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Downed Halfus for the first time in 10m last night; good bit of fun that fight was. We had what I think is probably the worst combo (Emerald/Storm/Slate, though Emerald/Storm/X is pretty bad). We ended up winning by popping Emerald and Storm at the start, and having the pally MT on whelps (first burn target) and the OT and me trading Halfus and Storm until the whelps were dead. I then went kitty-mode on Halfus. We struggled with Furious Howl/Nova a bit, so we ended up popping Slate out around 55% and off-tanking him (with swaps). Tank died around 10%, I went back into bear, taunted the drake, blew CD’s, and prayed. Died with the boss around 2%, but they finished him off. Lots of fun; I’m enjoying the idea of the encounter changing up a bit every week, should help keep it a bit fresh. (Also, having no mages or humans to break FH and interrupt Nova sucks. Just saying.) Can’t wait to start on 25’s, hopefully next week.

Anybody have any insight into what the Time drake does if he’s active for the week? Lots of contradictory advice out there.

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  1. Wow, sounds very close to my guild’s experience. I did the trade aggro with the OT thing and then finished the fight in cat form. I love a chance to take advantage of feral shifting. Three tanks would be too many and two tanks too few but two tanks and a feral is just right!

  2. the timewarden applies a debuff to the protobehemoth (the flying drake shooting fireballs at the raid) which reduces his casttime/projectilespeed, so that you can run out of the swirly firestuff on the ground to minimize raiddamage

  3. additional comment to Aurea: When you have the Time Warden, the fireballs fly very fast until you free him. Without the Time Warden, the fire balls are already slowed.

  4. Hey, i also did halfus yesterday and the trash after dropped this trinket
    I automatcly equiped it as i was thinking it was a lot better than what i had. I was wearing the 234 agi and 908 mastery proc trinket and the 285 hit jc trinket.
    I know kinda regret it. ICD is 1min 10 sec, that’s only like 5% more autoattack damage.. Same as savage roar glyph.
    What do u think of it? Could you rate it? :)

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