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EDIT: Added Heroic trinkets+Unheeded Warning to the table.

Score is an estimate on how much DPS that trinket will provide in a static fight (for a fully T11 geared feral druid in a 25m raid), without adjusting for fight duration.

Name Ilvl Notes Score
Essence of the Cyclone (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 crit/10s proc 1518.066
Prestor’s Talisman of M. (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 haste/15s proc 1496.286
Fluid Death 359 321 hit; 38 agix10 on atk 1476.252
Tia’s Grace (H) 346 285 mast; 34 agix10 on atk 1383.6
Essence of the Cyclone 359 321 agi; 1926 crit/10s proc 1342.422
Key to the Endless Chamber (H) 346 285 hit; 1710 agi/15s proc 1324.68
Left Eye of Rajh (H) 346 285 exp; 1710 agi/10s proc 1324.68
Prestor’s Talisman of M. 359 321 agi; 1926 haste/15s proc 1323.162
Heart of Rage (H) 372 363 exp; 2178 str/20s proc 1322.772
Crushing Weight (H) 372 363 str; 2178 haste/15s proc 1238.556
Tia’s Grace (N) 333 252 mast; 30 agix10 on atk 1221.48
Heart of Rage 359 321 exp; 1926 str/20s proc 1218.516
Unsolvable Riddle 359 321 mast; 1605 agi/20s on use 1208.565
License to Slay 359 321 hit; 38 strx10 on atk 1206.452
Grace of the Herald (H) (bugged) 346 285 agi; 1710 crit/10s proc 1191.87
Unheeded Warning (est) 359 321 agi; +25% melee/10s proc 1172.63
Left Eye of Rajh (N) 333 252 exp; 1512 agi/10s proc 1171.296
Skardyn’s Grace (H) 346 285 agi; 1425 mast/20s on use 1158.05
DMC: Hurricane (est) 359 321 agi; 5000 dmg proc (ppm?) 1138.63
Crushing Weight 359 321 str; 1926 haste/15s proc 1095.252
Heart of Solace (H) 346 285 haste; 1710 str/20s proc 1090.41
Skardyn’s Grace (N) 333 252 agi; 1260 mast/20s on use 1023.96
Impatience of Youth 359 321 mast; 1605 str/20s on use 1018.64
Figurine – Demon Panther 346 285 hit; 1425 agi/20s on use 1008.045
Key to the Endless Chamber (N) 316 215 hit; 1290 agi/15s proc 999.32
Mark of Khardros (H) 346 285 str; 1425 mas/15s on use 955.7
Schnotzz’s Medallion 325 234 agi; 918 mast/20s proc 936.684
Heart of the Vile 325 234 agi; 924 crit/10s proc 886.428

DMC: Hurricane is still an estimate while I get hard numbers on proc chance. (EDIT: reduced numbers a bit, estimating about 2 procs per minute. Not really great for us.) Everything else is pretty simple to calculate, as proc trinket ICD’s have been normalized to be 5 times the proc length (for 20% max uptime). As you can see, this makes proc trinkets generally superior to use trinkets (which have a CD of 6 times the proc length for a max uptime of 16.66%. Uptimes won’t be exactly 20% for proc trinkets, but they’ll be much better than 16.66%. Similarly, the stacking trinkets won’t have 100% uptime, but our attack speed is so fast that they’ll be fully stacked in 5 seconds (98%ish uptime). For ease of calculation, I’ve assumed an instant proc after the ICD is up; you may want to decrease the value of the proc trinkets a bit. (Especially the agi proc trinkets.)

Counterbalancing this is the ease of use of aligning on-use trinkets with other cooldowns, such as Berserk or Potion of the Tol’Vir. That sort of thing will be fight-dependent; great for fights with burn phases, not-so-great otherwise.In general, though, I’d say start running Lost City for Tia’s Grace, if you haven’t already. I’m also unsure which (of any) of these trinkets’ proc effects are not stackable. Feel free to chime in in the comments!

EDIT: Yes, these values do consider reforging for mastery. Also, Otti, good catch on Grace of the Herald; I’m betting it’s a bug that it has a 10s proc and a 100s ICD, but it’s definitely not worth your time right now.

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  252 Responses to “Trinket Ratings for Heroics/T11 Content”

  1. Have you taken into account reforging when building your list? (basically anything not mastery -> mastery)

  2. Hi alaron! I love your blog :) Is it possible that you could post a youtube or screenshots of your UI (tanking and feral dps one?) pliiz :) Also, do you use any macros?

