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So, I got tired of waiting for DPS queues and decided to go tanky. Sticking with normals for now until I get better at the whole “directing CC thing.” Happily, N Grim Batol was a full clear, no wipes, though it should be seeing as I know the place quite well now. (For the record: randoms queued for = 5; GB placements = 4. I’m still 3 damn troggs short of the bombing run quest completion, too.)

Anyway, stole this from DSLreports’ wow forum for my reference. Holler if I’m missing anything.

(And wtf do you do if you get, say,  a DK/warrior/spriest as DPS, anyway? Tell the DK to kite one and pray? Hope the priest can MC?)

Long-Term CC’s

* Mage – Polymorph (beasts, humanoids), 60s, heals mobs to full

* Hunter – Freezing Trap/Trap Launcher (most), 60s;  Wyvern Sting (???), survival only, 30s, not effectively refreshable

* Warlock – Banish (demons/elementals), 30s, does not break; Enslave Demon (demons) mostly unrefreshable; Seduction (humanoids), 30s, pet ability, Fear (all except undead/mech?), 20s, only if glyphed (ASK!)

* Priest – Shackle Undead (undead), 30s, Mind Control (humanoids only), 30s channel, priest loses control but MC’d mob can tank another

* Druid – Hibernate (beasts/dragonkin), 30s; Entangling Roots (most), 30s, snare only

* Rogue – Sap (humanoids, beasts, demons, dragonkin); 1m or 2m glyphed, not refreshable, not usable in combat

* Paladin – Repentance (humanoids, undead, dragonkin, giants and demons), ret only, short range, 60s

* Shaman – Hex (humanoids/beasts), 60s; Bind Elemental (elementals), 50s

Temporary CC’s

* Mage – Frost Nova and other frost spells

* Priest –  Psychic Scream, Psychic Horror, Mind Soothe

* Rogue – Blind, and various stuns and stun-lock tactics

* Druid – Cyclone and some stuns

* Paladin – Turn Evil (undead and demons only), some stuns

* Hunter – Pet’s stun and various root/slow/stun shots

* Warrior – various stuns

* Death Knight – Chains of Ice

By enemy type

* All/Most: Fear, Freezing Trap, Roots

* Beast: Sap, Hex, Hibernate, Polymorph

* Demon: Enslave Demon, Banish, Repentance, Sap

* Dragonkin: Hibernate, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Elemental: Banish, Bind Elemental

* Giant: Repentance

* Humanoid: Polymorph, Seduction, MC, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Mechanical: ???

* Undead: Shackle

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  1. Shamans get Chain Elemental. Elemental-only, surprisingly enough. It’s handy, given all the elementals in this expansion.

    Why do some classes get 2 or even 3 CCs when DKs and wariors get jack? Ask Ghostcrawler.

  2. I would move Rogue’s Sap to Full-time CCs. It can be cast while remaining in stealth, has 1 minute duration, it’s actually one of the best CCs around given you CC before the combat.

  3. Hey Alaron,

    Thanks for the list!

    As far as I know, “Soothe Animal” is no more.
    Instead of it we got “Soothe” which is our “dispell enrage” tool.

  4. Survival hunters (which should be most hunters at 85, considering how good its damage is compared to the other specs) also have Wyvern Sting – a 30 sec sleep on a 1 minute CD; re-trapping is not that difficult these days, but still more of a pain than all castable CCs.
    So the kill order (as well as the CC order at the start of the fight) should be
    1. Sap
    2. Trap
    3. All the other crap :-)

  5. One more bit of CC for warriors – “Intimidating Shout” is an AoE Fear, centred on target. Target “cowers”, allies of target “flee” – which makes it marginally more safe against single enemies.

    8 second duration or until damaged for primary target.

  6. So is there a way to remove the dot tick from roots? I’m finding it hard to get into heroics (as DPS) because all I have is roots, and it can break on its own damage. Yea I can cast it over and over, or Cyclone, but then I’m not adding my dps to the fight.

    And right now all I have is a cat set so tanking, or healing (which I’ve never touched, ever.) is not an option. I’m getting the feeling druids will be the last choice for DPS because of this.

  7. I know it is much maligned at times and maybe it has something to do with the specific SPriest I run with, but I have found mind control a great opener. SPriest MCs something and tanks with it, the mobs beat up on each other for a bit. The Mind Controled pet dies and everything else is down a some health, (possibly debuffed depending on the mob MCed) with limited risk to the party. This actually works with a healer too if you’re willing to wait for the MC tank to die. Sometimes I’ll grab one mob out of the group so that the dps have something to do. :)

  8. Another option – which isn’t really a CC – but if you have a feral (cat) druid, have them go bear and off-tank a mob. They should be able to handle one mob with a decent healer and that will allow more focus by the MT.

  9. So many responses! Teach me to post before bed :)

    All: I just copied this from the linked site, and it’s definitely a bit out-of-date; I’ll add/fix the things mentioned.

    FI: The spriest I was with yesterday in GB (and to answer your other comment, yes, I’ve discovered everything) said that the mobs in there were immune to MC. IDK. Definitely agreed on the bear berserk thing. It’s good for Tol Barad dailies too.

    • I don’t think we used it in Grim Batol, I’ve only run that one once. I remember using it extensively in Vortex Pinnacle and Lost City. My SPriest (fiancée) says they might have them immune in Grim Batol, so you can’t throw them off the edge…

  10. Grats on a great blog!

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  12. I did a list like that when the HC-race began. I’m tanking and would like to know the CC available quickly.

    Your info is good, but if you put it into a table it’s even more accesable. List classes along the ranks and the mobs/races along the rows and you can cross reference between your available CC-options and the ones working on your target.


    ……… Hunter Mage Warlock etc.

    Humanoid Traps Poly Seduce

    Beast Traps Poly

    Deamon Traps ……… Banish


    Dunno how that’ll do when I hit the post button :)

  13. Roots seems to break early on a regular basis. Maybe the people I roll with are just being turkeys and breaking it on accident… but it seems to be somewhat unreliable, therefore not a very practical cc tool. That and it’s only good against melee mobs.

    On a side note, anyone a little dissapointed with the t11 4 piece bonus? 2 piece is nice but the 4 piece is a little crappy.

  14. I know this is a CC topic but I am hating the nerf to rake and cat’s aoe abilities. I used to use rake.mangle as a type of oae and it did pretty good. Right now we stink in this area. Swipe just doesn’t cut it at all. And with the rake nerf even the non-elites aren’t dying.

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