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I’ve added a Q&A based captcha to the registration page, so I’ve turned comment moderation off again. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks to those who offered suggestions. (FWIW, I wish I’d realized that I needed to clear the phpBB cache after changing the captcha template…I spent HOURS yesterday trying to figure out how my theme was broken.) I’ve left moderation on for the 100+ accounts that were created over the past week; if this includes you, I apologize, once I approve one of your comments you won’t be subject to moderation anymore.

Now that the forums are somewhat sorted out, I’ll be doing some work to the website, so apologies if things look broken around here for a bit. Adsense is going away, and I’ll be experimenting with Project Wonderful. (Runycat, if you’re still around, I DID listen to you….eventually.) Feeds should still work fine. Again, I appreciate those of you who’ve donated; I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic lately, and I may need to up my plan with my hosting provider.

(If anyone has any particular ideas/suggestions for feral content, let me know. I’m going to do some bear stuff next, and I may overhaul my 3.0 bear guide for 4.0.)

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  1. Not sure if there’s anything real about it yet but I have a gut feeling that TPS vs DPS will be an issue in all of Cata. Let me explain.

    There have been numerous blue posts about going back to the ‘good old days’ where you couldn’t aoe stuff. But what was CC actually used for? One reason was to CC a mob that would mind control/fear your group. Next was to CC a mob healer. But the primary reason was to limit damage the tank was taking so he would stay alive. And really CC was only on trash and not really on boss fights.

    Looking to Cata tanks and everyone will get huge health pools so not sure if we need CC to limit damage. Even bears are getting more mitigation to spell damage now. So I really don’t think in Cata we will need CC to limit damage to a tank.

    Instead many people have mentioned that the DPS pulls aggro too fast off of tanks. This I believe is the real issue in Cata. DPS will out strip TPS. We will not really CC but instead go back to single target and watching DPS aggro. Many of the changes by Blizz supports this including nerfs to aoe tank damage (cd’s etc), TPS reworking and scaling not to mention the changes to abilities like cower (fixed) tricks, MD etc.

    So where I’m going with this is the new tanking guides should go back to ‘how to mark’ and how to TPS. A fight was made easy because tanking by AOE held aggro. I could swipe 10 mobs and a mage nuking a single target wouldn’t pull threat. In my gut I really think Blizz is going to make it harder by forcing marking and kill orders. CC is secondary. After all let’s say I CC a mob but AOE tank and AOE spnk the remaining 4. Big deal. Still just as easy except for the one sheep spell.

    But if every mob has to be killed in some type of order and DPS has to watch threat for every mob, then that makes even the trash harder. Really how many boss mights required CC in vanilla/TBC? It was the trash pulls not the boss fights. If they balance TPS and DPS on a razor edge that makes all things much harder.

    • Excellent comment, GM.

      I don’t think single-target TPS is as “much” of an issue as you’re making it out to be, as Vengeance was incorporated solely to help with that problem. Yes, DPS is getting throttled pretty heavily by tank threat now, but DPS is going to drop much more than TPS will, proportionally, on the way to 85.

      For multi-target, things get interesting. I can’t imagine that Blizzard is returning to the days of Shattered Halls (8-mob pull, was it, and you needed to cc 3-4 if you wanted your tank to live?) but AOE is definitely taking a back seat as well. I’d imagine Blizzard is designing around a tank holding 2-3 enemies at most (see, oh, Glyphed Cleave, Glyphed Maul, Avenger’s Shield, Heart Strike). Anything more than that will have to be CC’ed, both for DTPS (damage taken per second) reasons and threat issues.

      FWIW, Bears appear to be the weakest AOE tanks in the game again, but we’ll have to see how that develops. It’d be nice if they increased the Maul glyph to hit 3 targets (instead of 2), as that would then match Warriors a bit better.

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