  3. “as proc trinket ICD’s have been normalized to be 5 times the proc length (for 20% max uptime)”

    Are you sure about this? “Grace of the Herald” for example seems to have an ICD of 100s, according to

    • Otti, thanks! Fixed and noted. BTW, the doubled CD drops the score to 1028; so it’s not totally unusable, just not very good.

  4. Hi Alaron. Great blog! I came back to WoW about a week prior to cataclysm, and it’s great to see that feral druids continue to have to the best support regarding gear, guides, etc.

    I do believe you forgot Unheeded Warning off your list ( I doubt it’s going to top the list, but it is BoE, which makes it very attainable similarly to the darkmoon card.

  5. Thanks for an actual sheet for the trinkets. Now my word will have some back up math with it :P

  6. Was wondering about the Unheeded Warning trinket, it has 321 agility and Equip bonus of “your melee attacks have a chance to cause a 25% increase to the damage done by uour melee autoattacks”. I’m terrible with calculation trinket values and rawr is a mess at the mo, any idea how it would fair ?

    • Okay, let’s do a quick rough calc. If we do 20k DPS, 4k of that is melee. A 25% buff adds an extra 1k DPS, but its only up 20% of the time, leaving a net 200 DPS increase from the proc.

  7. I am impressed that passive hit trinkets top the chart. Is this added into the calculations? I was under the impression cats needed no hit, especially with so many passives on good items (assassin’s chestplate, etc) which would tip the value of hit to even less.

    • Hit isn’t needed but it’s still valuable, just not the best ever. When you see any of these trinkets, remember the following:

      40% of whatever stat it has that isn’t agility or mastery is converted to mastery
      The proc is the thing that likely makes it awesome

      So for Fluid Death, it essentially reads something like 380 agi, 128 mastery, 197 hit

      Does that sound a bit better?

  8. Nice job, Alaron. I hate doing trinket evaluations ;)

    How do the heroic versions of the same trinkets rate? I’m pretty unimpressed so far, and it looks like the valor trinket is going to be a pretty good investment regardless.

  9. It’s sad that Unsolvable Riddle being an epic trinket is worse than some trinkets from normal 5m dungeons. Great list, the only thing to improve here is to change the trinket names to links showing their details on mouseover.

  10. I actually purchased the Unsolvable Riddle before reading this, live you learn I guess.

    • Unsolvable Riddle is not that bad, IMO. Like I mentioned in my other post, I could definitely see it getting some situational use.

      Besides, what else were you going to spend the commendations on? :P

  11. Hey, been following your site for about 6mo now. Great job – it’s one of my favs.

    Anyways, from what you are saying I’m really disappointed with DMC: Hurricane. It took me 47 cards to craft 7/8 and then I had to buy the Ace for 4k on the AH. (But not your problem). How can such a good card be so below mediocre trinkets even? It seems to be good only for Enhancement Shammies.(Scaling with their mastery and such)
    I already bought Unsolvable Riddle and have access to buying Fluid Death, but will be holding off on selling DMC until the last minute in Jan, in case any information changes. I doubt Blizz will buff any tickets at this point. So I guess I’m SOL.

    You mentioned this list is for static fights, what about movement heavy fights? If your stacks drop off on any of those agi x trinkets, do they drop in value then too?

    • Sell DMC now, imo; the value won’t get any higher, and if it does turn out sweet, you can always rebuy it for less later.

      Anyway, for movement-heavy fights, use trinkets are generally better because you have a much lower chance of wasting the proc. proc trinkets might come off CD faster, but that doesn’t help you if it procs right before you have to run away from something. Anything more specific requires analysis, which Rawr is making some cool strides on. Generally, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you have an agi proc trinket such as Key or Eye.

      For the stacking trinkets; they drop in value a bit, but not much. Herkuml was a good example of a crappy stacking trinket (stacked to 20, 10s buff time). These are much better.

  12. …buff any Trinkets*…

  13. Wow not really excited about Hurricane at all anymore.. looks like i should sell it while I still can.

  14. As I get closer to the magic 1650 valor point mark I begin to wonder what the best initial purchase would be for me. Trinket, gloves or chest?

    Scenario: I have the T11 legs (lucky BH drop the first week of Cata!) and the reputation gloves. One of my trinkets is, unfortunately, lacking (Schnotzz’s Medallion — I’ve yet to even see heroic feral trinket drop.) The other trinket is the Unsolvable Riddle.

    My question is: Would I be better off buying Fluid Death, the T11 Gloves or saving up for the T11 Chest?

