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My pre-raid feral DPS gear list (here) has been updated. I’m pretty pleased, actually, at how close I came with pre-live data; only required a few minor tweaks. Trinkets need significant work, though; I’ll have to model those, so there’ll be a separate post for that when that’s done.


  • Apparently, at some point, Wowhead copied my stat weights for feral DPS. (They multiplied everything by 38.91 to set agi = 100, but the ratios are the same across the board.) I don’t know whether to be annoyed that they copied my work without asking my permission, pleased that they think I do good work, or worried that I screwed something up when I did the initial weights. :) Of course, they may have simply used Mew, Rawr, or some other simulation tool, and derived the values themselves.
  • The 4pc Bloodthirsty PvP set is BETTER than 4pc heroic gear, and the 4pc Vicious set is better than non-tier raid gear. Not by much, but a good 5% or so. (See WoWHead comparison link here and here) This is due to the huge +180 agility 4pc set bonus. The -10 energy on Skull Bash on the gloves is nothing to sneeze at, either, especially on some fights where we’re interrupting on CD.
  • Yep, Assassin’s Chestplate still sucks, comparatively.
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  1. Actually, the wowhead thing was totally me. One of the folks at EJ was asking for updates to wowhead’s stuff, and I told him to use yours and give you credit. You’re credited over at EJ, if that helps any. Sorry if I didn’t ask specifically.

    • It doesn’t really bother me, just like to know where it comes from. I remember now that someone posted my weights in the thread at EJ, which is cool. It’s actually a bit out of date; Mew’s been significantly updated since then.

  2. How about Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap ( ) instead of Assassin’s Chestplate as BiS chest piece? It appears to be an epic world drop, I’ve only seen one in the AH, for 14,000 buyout. I’d buy it in a second, too, if I had that kind of gold laying around.

  3. So assuming you go for the Dragonmaw epic hands that leaves the 4 other bloodthirsty items vs JP/best in slot.

    I did a quick check and after gemming reforging the bloodthirsty set is slightly better. With the trading off of TB and 1800 honor points this is a very easy way to get geared up.

    • Yes, though I have no idea how fast you can gain honor compared to JP/drops. (BTW, trading TB deliberately is a no-no.)

      • While a no-no it has happened everytime on my server. I figure that since I’m not on defense I can’t get in trouble for it. I have made enough honor for 10 pieces so far, not to mention the hellscream weapon and riddle trinket.

  4. Are you considering adding the bloodthirsty gear to you list?

    • I address the PvP gear at the top. I don’t want to list them because they’re individually poor, but much better with setbonus.

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