Dec 072010

(Now returning to your regularly scheduled feral programming. And please don’t mind the UI, I forgot to switch off a lot of addons for this toon before starting. Thanks go to Kaliope for the guide.)

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  1. One needs to look at the other nine (9) approvals and judge whether it is not geography rather friendship which was taken into account.
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  2. ”Harmon essentially blurred the difference between government mandating a review of that which is perceived illegal and directly interfering in the day to day operations of the Authority.
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  4. In a full page advertisement in Kaieteur News on Sunday, Digicel (Guyana) said that the country “welcomes the end of the GTT phone monopoly”.
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  5. The Minister said, “Strong allegations were made in the audit report and I thought it was only fair that the party and the agency be given an opportunity to respond.
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  6. In a forensic audit report that was conducted on the Unit, a number of allegations were made against Singh, all of which speak to breaches of the nation’s financial laws.
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  7. “It does not outline specifically, the nature of the works to be completed and the extent of the damage done.
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  8. They have already taken GNBA to court over the fees on a number of occasions.
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  9. Further, he said that the communique between Corbin and Jagdeo ratified this arrangement that no licenses will be issued until the Broadcast Authority is formed.
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  10. Dax Contracting Services would also be provided with tax exemptions and incentives, including but not limited to tax holidays, remissions, tax waivers and duty free concessions on equipment, spares, tools and vehicles.
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  11. However, Kaieteur News was subsequently able to confirm that Anthony Vieira was not in attendance at Monday’s meeting.
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  12. It provides for an open, liberalised and competitive sector that will be attractive to new market entrants and investors, while preserving the activities of the current participants.
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  13. According to the agreement, these will be if Dax fully and willingly accepts the risks involved in accepting and using an Operator Licence prior to the enactment of the applicable legislation and support the Government in any response that the Government has to legally undertake in the likelihood of intervention by GT&T/ATN with regards to the granting and use of the Operator Licence.
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  14. Dean told Kaieteur News that it’s no secret that Digicel wants to invest and become a full service communications player, not only in terms of expanding the current services they offer on mobile phones but to also upgrade the present service.
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  15. In fact, the auditors observed, too, that NFMU is the only statutory body whose budget is included in the National Budget that has such an item.
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  16. It has the corrupt style of the former President, Bharrat Jagdeo all over it.
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  17. May 01, 2015Contractor gets exclusive rights to US$100M ICT projectOver a five-year period, between 2010 and 2014, Government budgeted $20B (US$100M) for its Information Communication Technology (ICT) programme that included its E-Governance and fibre optic cable from Brazil and the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) projects.
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  18. However, the general impression is that the Government is not interested in acceding to anything in the agreement.
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  19. Hughes said that despite that fact, Vieira went ahead and did those very things.
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  20. I urge them to provide new vigor in what appeared to be a very putrid…and contaminated televisions (operations), particularly the television scenario in Guyana.
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  21. Of course there are significant defects with the Brazil to Guyana project and those would have to be corrected for the bandwidth that is being purchased from Brazil to be made available for domestic use in Guyana “and the engagement with the consortium dealt specifically with how we are going to fix it and what is it that we can expect in recompense.
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  22. In the meantime, Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), Leonard Craig, continues to dodge questions which require him to explain to the nation where the Authority is on the revocation of the illegally granted licences under the Jagdeo regime.
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  23. Clause eight of the agreement states, “The Government of Guyana undertakes to contribute financially to the cost of the specific maintenance service of an emergency nature according to an approved formula that takes into account the government of Guyana’s provision of duty free concessions for equipment, spares and tools.
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  24. Shortly before he was scheduled to demit office, Jagdeo rolled out another multi-billion-dollar (US$27M) project and said Government will supply 90,000 laptops to families across the country.
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  25. E-Networks has as its shareholders, Vishok Persaud and his sister Member of Parliament, Dr.
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  26. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, was the beneficiary of five frequencies.
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  27. 6M monthly, to the Sanata Complex deal authorized by Jagdeo.
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  28. ’s lead international kidnapping negotiator, Chris Voss dealt face-to-face with a range of criminals, including bank robbers and terrorists.
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  29. For the second straight year he’s managed to get his team through a wild-card game and the chess match between these head coaches should be intriguing.

  30. NFL landing spot: He is too much of a threat to fall too far and he could go to teams like the Vikings, Rams, 49ers and Eagles, among others.

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