Nov 152010

Regular posts will resume soon (was doing some family things for Veteran’s Day) but I wanted to quickly thank those of you who have donated. It does take quite a bit of work to compile and write all that information (the cat guide took 20+ hours, easily) and I appreciate the support. As a further measure of thanks, I’ve removed all advertising from the site (not that it was any good, anyway).

And for those of you who wanted to know what I’m using the donation money for? Well, see this cute little guy here?

He’s getting one of these for Christmas.

Enjoy your game time, and I’ll be back later this week. (I’m updating the Cat guide for Cataclysm; I’ll be doing a gear list, as those seem to be in demand.)

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  5 Responses to “A thank you to those who have donated”

  1. The Buzz with the wings that go SPRONG – that’s HAWT. (Your son looks about Twig’s age but they are not allowed to date until they’re 30, house rules :P )

  2. Thank you Alaron for having such an informative website. I look forward to reading your thoughts on leveling and Cataclysm gear. To infinity, and beyond!

  3. Awesome. Alacito is going to be one happy camper come Christmahannukwanzakah. =3

    Just one additional note, I note that there’s a link to your post titled “The Cataclysm Feral DPS Gear Wishlist, Part 1”, instead of this post in the RSS feed aggregator on my blog. It may be prudent to check your settings and whatnot.

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