    • Get the trinket 1st, then run BH and hope for gloves/legs to drop? I just bought FD today and put my DMC on the AH…
      (But I have the epic rep gloves and the crafted chest atm)

  15. […] Rawr is (still) not correctly parsing a few trinket CD's, though most are fixed now. Since we seem to keep getting this question, here's a list of trinkets and their value (roughly sorted into tiers, feel free to disagree) Tier 1: Essence of the Cyclone (H) Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (H) Fluid Death Tier 2: Tia's Grace (H) Tier 3: Essence of the Cyclone Prestor's Talisman of Machination (Heart of Rage (H)) Left Eye of Rajh (H) Key to the Endless Chamber (H) Tier 4: Unsolvable Riddle (best on-use trinket, excellent for burn phases) Tia's Grace (Crushing Weight (H)) (Heart of Rage) (License to Slay) Yes, the high agi from Tia's/FD (especially the mastery on Tia's) makes them better than their ilvl. Proc trinkets > Use trinkets, in general, due to greater potential uptime, but this balances better at lower gear levels or with less buffs (dropping eye/key back down). Unheeded Warning is pretty terrible. DMC: Hurricane is pretty bad as well, since it doesn't scale at all with our gear (unless they buff the PPM). More discussion on my blog at The Fluid Druid � Blog Archive � Trinket Ratings for Heroics/T11 Content. […]

  16. Hello, I was just thinking of how or if you do take in to consideration that even if a trinket only procs for 10 sec, all bleeds that were but up during those seconds will benefit from it for the full duration? Since such a big part of our dps is from bleed this effects pretty much. Therefor all the trinket that procs a high amount of either STR or AGI should be ranked higher due to their bleedboosting. Making Eye of Rahj probably one of the best trinkets in-game. With a 10 sec uptime and a 45 sec ICD, a rip lasting some 20 seconds making every third/second rip having almost another extra 5k AP

    • I’m completely not taking that into consideration; you’d need a simulation program for that type of analysis.
      That said, Left Eye has a 50s ICD, so you’re definitely not going to be able to sync it with Rip. (Well, if you didn’t glyph Shred, maybe to some degree.)

      • Ye, but it doesn’t always proc on the first hit and you will probably always be able to time it with a rake and rip will be running out during it’s duration from time to time. Just saying that if I were to choose between two trinkets which is almost identical I would go for the procing one, atleast if it’s a str or Agi proc.

  17. Question Regarding Unheeded Warning:

    So blizz says they are going to move some of our bleed dmg to white hits correct? Or something to that effect.

    How significant of a change would be required to make Unheeded Warning higher than tias grace?

    Also consider (changing)using the SR glyph, along with reforging for 8% hit and 26? mastery(watever the cap is).

    Basically im wondering if spending DKP on unheeded warning would be a significant dps increased compared to using key and tia’s.

    Would blizz have to make a HUGE change to bleed/white dmg? or just a medium change?

    Thanks! love your blog. just found it.

    • I assume you mean better than Tia’s Grace heroic, and they would have to significantly buff white hits to make it better; as in, white hits would have to be doing double the damage they are now. A 25% buff for 10s just isn’t very much.

  18. BTW sold the DMC card for 19k…one less thing to worry about now :)

  19. Well I went ahead and turned it in since I had it and they are not selling so hot. I was able to pull slightly higher numbers than with Tia’s Grace. Here are the numbers I saw on a 5 min dummy fight.

    17 procs
    85998 total damage

    • Update: Did some more tests and could not reproduce that high of procs. I did 4 rounds on the dummy for 5 minutes and had one 12, 11, 9, and 7.

  20. thanks for the quick reply. Alaron.

  21. Unsolvabble Riddle is a bit better if you macro it to Tiger’s Fury (if not glyphed) as the cooldown align pretty well, and usually you’ll Berserk after one TF. That way the use will have a 30% uptime of TF (roughly a +4.5% damage).

    I have been trying it, but I still thing is inferior to Tia’s Grace on most fights >.<

  22. I am somewhat new to calculating relative stat values and value of different gear pieces. Trinkets are still something I have no idea how to calculate the value of. Do you think you could give an explanation on how it is done? That would be truly awesome.

    • Well, I simply used a simulator program to calculate stat values (such as Mew), and then enter the stats from each trinket into a spreadsheet. (I divide procs/use trinks by their uptime to get an approximate static value. I also move 40% of a trinket’s stat to Mastery to simulate reforging.) This works for everything except DMC: H and Unheeded Warning, which I did some estimating for. This method is fairly simple, but doesn’t take into account things like proc time (after ICD), stacking time (for Tia’s/FD), and sync value (using trink with other CD’s). Programs like Mew/Rawr/Simulationcraft simulate combat mechanics and can give better answers, but trinket support is still a WIP.

