Oct 142010

I haven’t had much time to play or write scripts; thankfully, Leafkiller’s stepped up and done some work himself. He’s updated both the script that comes with Ovale and my old script to work with 4.0.1, and posted them in the forum here. My script is not very good right now; it’s still based on prioritizing SR uptime above all else, which is no longer as important as 100% Rip/Rake uptime. It’s also not FB’ing enough. If I find time, I’ll rewrite it, but I’m not going to exert too much effort until we see things stabilize. (yay, GC!)

Also, apparently Restos are soloing Heroics with a combo of Nature’s Ward (100% chance to proc a Rejuv when hit), GOTEM (small initial heal from Rejuv), and glyphed Thorns (2-3k damage on hit). Of course, I’ve got two tests this week, so no fun for me. Yay.

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