Oct 182010

See title. Got about 3,500 words in so far, should be done sometime this week. Still needs a lot of cleaning up/formatting.

Sections complete:

  • Feral DPS Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Talent Tree Analysis
  • Talent Specs for 80/85
  • Glyphs
  • Primary/Secondary Stats
  • Gemming/Reforging
  • Combat Resources (energy/combo points)

Sections under construction:

  • Enchants/Consumables
  • Ability Analysis
  • Rotation Analysis
  • FAQ
  • Advanced Tips
  • Recommended Addons

IF you have questions, please ask them here and I’ll try to address them in the FAQ.

Ovale update:

Leafkiller and tBot have created some great cat (and bear) Ovale scripts, integrated here. Mihir has also created a cat script, with a slightly different style, here. I haven’t had a chance to test the latest versions personally, so please let me know how they work. :P

(Seriously…I’ve spent so much time working on Mew/guide that I’ve actually PLAYED probably 15-20 minutes. I’m still gemmed all crit, haven’t reforged, etc. Don’t armory me. :P)

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  11 Responses to “Working on a comprehensive 4.0.1/Cata feral DPS guide”

  1. While I’ll be happy to read another guide, you may want to have a look at Mihir’s guide on mmo-champion’s druid forums he just published: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/775527-The-Cat-Guide-4.0.1-edition

    ..just so you don’t do the same work again.

    • Well, crap. :)

      I’ll just steal his best stuff and add it to mine. :P Actually, more guides are better, and scanning through his, my opinions differ from him on some things. After all, he does link to his work on my site, so that’s something. :P

      • Looking forward to another good read then :).

      • I would like something written up on what weapons we should be looking at for feral. I’ve looked all around and can’t really find anything about it. It seems that overall dps is the main thing to look for since looking at the equation from EJ seems to balance out the damage regardless of the difference in weapon spead and weapon damage range, but not sure if we should gear like ret pallies and arms warriors (Bighits and slow weapon spead).

      • @Mandar

        I *think* the only thing that matters is weapon DPS, (and the stats on the weapon) since it the damage is divided by the attack speed to convert to our 1 second attack speed pre-haste. However, I won’t swear to that. Pre-converted weapon damage may be used somehow…

  2. @Mandar-

    Weapon speed is irrelevant since Cat Form attack speed is 1.0 (pre-haste). Highest DPS weapon is typically your best bet, though an ICC10 +agi weapon (Distant Land, Bloodfall) is probably better than an ICC25 +str weapon (Umm…Cryptmaker, I think it is).
    Have to run the numbers on the last bit to be sure.

  3. Can you also include the latest EP values for each of the stats. I’ve found this to be extremely helpful in making decisions on socket bonus for gemming and if reforging 90 crit into mastery is actually better then say 75 haste into mastery.

    I know MEW has this stuff but it would be nice to have in one compact place.

  4. 4.0.1 updates does not contain any new features, it is released to make u these guys happy only

    • Well, I’m glad they didn’t release an update that made me sad. :)
      The cat rotation was very complex to begin with, and I’m glad they didn’t overhaul it too much.

  5. 605509 508052Thanks for the write up! Also, just a heads up, your RSS feeds arent working. Could you take a look at that? 710646

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