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I haven’t written a post in a few days; there’s TONS to talk about, but every time lately I get to post-writing, I get distracted. I’ve got some quick-hit answers to some questions.

Q: Why are hit/expertise considered poor stats for feral DPS? Everyone else always says you should focus on those, to avoid missing.

A: For several reasons. First, consider that our primary limiting resource is not global cooldowns, but energy. Since our attacks only trigger a 1 second GCD (compared to a 1.5 second GCD for most other classes), we usually have plenty of time to fit in another attack. Second, misses (or dodges) are not very costly in terms of resources, since 80% of the attack energy, and it’s combo points (if a finisher) are refunded. Finally, as Bela noted, a majority of our damage comes from bleeds, which once applied successfully, cannot miss. (I believe rogues value hit/exp more, since poison ticks are affected by hit/exp? I don’t know.) Put those things together, and you’ll want to reforge out of hit/exp when possible. Of course, if you’re tanking, expertise (and hit, though not as much) is much more important for maintaining threat. (Personally, I’ve reforged haste/crit/hit to mastery or expertise, as I DPS and tank with the same gear.

Q: How good is our PvP gear for PvE?

A: Pretty decent, actually. I’d say the Bloodied gear is a half-tier behind ilvl 333 blues, and the Bloodthirsty gear is about a half-tier behind ilvl 346 blues. The Bloodthirsty gear has a very nice set bonus, though; the 2p bonus makes those pieces about equal to heroic pieces, and the 4p bonus makes those pieces BETTER than heroic items, even with the wasted resilience. I’m especially intrigued by the energy cost reduction for Skull Bash on the gloves. I may be picking those up, especially for heroics where you’re interrupting almost on CD. I can’t remember right now who mentioned these, but thanks.

Q: How’s our CC looking for heroics?

A: Not great, but better than nothing. Roots seems to be breaking early on a frequent basis; I haven’t seen any systemic pattern, but it’s definitely occuring. (If anyone has any further insight, let me know.) Glyphed root is amazing, though, and has taken my third glyph slot (joining Faerie Fire and Rebirth). Don’t forget Nature’s Grasp, either. If I’m trying to cc a two-pull, I’ll Bash one, drag the second one away a bit, and pop NG to root it, then go back to the stunned target. Hibernate is much more effective, but the times you can use it are obviously limited.

Q: I feel squishy in heroics!

A: Stop stacking stamina, for one. Mitigation is king at the moment. Two, CC; even if you have a terrible group, you can always root one yourself, and LOS casters. Three, don’t forget kiting! With Infected Wounds/Bash/Feral Charge to slow mobs, and Stampeding Roar (or a multitude of cat tools) to speed us up, we can kite for a LONG time. I’ve survived several bosses this way, by tossing a few hots during a cast time and kiting in cat form (with the +20% healing from Nurturing Instinct).

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