Oct 222010

I actually got some free time last night, and joined my guild for a fun run in Ulduar 25 HM. (Background: I haven’t raided since July,  am currently on casual raiding status.) This has been my first chance to actually raid and test some of the crap that I’ve been talking about. Notes:

  • We are still very competitive, DPS wise. I was #1 or #2 on every boss (admittedly raid was a lot of alts so that’s not saying much) pulling between 10-12k DPS on each boss, with a modified version of the hybrid Cat/Bear spec from my Feral DPS guide. (I took the point out of FA and put it in Stampede  to try the Ravage functionality on XT. Was not overly impressed with a single 30 point Ravage; not sure that it’s a DPS improvement over a glyphed Shred.)
  • Rotations feel much less frenetic with the longer Rake. My bigger problem was trying to not energy cap, especially during Heroism. Haste keeps getting worse and worse as a stat for us; not sure I like that state of affairs.
  • Even not talented in Nurturing Instincts, Tranquility still does a LOT of healing. I threw it out during a XT Tantrum and  got about 120k healing out of it…not bad for a 8s (reduced to 6ish from haste) channeled spell.
  • Rebirth on a 30m CD again sucks. If they keep 30m CD + limited attempts, that puts raid leaders in a very bad position.
  • I blew past our MT on threat, died, and wiped our raid (because we were on Steelbreaker HM and I was the only one with a brez left for the tank…oops) USE COWER, IT WORKS NOW. /duh.

If I can, I’m going to try to get some bear time in and see how that feels; give him a spin in Kara, see how that goes.

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  1. got about the same results on some raids
    -near top dps
    -stupid long cooldown on Bress
    -passing threat on tanks
    not sure how tanks can lose aggro that much, certainly not now that there is vengeance which is proper awesomesauce, got the chance to tank festergut on 10 man and was litteraly having a laugh about my attack power wich was nearly 20k.

  2. Me and a guildy went to pug ToC10 for fun the other day, he’s got SM, I’m close to BiS-gear myself, missing LK HC weapon.

    Anyway, we had a decent alt-geared warrior as tank, no rogue or hunter. The DK and I we’re equal on threat, constantly on the edge of taking aggro, and in the end of every single fight the DK had outdpsed me by 2-3k.

    I mean, 1 more shred and I’d go past the tank so there was no way I could do “better”.
    Anyone else noticed our dmg/threat ratio is kinda off compared to other classes?

  3. Hi Alaron, I’d like to know your impression about critical done by ferocious bite? Well, I’m gemming my gear like u and reforging to mastery, my dps is so good and high, but I usually got 30k critical by my FB nd now I just get 9k to 12k. This is strange for me, I kept my rotation like u. Already now I thank u regarding clearing my doubt.

  4. I’m beating the Dk’s because I use cower about 3 or 4 times for every boss fight. Also I don’t open up with a beserk and wait for about 20 seconds before doing that. Furry warriors and DK’s are pulling threat like us but at least we have cower to help us out.

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