Oct 182010

See title. Got about 3,500 words in so far, should be done sometime this week. Still needs a lot of cleaning up/formatting.

Sections complete:

  • Feral DPS Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Talent Tree Analysis
  • Talent Specs for 80/85
  • Glyphs
  • Primary/Secondary Stats
  • Gemming/Reforging
  • Combat Resources (energy/combo points)

Sections under construction:

  • Enchants/Consumables
  • Ability Analysis
  • Rotation Analysis
  • FAQ
  • Advanced Tips
  • Recommended Addons

IF you have questions, please ask them here and I’ll try to address them in the FAQ.

Ovale update:

Leafkiller and tBot have created some great cat (and bear) Ovale scripts, integrated here. Mihir has also created a cat script, with a slightly different style, here. I haven’t had a chance to test the latest versions personally, so please let me know how they work. :P

(Seriously…I’ve spent so much time working on Mew/guide that I’ve actually PLAYED probably 15-20 minutes. I’m still gemmed all crit, haven’t reforged, etc. Don’t armory me. :P)

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