Dec 172010

So, I got tired of waiting for DPS queues and decided to go tanky. Sticking with normals for now until I get better at the whole “directing CC thing.” Happily, N Grim Batol was a full clear, no wipes, though it should be seeing as I know the place quite well now. (For the record: randoms queued for = 5; GB placements = 4. I’m still 3 damn troggs short of the bombing run quest completion, too.)

Anyway, stole this from DSLreports’ wow forum for my reference. Holler if I’m missing anything.

(And wtf do you do if you get, say,  a DK/warrior/spriest as DPS, anyway? Tell the DK to kite one and pray? Hope the priest can MC?)

Long-Term CC’s

* Mage – Polymorph (beasts, humanoids), 60s, heals mobs to full

* Hunter – Freezing Trap/Trap Launcher (most), 60s;  Wyvern Sting (???), survival only, 30s, not effectively refreshable

* Warlock – Banish (demons/elementals), 30s, does not break; Enslave Demon (demons) mostly unrefreshable; Seduction (humanoids), 30s, pet ability, Fear (all except undead/mech?), 20s, only if glyphed (ASK!)

* Priest – Shackle Undead (undead), 30s, Mind Control (humanoids only), 30s channel, priest loses control but MC’d mob can tank another

* Druid – Hibernate (beasts/dragonkin), 30s; Entangling Roots (most), 30s, snare only

* Rogue – Sap (humanoids, beasts, demons, dragonkin); 1m or 2m glyphed, not refreshable, not usable in combat

* Paladin – Repentance (humanoids, undead, dragonkin, giants and demons), ret only, short range, 60s

* Shaman – Hex (humanoids/beasts), 60s; Bind Elemental (elementals), 50s

Temporary CC’s

* Mage – Frost Nova and other frost spells

* Priest –  Psychic Scream, Psychic Horror, Mind Soothe

* Rogue – Blind, and various stuns and stun-lock tactics

* Druid – Cyclone and some stuns

* Paladin – Turn Evil (undead and demons only), some stuns

* Hunter – Pet’s stun and various root/slow/stun shots

* Warrior – various stuns

* Death Knight – Chains of Ice

By enemy type

* All/Most: Fear, Freezing Trap, Roots

* Beast: Sap, Hex, Hibernate, Polymorph

* Demon: Enslave Demon, Banish, Repentance, Sap

* Dragonkin: Hibernate, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Elemental: Banish, Bind Elemental

* Giant: Repentance

* Humanoid: Polymorph, Seduction, MC, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Mechanical: ???

* Undead: Shackle

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