Oct 152010

As I’ve posted on the EJ forums, I’ve made several tweaks to the Mew default script, located here.


Please post any comments or feedback. I’ll be reworking this into an Ovale script over the next couple days. Quick hits:

  • Trying to stack TF with Rip/Rake is probably a DPS loss except under very unique conditions.
  • Agility/Mastery are amazing. Stack these like crazy. (Better then hit/exp, but usual qualifier about infrequent misses causing large DPS drops due to adjustment applies. I’ll go more into detail on this later.)
  • Normal rotation in a sentence:  Keep Mangle/FF up, use Berserk/TF on CD, Rip up, Rake up, Roar if it drops or early if you need to desync Rip/SR, Bite if Rip has more than 10s left, Pool energy to 70, Shred.
  • Shred/5CP Bite on OOC.
  • Stop worrying about 5CP SR’s during BITW; just do normal rotation, FB at 5 CP’s, and put SR up with whatever you have when it drops.
  • Glyph of Berserk is looking like the best 3rd choice now, but it’s still a very small difference between the last three. Berserk > SR > TF.
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