Dec 242010

So, I revised the gear list, mentioned that Wowhead copied my old stat weights (which I didn’t mind, though it would have been nice to know about beforehand), and totally forgot to post the new stat weights. Not much changed, except haste/crit flipped, and mastery became slightly more valuable. Note that I’m still assuming the Relentless meta gets fixed eventually; without the +3% crit damage increase, crit devalues somewhat and becomes roughly equal to haste. Derived with the latest version of Mew, T11 profile with all defaults (which means a fully buffed 25m raid), simulation with 1mil iterations. Here ya go, in terms of DPS per point:

(Also added agi-normalized values in parentheses, for those that like rounder numbers)

DPS: 4.11 (1.36)

Agi: 3.03 (1)

Str: 2.32 (0.77)

Mastery: 1.24 (0.41)

AP: 1.10 (0.36)

Crit: 0.96 (0.32)

Haste: 0.91 (0.30)

Hit/Expertise: 0.86 (0.28)

Also note that this is roughly the same stat order for Bears when looking at pure mitigation, except for Str and AP. (Dodge is better than Mastery, but not by much.) For more, see Katarn/Arielle’s work here.

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  1. just want to ask a question regarding some gear since im a math noobie a bit, which one would you choose the 359 str necklace from ramkahen or the 346 agi one from hyal?

  2. So with these revised numbers are you saying that if we have an item with haste and either hit or expertise we should reforge the hit/expertise and not the haste?

    Why is this? It just doesn’t seem right.

    • Yes.

      What doesn’t seem right about it to you? We’ve discussed it many times here on the blog; hit/exp is a poor stat for cats since most of our damage comes from bleeds, which cannot miss once applied.

      • What doesn’t seem right is that haste would still be better. After all haste doesn’t help our bleeds. So while hit/exp aren’t that good it still is a little surprising that haste is better.

        Yes haste may result in a slightly faster energy reg but 1 or 2 energy is less then what we miss out on when we get dodged or miss isn’t it?

  3. My guess with the recent hotfix these values will have to change. The interrupt from skull bash can now miss so hit will be needed.

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