Nov 232010

If these are the heroes fighting back the elementals, it’s no wonder we failed. I haven’t had any interesting PUG stories in a while, but last night’s “attempt” was great!

SETTING: Zul’Farrak, Elemental Invasion-style


  • Alarros, my little-used DK tank, in roughly T8 level gear
  • Hunterthepunter, the, well, hunter
  • Holylightlol, the holy pally
  • DPS #1 and DPS #2

SCENE: All enter, stage left.

A: Hey all! A bit undergeared, so watch your threat! Is everyone ready? /readycheck.

HTP: (immediately misdirects to HLL and pulls first trash pack)

A: /sigh. (rounds pack up, kills, then kills rest of trash)

A: Okay, everybody ready for the boss? /readycheck

HTP: (immediately pulls boss)

A: /sigh. (taunts, turns boss away from group)

a minute passes

HTP: (dies)

A: what happened?

HTP: lol fell in the pond with the fish and they killed me lol

A: /sigh

more time passes, very low DPS group

HLL: hey, I can heal you better if I’m closer to you! Let’s be friends! (runs over to tank)

A: wait! (GZ breathes, freezing both of us solid; wipe ensues)

All except A: lol tank you suck (HTP/DPS 1/DPS 2 drop group)

A: /sigh (drops group)

BLIZZARD: You have been afflicted with the Dungeon Deserter debuff.

A: /cries


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