Oct 062010

Erm, okay, that title is a little unnecessarily combative…but is there any good reason that I should resubscribe before 4.0 hits? Only things I can see right now are to buy heirlooms with badges (since the badge->JP conversion is pretty poor) or get some glyphs so I can learn them permanently. Anything else?

(I’m still having fun with LOTRO…the only thing I’d be doing in WOW is testing the new feral mechanics, really, and I’m waiting on that until 4.0 goes live.)

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  3 Responses to “Give me a reason to re-subscribe”

  1. You might as well wait until after patch day…

  2. Yeah. Besides, from what I can tell the badge -> JP conversion rate is much closer to being even value since they changed it in the past week or so.

    TBH, I love WoW, but the only thing that keeps me from playing LotRO is the fact that I don’t have a PC. Have fun with that, and check out WoW when the patch drops. :)

  3. I wish I could cancel till Cata. I buy 3 month subscriptions and mine is good till Novemebr 5th. It’s going to be a waste especially feral cat spec for now.

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