Dec 162010

Had a chance to do a guild heroic run lat night, and it was great! Of course, the “random” dungeon finder gave us Grim Batol (Total number of random instances queued for: 4. Number of times placed in Grim Batol: 3). Some thoughts:

  • Avoiding (avoidable) damage is key. Since heroic bosses don’t have an enrage timer (generally), and stamina pools mean most damage is not one-shot, the limiting resource is healer mana. Conserving it is key, whether that’s by avoiding damage or off-healing. (On a side note, there’s a lot of discussion going on about trivializing heroic encounters by using two healers. I don’t have a problem with that, personally, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see some enrage timers added.)
  • Predatory Strikes/Stampede are getting more use than I expected. Free ravages are obviously useful for adds, of course, but the cool thing about Predatory Strikes is that the free heal comes AFTER the finisher. Unlike, say, a ret pally/enhance shammy/rogue, who can use their combo points for heals or DPS, we can pop off the Rip/FB and THEN heal, losing only a few seconds of white damage. (And maybe some lower bleed ticks…I need to check to see if they still lose power if you’re shifted out of cat.)
  • I definitely used all my abilities. Roots/Hibernate for CC; SI/FR when tanking the last 5% of Umbriss’s health; Skull Bash interrupts ALL THE TIME; bear bash on the fire adds for Drahga; etc. (Relatedly: I wish they would remove the damage component from roots. I screwed up and refreshed a hibernate with roots, which broke the hibernate and subsequent attempts.)
  • Bosses: Umbriss is really challenging, actually. The under-30% enrage is pretty powerful, even once you master the Blitz mechanic, and the non-purple troggs actually do non-trivial damage. Throngus (man that name sounds obscene) isn’t too bad, but rough on melee. I really had to pick my spots for DPS during the mace/kite phase. (Feral tranquility rocks during the shield phase.) Drahga is pretty simple if your tank is on the ball and is kiting away from the flame add spawns. The flame adds CAN be stunned; if there’s one in a bad spot, you can go bear and bash one. Erudax is actually the easiest, IMO; just go easy on DPS during the gale phase, and unload on your assigned add after. (Infected Wounds is great here.) We two or three-shot everything except Umbriss. (Erudax would have been a one-shot, but RL ensued.)
  • BTW, there was a TON of trash (and I felt we did pretty good, bombing-run wise.) I’ll have to see if that trend continues for all the other instances, but it was a pain.
  • First heroic item: Ring of Dun Algaz. Woot.
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  1. Since you did most of your leveling digging in the dirt how was your gear for this heroic? Were you in blues or greens?

    • Well, I did some questing in TH/Uldum after I hit 85, so a mix of quest greens, quest blues, rep blues, and one JP blue.

  2. “(Total number of random instances queued for: 4. Number of times placed in Grim Batol: 3).”

    Ummm. Did you find the entrances to all the dungeons, since you leveled mainly with archeology?

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