Dec 282010

First, I’ve updated the trinket list with heroic trinkets, and tweaked things a bit. Check it out if you’re interested. (For most, I’d recommend Fluid Death and a ilvl 372 agility trinket (if you have it) or Tia’s Grace as your best bet in general, swapping in Unsolvable Riddle for Tia’s on fights with short burn phases.)

Second, GC floated several proposed class changes yesterday. Ferals had two points: first, haste’s value needed to be upped for bears (which Kalon has covered extensively). second, kitty damage is too bleed-centric. (Oh, and Berserk will probably no longer break fear.)

Hmm. I agree that kitty-damage is very DoT-centric, but I don’t think it’s overly so; rather, it’s pretty comparable to spriests and afflocks (50% of our damage). The big problem, though, is that those bleeds, are undispellable. I understand the issue, but dammit, I like being a “melee lock.” I’d rather not go back to being a more DD class, like ICC turned into with ArPen stacking.

IMO, address the issue directly. First, nerf bleeds a tad but let them scale with haste, to make haste more interesting. Second, if that doesn’t do it, make Rake dispellable. (I’m sure some one who actually does PvP can come in and tell me why that’s a huge nerf…please, feel free. My understanding is that dispels are extremely costly, mana-wise, so it may be more of a tradeoff then you’d think.)

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