Dec 072010

(Now returning to your regularly scheduled feral programming. And please don’t mind the UI, I forgot to switch off a lot of addons for this toon before starting. Thanks go to Kaliope for the guide.)

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  4 Responses to “I am an evil mastermin…er”

  1. Dude…really.. sleep :)

  2. Gratz man.. Noone else will take that away from you.. job well done

  3. Seriously, if you look at the clock in the screenshot, I got the ach at :46. It only took about 40 minutes to do. Key was starting in Dal to train then mining Saronite to 470; no competition at all. Put on gloves with +5 mining, hearthed to IF and flew to TH. Easy.

    (I think the 20 points in Icecrown actually took longer than the 55 points in Twilight Highlands…nodes were incredibly easy to grab in TH, never aggroed a single mob despite being 5 levels below.)

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