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EDIT: To be updated with ZA stuff.

This is the first draft of my heroic/pre-heroic feral DPS gear list for Cataclysm. While it still needs some work (and items are still not locked in), this should give you an idea as to what to shoot for if you’re racing to 85. I’ll be folding this into my feral DPS guide when I revamp it for Cataclysm.

Methodology: I used Mew to compute relative stat values for a level 85 feral druid (values listed at bottom of post). I then created a custom weighting on wowhead with these numbers, and recorded the results below. Due to reforging, item lists are more stratified then they used to be; as such, I’ve divided the item list into tiers roughly corresponding with ilevel. (Short version: don’t worry about getting the top item in a tier, just look to upgrade tiers.) Gearing decisions are somewhat more boring now that we don’t have to worry about hit/exp capping.

Note: Notice that I’ve sorted the slots by importance. A weapon upgrade is VASTLY more important than a bracer upgrade, for example, so I’ve listed those first. I’ve also limited green items to 1 to reduce list size. I will not be including PvP gear in the list; for a rough computation, knock 13 points off the item’s ilvl (to account for the useless resil). Reduce this penalty by half if you have the 2pc PvP bonus (+70 agi), and eliminate it if you have the 4pc PvP bonus (+180 agi). Yes, this means that having the 4pc Bloodthirsty PvP set is BETTER than 4pc heroic gear, and the 4pc Vicious set is better than non-tier raid gear. Not by much, but a good 5% or so. (See WoWHead comparison link here and here)

(If you find this list helpful, donations are appreciated via the PayPal link on the sidebar.)


  1. Mobus’s Vile Halberd, Vashj’ir World Boss. (245.38)
  2. Elementium Poleaxe, Blacksmithing BoE. (244.90)
  3. Darkling Staff, H Stonecore. (244.53)
  4. Berto’s Staff, H Blackrock Caverns. (244.07)
  5. Seliza’s Spear, H Lost City. (243.95)
  6. Spear/Spear of Trailing Shadows, Hellscream/Baradin Revered. (243.71)
  7. Wild Hammer, H Grim Batol. (232.61)
  8. Foe Reaper, H Deadmines. (229.10)
  9. Staff of Draconic Pacification/Torth-Slayer’s Staff, Twilight Highlands Q. (217.24)
  10. Staff of Old Woes, TBD. (216.20)
  11. Seliza’s Spear, N Lost City. (216.18)
  12. Sorrow’s End, TBD. (206.01)
  13. Wild Hammer, N Grim Batol. (206.01)
  14. Blacksoul Polearm, Deepholm Q. (189.06)
  15. Obsidium Bladespear, Blacksmithing BoE. (185.84)
  16. Sand Tracker’s Spear, TBD. (185.69)
  17. Darkling Staff, N Stonecore. (185.08)
  18. Orsis Polearm, Uldum Q. (177.14)

As weapons are by far the most important slot, I’ve listed quite a few. Thankfully, there’s quite a few options to choose from, including 6 at the top tier (four 5-man drops, a rep weapon, and a blacksmithing BoE) The Wild Hammer and Foe Reaper (and their normal 5-man versions) are +str weapons; however, due to weapon DPS being so important, they’re still better than lower-tier +agi weapons. If you have cash to burn, the Obsidium Bladespear should hit the AH fairly quickly (it’s a Blacksmithing leveling recipe) and will last you until 85. It will be very expensive, though, as I expect most people leveling Blacksmithing will still shoot for the green recipes. (48 obsidium ore…ouch.)


  1. Agile Bio-Optic Killshades, Engineering-only BoP. (~100)
  2. Mask of Vines, 2200 JP. (81.75)
  3. Helm of Numberless Shadows, H Stonecore. (80.57)
  4. Helm of Secret Knowledge, N Grim Batol. (69.62)
  5. Hood of the Crying Rogue, World Drop. (69.62)
  6. Dunwald Winged Helm/Shocktrooper Hood, Twilight Highlands Q. (74.88)
  7. Chain Reaction Hood, Uldum Q. (68.40)
  8. Bloodied Leather Helm, Leatherworking BoE. (63.18)
  9. Helm of Numberless Shadows[, N Stormcore. (61.92)
  10. Helm of Earthination, Deepholm Q. (56.59)

The engineering helm breaks WoWHead currently, so I’m estimating its’ value (very good). If you’re not an engineer, though, the Mask of Vines is a VERY good use of JP as there’s only one equivalent heroic helm drop (so far). The helms on the last tier are not recommended except as leveling items, as they don’t have metagem sockets (not calculated in the ratings).


