Oct 272010

The gaming crowd overlaps (to some degree) with the tech crowd, but not always, so I figured I’d post this link to an interview with Greg Street (“Ghostcrawler”). (haven’t seen it on any of the wow news sites yet).



  • Cataclysm content enough for two expansions
  • Thinks 3.1 (Ulduar) and 3.2 (TOC) could have been held a bit longer, to not make 3.3 (ICC) last so long (Agreed. A LOT of guilds were still working on Ulduar content when TOC came out.)
  • Hopes that people will start posting DTPS meters and yelling at people who took a lot of damage (and sucked up healer mana)
  • Explains why they can’t just “hire more people” to do stuff
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  3 Responses to “Ghostcrawler Interview on Slashdot”

  1. I interpreting the interest in DPTS meters to help bolster my opinion that in Cata TPS from tanks and the threat from DPS will be closely balanced.

    DPS will all have to have Omen or some type of threat meter addon and watching it very closely.

  2. Nice find – Quite similar to Blizzcon.

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