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(Bonus points to whoever can identify what game the subject comes from. Hint: It was a Warcraft II competitor.)

So, how was your weekend? After finding out that the Vial of the Sands recipe comes from archaeology, I decided to forgo questing for the time being and start grinding. I’ve leveled from 83 to 84.9 solely off archaeology digs (well, and cooking/fishing dailies). That’s about ~300 digsites. Uhhhhh. Thankfully, it’s pretty brainless, so I’ve successfully raised my Archaeology to 400; just need 50 more points before I unlock Tol’Vir sites. Once I ding 85, I can go back and do all the quests I skipped, and get that extra gold. :) I’ll probably do up an Archaeology guide at some point, if people are interested.

I’ve also made crazy amounts of gold off of the JC daily. Vek’nilash has now had the Lila daily 3 days running, which requires cutting three nightstones. Uncut nightstone price has been up over 150g, and I’ve sold at least 40-50, bleeding the AH dry of elementium ore in the process. (Honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idea why people don’t prospect their own. Laziness, I guess.) Interestingly, obsidium/elementium is now more expensive than pyrite on my server. I’ve got tons of blue gems sitting around, as well, for when I get cuts. (Protip: If you’re leveling JC from 450 to 475 so you can start the dailies/prospect elementium, buy/mine 10-15 stacks of obsidium, prospect it, cut and vendor all your alicites (uncommon yellow gems) to 465ish, then make hessonite bands to 475. Nightstones/jaspers/zephyrites are used for JC dailies, so you’ll want to save those, and carnelians will eventually rise in price because they can be xmuted into inferno rubies (rare red gem).

Since I haven’t done any dungeons/heroics except a couple, I asked one of our other guild ferals some of his thoughts (Hey Iust!), and I’ll share his (paraphrased) words in lieu of content. :) I’ll be doing some dungeons tonight, hopefully, and can start looking at revising the gear list/prepping a raid version.

  • On DPS: We are doing very well for DPS right now. Threat is a significant issue; I have to give tanks lots of lead time and use Cower on cooldown.
  • On utility: I love that I use every spell I have for heroics. Nurturing Instinct is great; Tranquility has saved multiple party wipes, and finding spots to drop in Rejuvs can really help the healer’s mana pool.  Roots is amazing CC because it works on anything; just make sure you have the glyph for instant cast. (Ala: If a roots gets broken, a quick cyclone can hold the mob until you can reroot.)
  • On tanking: No issues with bear tanking/threat at all. Use your CD’s! Don’t save them.
  • On heroic difficulty: Difficulty is perfect. A well-coordinated group can down a heroic in 1 – 1.5 hours. A poorly-coordinated group won’t make it through the trash. CC is vital.
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  1. Runescape?

  2. Oops forget that I said Runescape. I think the correct answer is Lords of the Realm. It had to sink in that you wrote the game was a competitor of Warcraft II so that means it had to be a RTS type game.

    • Bingo! Lords of the Realm II, actually. The peasant units were absolutely useless for anything except for filling in moats (the above was their voice quote when sent to dig; for some reason, it’s stuck with me for 15 years).

  3. I agree with your guildie’s assessment of where feral druids are at now.
    – I’ve had threat issues whenever I was dps and had to hold back a little and use cower.
    – Tanking has been fine. Once Thrash is available at 81 there are no issues with threat, and the number of cooldowns druids have really helps with damage spikes.
    – Skull Bash is great – talent it to have the reduced cooldown and use it often!
    – Our utility spells see use now, which is heaps of fun. Appropriate use of heals, entangling roots, cyclone, thorns and soothe really feel like they make the difference between a good druid player and a great one.

    I’ll be interested to hear your opinions on instances soon :)

  4. I really love doing heroics as a feral cat. We can really shine with all the abilitys in out MacGyver-like toolbelt. In a tough heroic I use almost all of those abilities

    Thorns for aggroboost
    Instant heals
    Instant cyclones
    Frenzied regeneration
    survival instincts

    I feel like the 100% rebirth glyph ist almost more important than the roots glyph. refreshing roots is pretty easy to time. just refresh after you refresh your first rip. And if anything goes wrong you can always instant cyclone and then refresh roots. Having an instant brez that gives your dead tank 100% life is just that much more powerful.

  5. I agree with most of it, having DPSd and tanked all of the heroics. Throwing out heals feels pretty useless, tho’, even with SI. They just do so little healing, and have awful efficiencies.