  1. Leggings of the Burrowing Mole, 2200 JP. (89.23)
  2. Beauty’s Chew Toy, H Blackrock Caverns. (88.09)
  3. Leggings of the Impenitent/Swiftflight Leggings, Dragonmaw/Wildheart Honored. (78.86)
  4. Garona’s/Shaw’s Finest Leggings, Twilight Highlands Q. (71.82)
  5. Crushchest/Spear-Impaled Leggings, Twilight Highlands Q. (63.96)
  6. Bloodied Leather Legs, Leatherworking BoE. (63.93)

Another great place to use your JP. If not, questing through Twilight Highlands should push you to Honored to get the reputation legs. (And you need to quest through TH anyway to rep up for your gloves.)


  1. Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap, World Drop. (99.59)
  2. Assassin’s Chestplate, Leatherworking BoE. (91.08)
  3. Defias Brotherhood Vest, H Deadmines. (89.69)
  4. Vest of Misshapen Hides, H Grim Batol. (89.31)
  5. Hieroglyphic Vest, H Halls of Origination. (88.37)
  6. Tunic of Sinking Envy, 2200 JP. (87.02)
  7. Sly Fox Jerkin, Honored Guardians of Hyjal. (79.31)
  8. Hieroglyphic Vest, N Halls of Origination. (78.87)
  9. Vest of Misshapen Hides, N Grim Batol. (74.32)
  10. Bloodied Leather Chest, Leatherworking BoE. (64.49)
  11. Camp-Cleaner Chestguard/Riverproof Chestguard, Twilight Highlands Q. (63.90)

I’m very underwhelmed by the Assassin’s Chestplate currently. It’s two tiers higher then everything else, but the lack of gem slots hurts it significantly. It may get tweaked…if not, there’s plenty of heroic alternatives. Below the top-tier, the Sly Fox Jerkin should be easy to acquire quickly and should last you until you get a heroic drop. (Edit: Thanks for pointing out Morrie’s! An excellent world drop, good for both bears/and cats, with good sockets.)


Name Ilvl Notes Score
Essence of the Cyclone (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 crit/10s proc 1518.066
Prestor’s Talisman of M. (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 haste/15s proc 1496.286
Fluid Death 359 321 hit; 38 agix10 on atk 1476.252
Tia’s Grace (H) 346 285 mast; 34 agix10 on atk 1383.6
Essence of the Cyclone 359 321 agi; 1926 crit/10s proc 1342.422
Key to the Endless Chamber (H) 346 285 hit; 1710 agi/15s proc 1324.68
Left Eye of Rajh (H) 346 285 exp; 1710 agi/10s proc 1324.68
Prestor’s Talisman of M. 359 321 agi; 1926 haste/15s proc 1323.162
Heart of Rage (H) 372 363 exp; 2178 str/20s proc 1322.772
Crushing Weight (H) 372 363 str; 2178 haste/15s proc 1238.556
Tia’s Grace (N) 333 252 mast; 30 agix10 on atk 1221.48
Heart of Rage 359 321 exp; 1926 str/20s proc 1218.516
Unsolvable Riddle 359 321 mast; 1605 agi/20s on use 1208.565
License to Slay 359 321 hit; 38 strx10 on atk 1206.452
Grace of the Herald (H) (bugged) 346 285 agi; 1710 crit/10s proc 1191.87
Unheeded Warning (est) 359 321 agi; +25% melee/10s proc 1172.63
Left Eye of Rajh (N) 333 252 exp; 1512 agi/10s proc 1171.296
Skardyn’s Grace (H) 346 285 agi; 1425 mast/20s on use 1158.05
DMC: Hurricane (est) 359 321 agi; 5000 dmg proc (ppm?) 1138.63
Crushing Weight 359 321 str; 1926 haste/15s proc 1095.252
Heart of Solace (H) 346 285 haste; 1710 str/20s proc 1090.41
Skardyn’s Grace (N) 333 252 agi; 1260 mast/20s on use 1023.96
Impatience of Youth 359 321 mast; 1605 str/20s on use 1018.64
Figurine – Demon Panther 346 285 hit; 1425 agi/20s on use 1008.045
Key to the Endless Chamber (N) 316 215 hit; 1290 agi/15s proc 999.32
Mark of Khardros (H) 346 285 str; 1425 mas/15s on use 955.7
Schnotzz’s Medallion 325 234 agi; 918 mast/20s proc 936.684
Heart of the Vile 325 234 agi; 924 crit/10s proc 886.428

See my trinket post for analysis + comments. Basically, you want H Tia’s and one of Unsolvable Riddle, H Eye, or H Key.


