Dec 272010

EDIT: Added Heroic trinkets+Unheeded Warning to the table.

Score is an estimate on how much DPS that trinket will provide in a static fight (for a fully T11 geared feral druid in a 25m raid), without adjusting for fight duration.

Name Ilvl Notes Score
Essence of the Cyclone (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 crit/10s proc 1518.066
Prestor’s Talisman of M. (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 haste/15s proc 1496.286
Fluid Death 359 321 hit; 38 agix10 on atk 1476.252
Tia’s Grace (H) 346 285 mast; 34 agix10 on atk 1383.6
Essence of the Cyclone 359 321 agi; 1926 crit/10s proc 1342.422
Key to the Endless Chamber (H) 346 285 hit; 1710 agi/15s proc 1324.68
Left Eye of Rajh (H) 346 285 exp; 1710 agi/10s proc 1324.68
Prestor’s Talisman of M. 359 321 agi; 1926 haste/15s proc 1323.162
Heart of Rage (H) 372 363 exp; 2178 str/20s proc 1322.772
Crushing Weight (H) 372 363 str; 2178 haste/15s proc 1238.556
Tia’s Grace (N) 333 252 mast; 30 agix10 on atk 1221.48
Heart of Rage 359 321 exp; 1926 str/20s proc 1218.516
Unsolvable Riddle 359 321 mast; 1605 agi/20s on use 1208.565
License to Slay 359 321 hit; 38 strx10 on atk 1206.452
Grace of the Herald (H) (bugged) 346 285 agi; 1710 crit/10s proc 1191.87
Unheeded Warning (est) 359 321 agi; +25% melee/10s proc 1172.63
Left Eye of Rajh (N) 333 252 exp; 1512 agi/10s proc 1171.296
Skardyn’s Grace (H) 346 285 agi; 1425 mast/20s on use 1158.05
DMC: Hurricane (est) 359 321 agi; 5000 dmg proc (ppm?) 1138.63
Crushing Weight 359 321 str; 1926 haste/15s proc 1095.252
Heart of Solace (H) 346 285 haste; 1710 str/20s proc 1090.41
Skardyn’s Grace (N) 333 252 agi; 1260 mast/20s on use 1023.96
Impatience of Youth 359 321 mast; 1605 str/20s on use 1018.64
Figurine – Demon Panther 346 285 hit; 1425 agi/20s on use 1008.045
Key to the Endless Chamber (N) 316 215 hit; 1290 agi/15s proc 999.32
Mark of Khardros (H) 346 285 str; 1425 mas/15s on use 955.7
Schnotzz’s Medallion 325 234 agi; 918 mast/20s proc 936.684
Heart of the Vile 325 234 agi; 924 crit/10s proc 886.428

DMC: Hurricane is still an estimate while I get hard numbers on proc chance. (EDIT: reduced numbers a bit, estimating about 2 procs per minute. Not really great for us.) Everything else is pretty simple to calculate, as proc trinket ICD’s have been normalized to be 5 times the proc length (for 20% max uptime). As you can see, this makes proc trinkets generally superior to use trinkets (which have a CD of 6 times the proc length for a max uptime of 16.66%. Uptimes won’t be exactly 20% for proc trinkets, but they’ll be much better than 16.66%. Similarly, the stacking trinkets won’t have 100% uptime, but our attack speed is so fast that they’ll be fully stacked in 5 seconds (98%ish uptime). For ease of calculation, I’ve assumed an instant proc after the ICD is up; you may want to decrease the value of the proc trinkets a bit. (Especially the agi proc trinkets.)

Counterbalancing this is the ease of use of aligning on-use trinkets with other cooldowns, such as Berserk or Potion of the Tol’Vir. That sort of thing will be fight-dependent; great for fights with burn phases, not-so-great otherwise.In general, though, I’d say start running Lost City for Tia’s Grace, if you haven’t already. I’m also unsure which (of any) of these trinkets’ proc effects are not stackable. Feel free to chime in in the comments!

EDIT: Yes, these values do consider reforging for mastery. Also, Otti, good catch on Grace of the Herald; I’m betting it’s a bug that it has a 10s proc and a 100s ICD, but it’s definitely not worth your time right now.

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