Dec 302010

So, in my trinket rating post, I got a lot of comments about why Unsolvable Riddle was so low, and a lot of “well, damn, why’d I buy that then?” It’s not as bad as the ratings look. (Rather, Key/Eye are not as good as my ratings look.) At our current low gear levels, those two trinkets look very good because of their huge agi procs; however, with little hit/exp, the chance of it proccing quickly goes down a bit. The actual value is best derived using a simulator like Mew, but I would definitely use the Riddle trinket over H Key or H Left Eye. (Not Tia’s..Tia’s is awesome, and Fluid Death is double awesome.) I would have one, but I used my commendations on a healy weapon. :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, It’s also very good for situational burst DPS; it aligns pretty well with Berserk. I would think of something like this for burst situations:

(glyph Berserk)

/use Potion of the Tol’vir
/use Unsolvable Riddle
/cast Berserk

Try to get a TF in there too.

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