Dec 302010

So, in my trinket rating post, I got a lot of comments about why Unsolvable Riddle was so low, and a lot of “well, damn, why’d I buy that then?” It’s not as bad as the ratings look. (Rather, Key/Eye are not as good as my ratings look.) At our current low gear levels, those two trinkets look very good because of their huge agi procs; however, with little hit/exp, the chance of it proccing quickly goes down a bit. The actual value is best derived using a simulator like Mew, but I would definitely use the Riddle trinket over H Key or H Left Eye. (Not Tia’s..Tia’s is awesome, and Fluid Death is double awesome.) I would have one, but I used my commendations on a healy weapon. :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, It’s also very good for situational burst DPS; it aligns pretty well with Berserk. I would think of something like this for burst situations:

(glyph Berserk)

/use Potion of the Tol’vir
/use Unsolvable Riddle
/cast Berserk

Try to get a TF in there too.

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  1. I have unsolvable riddle as my trinket (along with H Tia’s) and this is the macro I use with it.

    #showtooltip Tiger’s Fury
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
    /use 14
    /use Berserking
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
    /cast Tiger’s Fury


    1. I use glyph of berserk over glyph of TF to keep TF and my trinket CD aligned

    2. The UIErrors… lines are used to avoid having the error “ability not ready” pop up each time I hit TF

    3. I always TF before using kitty berserk therefore my trinket is used during berserk if off CD

    4. My trinket is in the bottom (#2) trinket slot, which is why /use 14 activates it.

    5. I choose not to macro my potion too because I like to limit my potion uses to attempts we actually have a chance to kill a boss, therefore I like to manually activate it when the boss is in execution range.

  2. Would you suggest Fluid Death + (H)Key, or Fluid Death + Unheeded warning?

  3. Till I have fluid death can you have both H-Tia and normal Tia instead of Unsolvable Riddle? Or are the Tia trinkets mutually exclusive?

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