ll have to make the registration process more difficult, and I hate to do that.

Also, to the gentleman who sent me a donation after reading my guide: thank you. You didn’t know it, but that donation actually came through on my birthday, so was very cool. :P

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  1. You need to use another “confirmation code”-plugin (CAPTCHA module). Switch to reCaptcha its much better and supported by phpBB. You can read about it in the documentation.

  2. CAPTCHA is a good start, I would also perhaps turn on email-confirmations for registrations before people are allowed to post.

  3. Been ages since I did PHP but try this: http://onepresscommunity.com/2009/2/ending-phpbb-spam/

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