  1. Liar’s Handwraps/Stormbolt Gloves, Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Exalted. (72.23)
  2. Sticky Fingers, 1650 JP. (65.57)
  3. Gloves of Haze, H Vortex Pinnacle. (64.96)
  4. Safecracker’s Gloves/Thartuk’s Inimitable Gauntlets, World Drop/Thartuk(Rare Hyjal mob). (51.32)
  5. Blackscale Wraps/Heth’Jatari Battlegloves, Twilight Highlands Q. (47.65)

Plan to do quite a bit of questing in Twilight Highlands/tabard wearing. The JP gloves are okay, but not great, and there’s not much for us in Vortex Pinnacle. The honor gloves are pretty good, as well; stat-wise, they’re not as good as the ilvl 346 items, but the energy cost reduction on Skull Bash is great.


  1. Caridean Epaulettes, H Throne of the Tides. (64.84)
  2. Thieving Spaulders, H Shadowfang Keep. (64.50)
  3. Embrace of the Night, 1650 JP. (63.47)
  4. Clandestine Spaulders, N Lost City Q Reward. (54.25)
  5. Aledrinker Shoulderpads/Cult-Hide Spaulders, Twilight Highlands Q. (46.18)

Not a lot of options for shoulder slots. The Spaulders are a dungeon quest reward, so those are easy to get relatively quickly.


  1. Belt of Nefarious Whispers, Leatherworking BoE. (69.11)
  2. Sash of Musing, 1650 JP. (64.93)
  3. Red Beam Cord, H Halls of Origination. (64.50)
  4. Quicksand Belt, Ramkahen Revered. (63.53)
  5. Belt of a Thousand Mouths, Akma’hat(Rare Uldum mob). (61.86)
  6. Red Beam Cord, N Halls of Origination. (54.75)
  7. Blade-Dodging Girdle/Machine-Linker Girdle, SW/Org Q. (47.95)

This is the spot to use your gold. Unlike the Assassin’s Chestplate, the heroic belt drops are clearly worse than the Leatherworking BoE. If you’re broke, though, head to Uldum. :)


  1. Don Rodrigo’s Fabulous Necklace, World Drop.
  2. Brazen Elementium Medallion, Jewelcrafting BoE. (69.16)
  3. Entwined Elementium Choker, Jewelcrafting BoE. (68.02)
  4. Pendant of the Lightless Grotto, H Stonecore. (66.83)
  5. Acorn of the Daughter Tree, Guardians of Hyjal Revered. (66.18)
  6. Amulet of Dull Dreaming, 1250 JP. (66.18)
  7. Barnacle Pendant, H Throne of the Tides BoE. (64.36)
  8. Mouth of the Earth, H Halls of Origination. (63.58)
  9. Pendant of Victorious Fury, Twilight Highlands Q. (58.42)
  10. Nightrend Choker, Guardians of Hyjal Revered. (58.42) (probably bugged)
  11. Pendant of the Lightless Grotto, N Stonecore. (49.83)
  12. Cenotaph Choker, Uldum Q. (48.41)

The jewelcrafting BoE’s are quite nice due to the added socket, though I’ll probably be shooting for the Hyjal neck, which is very easy to acquire. (EDIT: Fully questing through Hyjal should put you at or just short of Revered.) Don Rodrigo’s is an option for those with gold to spend or hellaciously good luck.


  1. Crafty’s Gaiters, H Lost City. (65.57)
  2. VanCleef’s Boots, H Deadmines. (65.44)
  3. Boots of the Predator, H Shadowfang Keep. (63.47)
  4. Crafty’s Gaiters, N Lost City. (55.71)
  5. Boots of the Hard Way, N Halls of Origination Q Reward. (54.26)
  6. Bloodied Leather Boots, Leatherworking BoE. (50.94)
  7. Flameproof/Heartstone Treads, Twilight Highlands Q. (47.41)

As with the shoulders, not a ton of options. The quest reward boots, as always, are reasonably easy to acquire without grinding and should last you until you can get better.


