Dec 152010

So, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I really wanted the new alchemy dragon mount, which only drops from a Tol’Vir archaeology artifact (which requires 450 archaeology to even have a chance of spawning). With that in mind, I put aside the enjoyable questing I was doing and grinded lvl 83-85 solely through archaeology. (Yes, it took a while.) Yesterday, Blizzard quietly hotfixed archaeology to make 50% more fragments drop per dig, AND made the Alchemy mount BoE.

And then they nerfed Rake. (Which was probably needed, but still.) So, I’m a tad bit annoyed today. Anyway, /nerdrage and all, I appreciated the feedback on my last post. Lots of good tips there for heroics; take a look. I pulled together enough gear to enter my first heroic last night; a PUG which went through two tanks wiping on Umbriss before calling it quits. It looks like I’m going to have to start tanking if I want heroic gear at any appreciable rate. Or healing. *shudder*

(Yes, low content post again, studying for course exams, then the CISSP in January. Yay!)

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  1. Your link isn’t working :(

    Condolences if you have to start tanking. I’m lucky to have guildies who love me as much as they love to heal/tank!

    • Link fixed, thanks.

      (And, for the record, I LIKE druid tanking/healing, just not as a primary role. I have to relearn how to do both, since I haven’t focused much on either since 4.0.)

      • Good luck on the Healing. It’s my main, and it’s incredibly difficult at even the i330 stage. (I won’t even go into Heroics yet – even with a guild run.)

      • i agree 100%, tanking/healing is very rewarding and much more reactive than DPS IMO. BUT I also prefer it as a secondary spec, because burning through almost 75k mana every pull on NORMAL Cata dungeons is brutal, and dieing to trash over and over and over as tank is frustrating too.

        P.S. That sucks about the Archaeology grind :(

      • Well, it wasn’t totally wasted (I did level to 85 using it, after all, and the XP hasn’t changed), but it’s kinda annoying to know that if I’d done the same thing now, I’d already be at 525 archaeology and (almost certainly) known the recipe.

  2. HAH, they nerfed rake!!! So before the nerf I was right, it was doing pretty close to Rip damage.

  3. I haven’t tanked heroics yet but have tanked pug normal runs. It is a real pain in the butt to say the least. While I have only had one death there were many close calls. First off no one knows the fights so much is tank spank and see what ahppens. Secondly, I mark targets but people seem to DPS what they want at times. Lasst is the fact that CC is slow to happen and often hits where the mob group is at so I cant thrash, or beserk mangle without breaking it. I do not look forward to tanking heroics but also don’t want to wait 30 minutes or more for queue time.

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