Nov 042010

I’d done some napkin math when planning the talent builds in my guide, but I decided to formalize it to see what interesting data I could find.The chart is below. (I’d recommend using the highlighted %Loss/Pt numbers; this indicates how much DPS is lost from a build per point removed.) I’ll be using some of this in an upcoming post defending the viability of hybrid talent builds.


  • Predatory Strikes/Stampede is pretty crappy for a static fight, as expected. Believe it or not, 1/2 Stampede actually showed up as a DPS LOSS, which seems nonsensical but tracks with my anecdotal observations.
  • I’ve included Master Shapeshifter, even though it’s not accessible at 80. It’s not very valuable since it essentially takes three points to get.
  • Blood in the Water is weaker than I expected for a lower tier talent.
Feral DPS Talent Value (Lvl 80) %Gain/Pt %Loss/Pt
Berserk 3.49% -5.33%
Primal Fury 2.94% -2.73%
Heart of the Wild 2.14% -2.71%
Endless Carnage 1.79% -2.30%
King of the Jungle 2.03% -2.16%
Fury Swipes 1.53% -1.94%
Rend and Tear 1.15% -1.47%
Blood in the Water 1.33% -1.13%
Master Shapeshifter (incl. NS, not avail at 80) 0.95% -0.68%
Feral Aggression 0.08% -0.54%
Stampede 0.44% -0.31%
Primal Madness 0.18% -0.21%
Predatory Strikes (w/Stampede) 0.50% -0.05%

(Methodology: Using Mew and the Yawning profile, I calculated a baseline DPS number. I then removed each talent individually, leaving all other data constant, and reran the DPS calculation. MS was not included. I then divided the DPS loss by the number of talent points to determine its value to the build. To control for the value of synergistic effects, I also did a calculation the opposite way, by starting with no talents and adding them individually, but this information is less useful for making marginal talent choices. Margin of Error is roughly 0.1%.)

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