Nov 222010

So, the slow-motion Cataclysm is finally occurring tomorrow. (If you read wow blogs, you’ve known this was coming for, well, forever, so I don’t feel the need for a spoiler tag. I did have the fleeting thought today, though, that someone, somewhere, is going to have one hell of a wtf? moment.)

Luckily, cats are pretty unscathed. (You know us, always landing well from a fall and all…) Bears took quite a nerf (stamina reduction, Savage Defense reduction) for balance purposes, but the only part of that which will affect cats is the LOTP heal nerf from 8% to 4%. Survival Instincts is now only a 50% damage reduction, but it goes from a 5m CD to a 3m CD, which is probably a net positive. Thorns reverts back to near-uselessness for PvE content, after a month in the sun.

Of slightly more concern is the quiet adjustment in activation requirements for our metagem, the Relentless Earthsiege Diamond (thanks to Feral Instincts for pointing it out). It previously had required 1 gem of each color (easily satisfied by a Nightmare Tear), but now requires more Blue gems then Red gems. Since our best gemming strategy revolves around agility (red) gems, this is bad. You’ve got three options:

  1. “Screw it.” Doing nothing is the most cost-effective strategy, albeit one with a 3% dps loss.
  2. Socket another metagem with easier requirements for now, and wait until 85 to figure it out. My preferred option; unfortunately, there’s not many metagem alternatives out there. Something like the Destructive Skyflare Diamond would be best.  2.5% dps loss with some small unquantifiable survivability increase (or pick one of the PvP metas).
    EDIT: Paona pointed out in the comments that the Thundering Skyflare Diamond would be a better replacement. I agree wholeheartedly, and blame wowhead for not weighting it properly.
  3. Regem entirely to meet the metagem requirements. Not recommended unless you’re still pushing for a progression kill (and with the tank nerfs, your odds of that just went down). My head hurts trying to figure out an optimal strategy, but I figure it’d probably be socketing all Glinting Dreadstones (which count for red + blue) then tacking another blue/green gem on top. Hopefully, you don’t have too much hit already.) Roughly appears to be a 1.5% dps loss.
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  1. I’d have thrown in the suggesting for a Thundering Skyflare Diamond, except that I can’t seem to find valid activation requirements for this gem. Thoughts?

    • Wow, totally missed that one. Silly me relying on wowhead’s weighting system, I should know better. It looks to still be the same, 1 R/Y/B.

      • s/suggesting/suggestion. That’s what I get for editing my sentences in mid-word.

        Assuming that the requirement DOES stay the same, that pretty much turns it into a Needle-Encrusted Scorpion Jr., doesn’t it? 480 haste rating for 6 seconds every time we hit, at what Wowhead *says* is 100%, but I highly doubt, with a 45 second ICD…. could be useful for smoothing out energy woes, I guess. But it’s certainly better than having wasted meta gem bonuses.

      • Update on that whole Thundering Skyflare Diamond thing. I haven’t the foggiest idea why they worded it the way they did, but instead of requiring one of each, it now requires *at least* of red/yellow/blue.

      • And then it doesn’t matter at all anymore!

        *throws hands up in disgust at Blizz. =T*

      • Paona:
        ~chuckles~ When you work on this stuff, you have to work with the assumption that most of your research can become literally obsolete overnight. Otherwise, you’ll go completely batshit crazy.

        And we’re talking crazy as in compared to a guy who spends time trying to get the biggest numbers possible in an attempt to get a specific number to 0 on a giant spreadsheet that displays pretty pixels on the screen.

      • Arg. This is good…but I just spent 1500g buying a recipe for Thundering Skyflares and making a stack of 20…

      • Sell ’em on the AH now before everyone finds out?

      • Well, as per the blue response, this is not something that can be fixed with a hotfix, so it will stay in place as such until the next patch can be rolled out.

        So Al, I think you’re *probably* okay to at least break even for now? The people who really follow you aren’t going to blink at swapping their meta gem out for a week or so anyways.

        Completely regemming might give them pause, but given a Nightmare Tear, dropping a Thundering in place for the two weeks until Cataclysm is unlikely to be something they’ll even think about.

  2. This affects the casty version as well. I stuck it in my guild forums.

  3. Or just use your best head piece and gem it for bear tanking. Wouldn’t this fit the hybrid spec that we talked about before?

  4. That was quick. They’re fixing it on the next patch. I may just run with an un-activated meta for now.

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