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I haven’t written a post in a few days; there’s TONS to talk about, but every time lately I get to post-writing, I get distracted. I’ve got some quick-hit answers to some questions.

Q: Why are hit/expertise considered poor stats for feral DPS? Everyone else always says you should focus on those, to avoid missing.

A: For several reasons. First, consider that our primary limiting resource is not global cooldowns, but energy. Since our attacks only trigger a 1 second GCD (compared to a 1.5 second GCD for most other classes), we usually have plenty of time to fit in another attack. Second, misses (or dodges) are not very costly in terms of resources, since 80% of the attack energy, and it’s combo points (if a finisher) are refunded. Finally, as Bela noted, a majority of our damage comes from bleeds, which once applied successfully, cannot miss. (I believe rogues value hit/exp more, since poison ticks are affected by hit/exp? I don’t know.) Put those things together, and you’ll want to reforge out of hit/exp when possible. Of course, if you’re tanking, expertise (and hit, though not as much) is much more important for maintaining threat. (Personally, I’ve reforged haste/crit/hit to mastery or expertise, as I DPS and tank with the same gear.

Q: How good is our PvP gear for PvE?

A: Pretty decent, actually. I’d say the Bloodied gear is a half-tier behind ilvl 333 blues, and the Bloodthirsty gear is about a half-tier behind ilvl 346 blues. The Bloodthirsty gear has a very nice set bonus, though; the 2p bonus makes those pieces about equal to heroic pieces, and the 4p bonus makes those pieces BETTER than heroic items, even with the wasted resilience. I’m especially intrigued by the energy cost reduction for Skull Bash on the gloves. I may be picking those up, especially for heroics where you’re interrupting almost on CD. I can’t remember right now who mentioned these, but thanks.

Q: How’s our CC looking for heroics?

A: Not great, but better than nothing. Roots seems to be breaking early on a frequent basis; I haven’t seen any systemic pattern, but it’s definitely occuring. (If anyone has any further insight, let me know.) Glyphed root is amazing, though, and has taken my third glyph slot (joining Faerie Fire and Rebirth). Don’t forget Nature’s Grasp, either. If I’m trying to cc a two-pull, I’ll Bash one, drag the second one away a bit, and pop NG to root it, then go back to the stunned target. Hibernate is much more effective, but the times you can use it are obviously limited.

Q: I feel squishy in heroics!

A: Stop stacking stamina, for one. Mitigation is king at the moment. Two, CC; even if you have a terrible group, you can always root one yourself, and LOS casters. Three, don’t forget kiting! With Infected Wounds/Bash/Feral Charge to slow mobs, and Stampeding Roar (or a multitude of cat tools) to speed us up, we can kite for a LONG time. I’ve survived several bosses this way, by tossing a few hots during a cast time and kiting in cat form (with the +20% healing from Nurturing Instinct).

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  1. Adding to the hit/expertise:

    – if you are going hybrid and expect to tank, you should really care about expertise. 26 expertise is a lot of help in holding initial aggro, even if parry/haste is now disabled by default
    – hit rating seems to be irrelevant, taunt cannot miss and from what people say on EJ, Skull Bash WILL INTERRUPT even if you miss (but it doesn’t apply the extra mana cost aura). Note that this second one may be a bug.
    – hit/expertise are a bit worse than crit/haste, but they make keeping DoTs up a lot easier, as a result running with 0 hit 0 expertise makes it very very hard to play while keeping your attention focused to raid events. So I suggest to be at least halfway there when it comes to hit.

  2. /cast [@focus] Healing Touch
    Handy if DPS’ing :) Focus the tank.

    We get loads of free ones and it’s only a GCD to do & go back to form.
    (Have a power aura set for the proc or summat)

    Tanking I’ve found fine – If it’s a stream of adds, pick up the first few with swipe, then thrash the lot when the 2nd half are in range.

    Mitigation is indeed king but there’s a lot of spelldmg / few stuns kicking about.
    Old armour trinkets are still lovely. (Pet Twilight Scale / Organ / Glyph of I etc)

  3. Two comments. First off there are many bears who keep insisting that stamina is king especially for progression. i personally don’t think that is correct but am wondering if there is any math on this to support either side.

    Secondly, on the forum here I mentioned that maybe we can ‘cheat’ the system to get 100 energy instantly. Furor 3/3 says that it gives 100 energy when you change into cat form. Out of fights I know this is true. What I don’t know is if it is true in raid fights and if our rake and rip keep ticking. I think that a FB that takes us to zero energy, shift out and back and we start shredding for the cost of one maybe two white attacks.

    • Re read the talent
      Furor allows us to keep UP to 100 energy when shifting.

      If you shift at 10 energy and go back in quickly you’ll only have 20 energy or so. Energy still regens whilst in another form but getting energy for the act of shifting died in TBC

  4. WRT tanking heroics, what sort of, self-buffed, health, armor and dodge should I am for before I start running heroics?

    • That is a tough one to answer. the reason why is because I believe that not all heroics are the same difficulty by a wide margin. Some boss fights I have yet to win and only wiped over and over again. Other heroics were a breeze.

      That said, if you can get to high 130’s self buffed in HP and 28% to 30% dodge then you should be fine.

    • Whatever you have when you hit the 329 ilvl. :P

      I had about 110k HP and 25% dodge when I started. Yes they were fairly hard, they were supposed to be!
      Only time I didn’t complete a heroic was when I was top DPS whilst tanking. Which is not a tank issue ;)

      Skill & CC > Gear

      I’d recommend guild runs tho

  5. Is there any hard math on what to gem for? Is it best to gem for just stamina or do we go for agility or something else? Does the socket bonus dicate what is best?

