Dec 152010

So, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I really wanted the new alchemy dragon mount, which only drops from a Tol’Vir archaeology artifact (which requires 450 archaeology to even have a chance of spawning). With that in mind, I put aside the enjoyable questing I was doing and grinded lvl 83-85 solely through archaeology. (Yes, it took a while.) Yesterday, Blizzard quietly hotfixed archaeology to make 50% more fragments drop per dig, AND made the Alchemy mount BoE.

And then they nerfed Rake. (Which was probably needed, but still.) So, I’m a tad bit annoyed today. Anyway, /nerdrage and all, I appreciated the feedback on my last post. Lots of good tips there for heroics; take a look. I pulled together enough gear to enter my first heroic last night; a PUG which went through two tanks wiping on Umbriss before calling it quits. It looks like I’m going to have to start tanking if I want heroic gear at any appreciable rate. Or healing. *shudder*

(Yes, low content post again, studying for course exams, then the CISSP in January. Yay!)

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