  23. What about Fury of the Angerforge trinket anbody
    test it?

  24. So I just have to ask…how is the Hurricane DMC card so bad? Heard the damage scaled with mastery and we’re a mastery loving class, so am I missing something somewhere about it?

    • The damage scales with mastery for classes that have mastery which increases nature damage, like enh. shamans. Druid mastery increases bleed damage, and so doesn’t scale DMC: Hurricane damage.

      Furthermore, the proc chance is calculated by PPM based on the speed of the primary weapon, and this proc chance is then applied to all direct attacks. So it’s better for classes with a slow main hand weapon which then do a lot of other attacks (e.g. by dual wielding). Since the feral attack speed is very fast and we do relatively few other attacks, ferals get a lot fewer procs than rogues or enhancement shamans.

  25. Do you have numbers for the Elementium Dragonling? Every engineer is likely to have one kicking around from levelling, and it’s a mastery trinket with 1m uptime/5m cooldown on a proc that’s variously reported as 350-450 DPS, single-target (with no scaling), and all sorts of other numbers.

    (Not that engineering is worth a great deal right now, for kitty, but it’s one of the best professions for several other druid specs, so I expect you’ll see a few…)

    • It won’t be competitive, sorry (no agi = bad), but I’ve heard that you can pop it and swap it (heh), and the pet doesn’t despawn. Normally this would be suboptimal due to the enforced trinket CD on swaps, but I don’t think this applies to Tia’s/FD.

      • Oh, I’m set, the heroic Left Eye dropped Wednesday – but I could have used the comparison a couple of weeks back.

        Ah well. Shall have to check out pop-n-swap macros. Sounds like 20k+ free damage if it works as advertised.

  26. Hi!

    I’ve just seen the new publication on MMO-champion, and they mentioned the new alchi-trinket ( which has 368agility (with red gemme, assuming you put a 67agi gem) and 194 crit stat (with certainly a reforge mastery)…

    I’m really not an user of Rawr, due to the fact I’m on a Mac (does it work on mac now?), so can you tell in which position would you put this trinket in your list?

    Thanks for your work!

  27. I recently obtained Unheeded Warning ( from a lucky drop. I’ll run a few dps tests and see what the differences are.
    I notice that it is changing on the 4.06 PTR ( to buff weapon damage, which should apply to a lot of druid abilities; Shred, Mangle and Ravage as well as melee swings. It will not apply to our bleeds though, they are based on AP not base weapon damage.
    It looks like the changes will make this trinket much more desirable once the patch drops.

    • @Eao – I just made a thread on this within Kitty DPS. I think it will effect all our abilities going forward. If my calculations are correct it will increase our FAP which should increase everything. Bleeds, Speciald and auto attacks. Need some feed back though.

  28. Leafkiller posted this on EJ about the PTR ‘Unheeded Warning”:
    “With Fluid Death and Unheeded Warning:
    Glyph of TF: 21070
    Glyph of SR: 20924
    Glyph of Berserk: 20951

    This is with FB still in the rotation. With FB in the rotation, adding in glyph of FB moves me to 21106. Taking FB out of the rotation (until Blood in the Water) gives me 21113 (see my post on the Mew thread for more discussion of taking FB out of the rotation). Note – it is a dps loss to use glyph of FB if you take FB out of the rotation.”

    It also does not seem to be affecting FAP.
    I need to know if I should snag this up on the AH. It’s at an all time low of 10k atm. I figuring the price might jump up post 4.0.6.

  29. hi,

    were you able to test the new and improved UnHeeded Warning by any chance? I am very curious to see how it comes out after the patch


  30. I don’t have any logs myself, but used UH in raid last night. It feels like it’s up very often. If timed with Berserk, Troll zerking and Tolvir pots, watch the numbers fly :)
    When it procs, it feels like having the next tiers weapon, come early.

  31. 6 procs 60.0sc 18.4 % uptime on Halfus 10 HM
    7 procs 70.2 sc 19.6 % uptime on Al’akir 10 NM
    8 procs 80.2 sc 18.2 % uptime on Nefarian 10 NM
    as said archdrood, if you time it on your couldowns it’s a real focking up DPS , on an exec mod with zerk + troll zerk + tolvir + BL (in a 10 mode and without full cac buffs) it ups you to a 10 sc 38k dps aproximatively

  32. Unheeded Warning & Fluid Death should be the two top trinkets for any feral dps based on the stats given… If you get a better Heroic Raid lvl trinket then maybe you should replace but since most dps is based on bleeds this would have hte best effect for ur dps

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  35. Trinket Ratings for Heroics/T11 Content – The Fluid Druid

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