Dec 022010

I’ve finished my updates to the guide; cleaned up quite a bit, added lvl 85 enchants/gems/consumables, etc. Check it out here, and please leave feedback. I’ve also tweaked the leveling guide, specifically the specs, in a couple places.) I’ve got one more Cataclysm guide coming, on professions, then I’m guided out for a while. :)

(Hint: I’m much more likely to listen to feedback that’s attached to a donation! Okay, not really. But it will get my attention.) /endshamelessbegging :P

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  1. Some of your links on appear to be wrong.

    Bracers: Greater Critical Stirke is pointing to Greater Assault.

    Potion of the Tol’Vir is pointing at Potion of Speed.

    I’m curious on the leg armors. The options seem to be:
    stam 145, agi 55
    ap 190, crit 55

    How close are they for dps? The former seems very nice for hybrids, and certainly required for bears. AP is generally pretty weak as a stat. From your conversion scale, the former is worth 55*2.59 = 142.45 dps points, and the later 190*0.96+55*0.76=224.2 (1.57:1 better).

    So a fair margin for kitty dps, though one shouldn’t discount the survivability.

    • Links are fixed, thanks. (And BTW, your comment had enough links that it got sent to automoderation, that’s why it didn’t show up until I saw it.)

      On the leg armors: Same deal as in LK with survivability vs DPS. I suspect many ferals are going to be LW’s, so that at least makes it cheap to switch back and forth.

      • … Hm. My observations had Ferals going Engineering, actually, particularly non-Worgen. Given that LK’s twink choice of professions was BS/JC, for maximum customization, I can see many of those going for Engineering/JC instead, particularly 1), since the stats were removed from the Engineering enchants and now stack with Enchanting, despite a lack of scaling with gear, and 2) Cogwheel gems.

        …well, any mix and match between BS, JC, and Engineering, although Engineering’s long-term viability is dependent on there being successive tiers of gear with Cogwheel slots.

        Particularly concerned where BS doesn’t seem to get a new perk for Cataclysm, though. That may just be because of the inherent scaling nature of the glove and bracer sockets, although I do remember seeing datamined entries for a rank 2 of Socket Bracer and Gloves.

        • Tuskarr’s was still useful for Bear, certainly, so don’t feel too bad :).

          I’m working on the profession post now…what about engineering had you so excited? At first glance, I don’t see much in the way of glove tinkers that feral DPS would like.

  2. Hey Al. Noticed you tossed the thing about the Thundering Skyflares in. I want to give you another idea:

    The PVP metas. Specifically, the ones that increase movespeed.

    Seeing as how bloody near everybody uses Tuskarr’s, I don’t see why it’s unviable to swap out your meta gem for one that increases movespeed instead, and then enchant your boots with a straight DPS enchant, that is, Greater Assault for now, Mastery/Precision/Major Agility down the line.

    Just a thought.

    • Well, not for us (since we get our increased movespeed via talent), but for other classes, I could see it being a viable choice.

      • Wait.

        It *doesn’t*!?

        All this time I’ve been living a lie!


        ….eh, oh well. It’s only a couple of AP, and I spend most of my time as a bear, anyhow. =P

        I’ll just need to make sure I don’t repeat this mistake on my cat gear at 85.

  3. Hey Alaron, for professions all the rage is LW. While LW does look good right now you can’t take it in a vacum. After all wouldn’t you sort of need to combine skinng and LW like you would for mining and JC to get a real picture? Not till we have gathering alts all leveled up can we forget about skinning or mining.

    And while the current patterns are real nice will they stand up to T11 and then T12? At the start of TBC and WotLK BS, LW, tailoring were good but almost useless come half way through the expansion.

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