  1. Signet of the Elder Council, Earthen Ring Exalted. (53.19)
  2. Gilnean Ring of Ruination, World Drop. (51.62)
  3. ——————————
  4. Elementium Destroyer’s Ring, Jewelcrafting BoE. (49.91)
  5. Ring of Blinding Stars, H Halls of Origination. (47.00)
  6. Band of Blades, Jewelcrafting BoE. (46.65)
  7. Skullcracker Ring, H Blackrock Caverns. (46.64)
  8. Terrath’s Signet of Balance, Therazane Revered. (46.43)
  9. Nautilus Ring, TBD (46.18)
  10. Mirage Ring, H Lost City. (45.37)
  11. Ring of Dun Algaz, H Grim Batol. (45.01)
  12. Ring of Blinding Stars, N Halls of Origination. (41.77)
  13. Mirage Ring, N Grim Batol. (39.95)
  14. Worldbinder Signet, Deepholm Q. (35.80)
  15. Ring of Rebellion/Signet of Bloody Sands, Twilight Highlands Q. (35.61)

Lots of ring options, since you have to fill two slots. Raiders will be grinding Therazane rep anyway (similar to Hodir rep in LK), so you might as well count on picking up that rep ring. There’s lots of heroic options as well. The Signet is nice, but it’s not worth prioritizing Earthen Ring rep for.


  1. Cloak of Thredd, H Deadmines. (46.64)
  2. Twitching Shadows, H Blackrock Caverns. (46.18)
  3. Kaleki Cloak, H Lost City. (46.01)
  4. Cape of the Brotherhood, H Deadmines. (45.97)
  5. Sotftwind Cape, Earthen Ring Revered. (45.97)
  6. Razor-Edged Cloak, Leatherworking BoE. (45.90)
  7. Kaleki Cloak, N Lost City. (40.87)
  8. Cloak of Beasts, Leatherworking BoE. (40.42)
  9. Drape of Neferset Destruction, Uldum Q. (37.76)
  10. Drape of Lost Valuables/Smoot’s Shredded Smock, Twilight Highlands Q. (36.27)

Cloaks! We got cloaks! All colors, shapes, and sizes (including long white ones!). Take your pick!
Seriously, unlike LK where good cloaks were hard to find, there’s plenty on offer here, all roughly equivalent. Cloak’s aren’t that valuable anyway, so I’d wait on this slot and hope one drops when looking for something else.


  1. Double Dealing Bracers, H Shadowfang Keep. (46.64)
  2. Poison Fang Bracers. H Halls of Origination. (45.97)
  3. Poison Fang Bracers, N Halls of Origination. (40.87)
  4. Bloodied Leather Bracers, Leatherworking BoE. (36.62)
  5. Buildingblast Bracers/Flarefire Bracers, Twilight Highlands Q. (35.90)

Just like the boot slot, you’re going to have to grind a bit to fill this one. I’ve left the PvP bracers in here simply because there’s so few options, even though it’s hardly any better than the green from TH.

Idol Relic

  1. Relic of Arathor, H Shadowfang Keep.
  2. Sandshift Relic, H Blackrock Caverns.
  3. Silver Inlaid Leaf, Inscription BoE.
  4. Exhausted Flashgrowth Mote, Twilight Highlands Q.

The Wowhead scoring for relics is also broken…eh. Relics are your weakest item slot, so worry about it last, or just buy the Leaf and be done with it. (A heroic Strength relic is a point or two better than the quest reward, but not enough to roll need for, IMO.)


I’ll be digging into this data some more to look at the best reps/dungeons to target, and I’ll be posting that later. I’ll also put together a part 2 that looks at raid drops/VP items shortly after Cataclysm releases. Have fun with leveling! (I’ll be posting a leveling guide as well, so watch for it!)

Relative Stat Values at 85 (25m raid, T11 gear, numbers in parentheses represent statistics normalized to agi=1):

DPS: 4.11 (1.36)

Agi: 3.03 (1)

Str: 2.32 (0.77)

Mastery: 1.24 (0.41)

AP: 1.10 (0.36)

Crit: 0.96 (0.32)

Haste: 0.91 (0.30)

Hit/Expertise: 0.86 (0.28)

Old Rankings for Posterity:
DPS: 3.88
Agi: 2.57
Str: 2.00
AP: .96
Mastery: .91
Haste: .82
Crit: .75
Exp: .71
Hit: .71

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