  6. I found that the hots are fairly useless except when trying to manage my own personal spot healing when the healer has his hands full. Between pulls, topping off res’es, keeping myself decent in fights like the first boss in halls of origination (heroic) and a few other instances. yeah they arent the best, but if i can save the healer one or two heals, thats (potentially) another 15 seconds of a boss fight or maybe a clutch heal. the big thing to remember is, theyre virtually free to us, as we use mana so rarely and regen it (respectively) so quick.

    I feel that our dps is pretty good, i pull aggro if i get some lucky crits and pull about 10-11k dps on most heroic boss fights with avg ilevel 331. So far I’ve only been out dpsed by an arms warrior and a boomkin.

  7. Also, Rip used to do *way* more damage than rake did, at least i think it did. Has anyone noticed the reversal? Is rip not affected by mastery or something? It felt like my rip used to tick way larger numbers than rake, and IIRC about 40-50% of my damage came from rip. Now rip+rake do about 60% and mangle/shred/auto make up the rest. I’ll have to look closer at recount again for exact numbers next heroic/raid.

    • All my experience is coming from ilvl 335+ so take it with a grain of salt. On stationary fights such as Grand Vizier Ertan, I’m reaching 13.5-14k with a few peaks closer to 15k when alot of things crit in a row. As far as the damage percentages, I don’t have raw numbers, but rip is till pulling a higher percentage than rake, even if it isn’t hitting as hard. I’ve seen rakes crit 29k and only seen 20k for rip so far.

      • Yeah, on magmaw and his trash I watched my deeps a bit closer and it appears that Rip is a bit above Rake now. I think it was just something with how it scaled. My avg ilevel is 333 right now, and i was doing around 11.5k dps on the boss fights.

  8. Throwing out a few heals is OK if you are boomkin but as feral kitty I think it’s a big waste of time. Not to mention what happens if you are OOM and can’t get back into cat form.

    The rest of the utility I have no issues with. Roots, inervate, rebirth are fine to do as feral but the rest are more boomkin related I think. If I’m wrong please let me know.

    • It’s definitely situational. While the heals are small in comparison with say a boomkin or an actual healer, putting a stack of lifebloom and a rejuv on a squeezed healer in Throne of Tides can be the difference between a wipe and a win. With spellpower nearing 4k, its hardly something to disregard. A barkskin tranquility however is huge amounts of healing.

      • Leveling I noticed that if I cast a rejuv, regrowth and nourish on myself I was down to 15% mana and it usually only healed me for around 40K health or so. Through on a lifebloom or three and I’m sure I will be OOM.

        Wouldn’t a better bet be go bear pop CD’s and absorb damage that way? My heals would account for 40K health while in bear form I could probably absorb or mitigate over 100k damage.

      • Remember this isn’t WoTLK anymore. Rejuv now costs 26% of base mana, and nouresh 10%. But lifebloom only costs 7% of base mana and will end up healing for a lot more when the bloom hits. The reason that lifebloom is much cheaper now is that it can only be cast on 1 target at a time. Its the resto druids earth shield.

  9. Thanks for the JC tips Alaron.

    I am just about to start getting into leveling my JC/LW. Are there any good guides out there?

  10. I know it’s Lord of the Realms, but didn’t Stronghold also say that? Or did they say “Let’s Get Going?”

  11. The main difference I’ve seen when tanking is that CC = Much easier fights and you can pretty much chain pull.

    No CC = healer needs to drink after every pull… But still doable. Mostly :P Having keybound marks – excellent. Just want an addon to show people’s CC CD’s now. (Like repentance etc)

    What I do like is the number of times bosses are not hitting you! Allowing time for a HT on yourself / innervate to someone (for a paltry amount of mana :/ ) / Use Tranq etc – As bosses can be not hitting / casting for 5~10 seconds at a time.

    Skull bash talented = essential. SO much dmg can be reduced by interrupting, also SFK first boss needs as many interrupters as you can muster.

    Only DPS’ed once, good numbers – Infected wounds is still very handy especially on the adds in Grim Batol last boss etc. (mangle one, then mangle your DPS target to slow both)

    Oh, Glyph FR. Unglyphed it’s just “add 5~10 secs onto my lifespan” due to the additional HP… +healing% = Helps get you back up.

  12. Turns out rake was double dipping from mastery. Hotfixed.

  13. So confused. You do know the Vial of the Sands comes from Alchemy, not Archaeology right? I hope you had other reasons for leveling it. Now, with Archy, you can get the bone raptor mount. Was that what you meant?

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