Oct 122010

The same patch that made Cower useful also ensured that we won’t have the DPS to need it.

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  1. I’ve been chuckling about that with my friends. I’m like, I was celebrating the change to cower, unfortunately, I don’t need it anymore.

  2. I didn’t think about that, but it’s a good point.

    Kind of a shame. I took Cower off of my bar for all of ICC, because it never helped anyway with all of the bleeds etc. going on, but I was excited about it back when I read about the change to it.

    Another thing I found interesting is that, over the past couple of weeks, I stocked up on gems so that I could re-gem my druid tonight, and now I don’t even feel like putting in the effort. I will still re-gem/reforge her this week, but I’m unfortunately not as excited about the idea as I was a couple of months ago…

    However, I am looking forward to re-gemming/reforging my hunter! I guess I’m just trying to look on the bright side. :)

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  4. So true! I haven’t done the Mastery reforging yet, so that should help a bit. And I my rotation-helper add-on was dead so I was a bit out of sorts on that front, last night.

  5. I’m not sure if I’m taking other things into consideration like raid buffs and things of that nature but when I logged (after the patch finally finished) and got around to seeing if I would dread being kitty I found that my damage on a target dummy was about the same unbuffed as it was before 4.0. I was pretty much using the same priority rotation before with less emphasis on keeping savage roar up. I also did not have time to re-gem, re-forge, or re-enchant (if needed…I pretty much didn’t look at my gear at all for the most part lol.) This may be due to the stats I had before 4.0 being more compliant with the changes that took place yesterday but did other ferals really see that much of a decrease?

  6. P.S by “much of a difference” I mean like 1k and higher. I can definitely see the difference that arm pen made but as far as overall dps mines personally did not decrease by a significant margin….which now that I think about it’s pretty obvious how much of a decrease a feral kitty would see if they stacked arm pen. I mean I knew that of course..like subconsciously or whatever. Lol just disregard me :)

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