Nov 232010

If these are the heroes fighting back the elementals, it’s no wonder we failed. I haven’t had any interesting PUG stories in a while, but last night’s “attempt” was great!

SETTING: Zul’Farrak, Elemental Invasion-style


  • Alarros, my little-used DK tank, in roughly T8 level gear
  • Hunterthepunter, the, well, hunter
  • Holylightlol, the holy pally
  • DPS #1 and DPS #2

SCENE: All enter, stage left.

A: Hey all! A bit undergeared, so watch your threat! Is everyone ready? /readycheck.

HTP: (immediately misdirects to HLL and pulls first trash pack)

A: /sigh. (rounds pack up, kills, then kills rest of trash)

A: Okay, everybody ready for the boss? /readycheck

HTP: (immediately pulls boss)

A: /sigh. (taunts, turns boss away from group)

a minute passes

HTP: (dies)

A: what happened?

HTP: lol fell in the pond with the fish and they killed me lol

A: /sigh

more time passes, very low DPS group

HLL: hey, I can heal you better if I’m closer to you! Let’s be friends! (runs over to tank)

A: wait! (GZ breathes, freezing both of us solid; wipe ensues)

All except A: lol tank you suck (HTP/DPS 1/DPS 2 drop group)

A: /sigh (drops group)

BLIZZARD: You have been afflicted with the Dungeon Deserter debuff.

A: /cries


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  11 Responses to “We great and glorious heroes”

  1. OMG that is great. Reminds me of the one with the little fire elementals. We defeated him but only because me (tanking as bear) and the healer stayed out of the fire. All the DPS died and one even wrote “Boy that fire stuff sure kills you fast.”

  2. Ah the joy of PUGGERY (aka robbery),
    I see the scene perfectly and I’ve been in that case before although, with the previous patch the feral bear experienced this: dps didnt appreciate the tank being number 1 on their dps meters so they dropped the tank.

  3. Quick scene: Ramparts normal (last week).

    Cast: Pallytank, Me (resto druid), badass DK, fail lock, ret pally.

    This is the first time I am healing SINCE AUGUST. So, new Grid, still learning that WG only stacks on one target, etc. I’m kind of nervous.

    Enter. As I buff and try to find the tank, lock immediately pulls first trash group. We manage to kill it somehow, thanks to the DK.

    Lock immediately pulls second group. Pallytank taunts them, and then unexpectedly runs to the third and fourth packs, AROUND THE CORNER. Startled, I run after him as fast as possible, but the wipe ensues due to LOS/crappy-pulling issues.

    Ret pally calls me “DICK!” and then drops.

    Fail warrior joins group. I apologize, pally tank apologizes back to me, and we somehow manage to get through the instance, even though the lock just runs around pulling stuff like a kid in a candy store and not DPSing it down.

    Total lock DAMAGE: about 4k. Total. The DK did 55% of the damage, and was “WTF-ing” the whole time.

    It was a rough re-introduction to healing.

    And yeah, “heroes” does seem to be very, very subjective these days…

  4. I feel your pain. I am no spreadsheet junkie but I know enough about my class and the game to not be a total noob either. My only guess is that the Dungeon Finder doesn’t really pair us with others who are that close to our own level of experience and gear, or we wouldn’t have these kinds of scenarios??!!

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  7. We great and glorious heroes – The Fluid Druid

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