Dec 082010

Well, I had a post all ready to go about my Cataclysm thoughts…then I checked my Armory for something, and saw the happy sight of a naked toon. Yay. If it’s not restored by tonight, I guess I’ll be starting that worgen rogue a bit earlier than I planned.

(Summarized version: Realm First mining — awesome. Hyjal — sweet. Jousting 2.0 — ugh, did Blizz forget everything it learned about TOC? Raggy — awesome. Vashj’ir — beautiful, but I’m lost. Throne of Tides — great, but I know heroic difficulty is going to be a beast for PUG’s. Archaeology — Remember how they revamped fishing to make it better? They forgot those lessons. Mindless grind PLUS timesink travel…yay.  There’s archaeology dailies?)

I’m now recommending that you NOT trust the Dial-in Authenticator that Blizzard is currently offering. (It’s somewhat my fault, I guess. I had a phone authenticator, which I deactivated in order to change the phone’s ROM. I had some issues with the new ROM, though, so I just switched to the dial-in version until I could get the ROM figured out. That was a few days ago, and I hadn’t gotten around to changing it back.)

If there’s one good note to this, it’s a good sign that I’ve chilled out a little bit. When my account was hacked several months ago (pre-authenticator), I was PISSED. Now? Eh, whatever, I’ll get the stuff back eventually.

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  1. Sorry about the hack. I’ve read on other forums that the dial-in can be bypassed/hacked or somethign where people with them are losing their stuff. I’ll stick with the physical version.

    I only got in about 90 minutes of playtime and was in Hyjal. Liked to place but hated the crowds. The two fights where you have to kill a specific guy were brutal as 30+ people were camped waiting to try and aggro them. I gave up then woke up early and was only person fighting him.

    Mining nodes go fast. I was next to one as it appeared and started mining it and before I finished 2 others flew down to it. Must have been a few dozen peopl just trying to mine nodes.

  2. Thats rough.
    I only trust the physical version as well.

    And Grats on the Mining achievment! Realm first is neat. I was able to get the realm first Ilustrious Skinner, and it was quite exciting :)
    How long did the mining take? Skinning only took about 30 min.

    As always, I look forward to your posts.

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