Oct 132010

I hate using terms like “broken,” as I think they’re incendiary, but I think it applies in this case. I’d half-written a post when Yawning pointed me to a much better post he’d written on the official forums. Please take a look, and comment as you see fit.

P.S.:  My perception of DPS right now looks like this…is this about right? (Just curious)

Ret? (No clue)
Warriors/Feral Druids (not sure which is worse)

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  1. One thing I think Yawning forgot to mention (I can’t post there, since I’m from EU), is that IF our dps is as intended, then we should at least have decent utility in our Innervates and Cres. (which both were “nerfed” pretty hard)
    I don’t mind being a backup class that can throw a heal, give some mana and deal low, but sustained dps, but I refuse to just be a dpsless rogue.

  2. NEw blue post:

    1) We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.”

    I still haven’t tested any feral dps on live, busy setting up a new UI and learning how to heal again :)

  3. “Rake/Rip appear to be updating dynamically based on Attack Power (easily testable by shifting to caster with bleeds up, or de-equipping a weapon). Is this behavior intended? Will all DoTs eventually work this way? (Quick testing with Garrote/Rupture/Living Bomb suggest that Rake/Rip are the outliers) Why not also Tiger’s Fury? How is this intended to work for PvP? (Thanks to Aliandren/Ellesîme) ”

    Is this still correct, that all bleeds are dynamically updating to changes in AP other than Tiger’s Fury?

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