    • There is no hard math and I don’t think there ever will be on how to gem based on the fact that damage mitigation is highly situational. Personally I go for a mix of agi/sta going for a balanced approach to cover multiple circumstances.

      How to gem/gear entirely depends on what your up against. If your tanking in a raid situation against big dragons, that have a very slow attack speed and breathe fire, stamina and mastery will reign king. Dodge does squat against spell damage and is totally useless against a major source of incoming damage (spell damage). In raids you are also more likely to be topped off or near max hp most of the time, so having lots of stamina provides a good buffer zone against large spike damage such as when you get breathed on and get meleed right after.

      On the other hand when tanking trash in heroics with little cc, the predominant form of incoming damage is melee and dodge reigns king. There have been many times when I was tanking trash and the sole healer was spamming large heals and I would just sit at 30% hp due to the massive amount of incoming damage. Mastery via savage defense is to slow to mitigate all those fast incoming attacks and therefore dodge/agi is ideal.

      A good strat to use is to swap gear around depending what your up against. If its a bunch of melee trash put on dodge trinkets, if its a slow-hitting boss that also deals a lot of spell damage swap in sta trinkets. You could even make a high sta gear set, a high dodge set, and a mixed set depending on the situation and how much gear you acquire.

      Ideally if we had a list of bosses and what their attack swing time was and the % of spell damage they do you could adjust ahead of time accordingly.

      • As a general rule/guideline:

        25-man Raids: Stack stamina due to the fact you will be near your full hp pool most of the time, and damage tends to come in large spikes.

        10-man raids: Mix Sta and Agi. Healer mana tends to be more important here but damage spikes can still be quite large. You don’t want super low hp…

        5-mans: Stack agi. Considering you only have 1 healer, conserving you healers mana tends to be more important especially at low gear lvls. Agi/dodge is superb for large trash packs with little cc.

        The exceptions to the above regardless of healer situation are:

        1. Super fast hitting bosses. Stack agi/ dodge trinkets.

        2. Bosses that deal a lot of spell damage, stack sta. Dodge tends to be utterly useless against magic damage.

        Remember in pure avoidance math theorycraft, dodge will usually come out ahead, however this doesn’t take into account the mechanics of what makes it easier for a healer to heal you. If you exclusively stack dodge, your overall incoming damage may be lower, but if your hp spikes around like crazy you healer may blow more mana trying to keep you alive in case you get unlucky with your dodges a few times in a row and get near insta-gibbed. There is a delicate balance between hp and dodge and this tends to be very situational.

      • My response: don’t believe what you read on the internet :)

        Do a some tries with random gear and no flask and see where the damage comes from. Then choose you stuff and flask/elixir accordingly.

        From what I’ve seen up to now, stamina stacking is near-useless: instagibbing is rare, healer’s mana is more of an issue.

    • In general, agi>>>dodge>mastery, IMO. There will probably be a few fights where stamina stacking is helpful, but in most cases, not. Admittedly, I’m not raiding yet, so take that with a grain of salt.

  6. I got one issue that hasn’t addressed satisfactorily about T11 bonus for kitty.

    Does the 4 T 11 worth it ?
    Would it be better to go 2T11 and offset ? I’m thinking of keeping legs and helm t11 and go for offset.

    • I haven’t done any T11 theorycrafting yet (Hell, I haven’t even seen a Cataclysm raid yet, guild’s on break for the holidays) so:
      1. Slow down. :P
      2. Go try Mew or Rawr.

  7. On the rogues needing the hit/expertise caps you mentioned. Application of poisons is based on spell hit chance for rogues. It requires an amazing amount of hit from what I’ve found thus far.

    I’m about to start leveling my cat again, so keep up the good work.

  8. Considering the value of hit… I’ve been poking and prodding at my gems slots and socket bonusses for a while now, and it almost seems that the blue sockets direct you to gems with some hit no matter what, making it hard to ignore the colours due to the meta gem requirements. So far I’ve been filling my blue sockets with Senseis Jasper(, but I’m less then delighted about that.

    And as for meta gem, I see ferals using the old lvl 80 Relentless Earthsiege Diamond but also the lvl 85 Chaotic one…

    Oh, and for yellow slots, do you gem pure mastery or tend to ignore socket bonusses and try to cram as much agility in as possible?

    Eh. Too many Questions. Guess what i’m really looking for is some feedback/articles on gem choices for cats/bears in general :P Sorry for trolling your comment section!

    • Skip the socket bonuses! Yes. Get what you need for the meta, then skip unless it has a +20 agility or higher.
      That said, metas are REALLY confusing right now. I expect a patch in the next week or two to sort them out.

  9. I have done some maths in order to address this question.
    I’ve used Mew for the math template.
    I’ve used 2 builds :
    1/ 2T11 Head+Leggs selected according to your RSV
    2/ 4T11 Offset Chest selected accordind to your RSV

    Other gear have been selected according to your RSV. Fluid death + essence of cyclone Heroic

    Using default Model Parameter, Classic build 35/6, Classic consumables (agi food/agi flask/agi pot).
    Classic raid buff (NO dark intent/Heroism/ToT/Unholy Frenzy/Shattering Throw)

    Got these results :

    1/ 23427dps
    2/ 23784dps

    According to the 4T11 Mew template it seems the 4t11 is better.

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