Dec 092010

Blizzard had me restored in six hours, so I was able to play last night…yay! (Thanks for those who commiserated.) Ironically, recovering items and reequipping took 3 minutes due to Outfitter and Postal, but remapping my keybinds took forever. I haven’t the foggiest idea why the thief would have reset my keybinds to default. Either way, he wasn’t very competent; I had logged out in my hearthstone location, the Dwarven District inn (right around the corner from the new AH and bank), and came back with my toon sitting in…Dalaran. I had my TOC tabard, so I guess they ported him there and flew down? Dunno.  They only hit 4 toons on Vek- my main, my bank toon, my 80 paladin, and my 17 priest…leaving alone my 80 DK and my 2 other lvl 30+ alts.

Thoughts from Day 2 of Cataclysm: (yes, these posts are pretty filler in content, but I’m not feeling any new guides are needed at the moment)

  • Quested through a good chunk of Deepholm last night. Eh. Least favorite zone so far. Maybe I’m just not a fan of earth/cave type zones, but it feels pretty filler to me. I dinged 83 after finding the second piece of the pillar, and quickly took off for Uldum.
  • Or tried, anyway. The Heroes Call: Uldum! breadcrumb quest text said that there was a portal from SW…but there’s not. :) Just ported to Moonglade and flew down.
  • Where I spent 30 min hitting archeology nodes that popped up on the way. :) It’s still boring as anything, but it’s better when you can hit sites as you go instead of having to grind it.
  • I like Uldum quite a bit so far. (That’s not surprising, since I loved Ulduar.) I haven’t done too much, just the new Harrison Jones line, but it’s great. This is the first zone that really brings out the “oh wow I’m weak again” feeling, though. I’m still not at the point where I need to use Rip on quest mobs, but it’s getting close. With Feral Charge glyphed, I’ve pretty much hit a pattern of alternating a Stampeded Ravage and a Tiger’s Fury for each quest mob.  I’ve replaced most of my ICC gear.
  • I think I’m going to take a short break from the quest grind and level my Alchemy. I need to start using that Truegold cooldown.
  • Hey, they hotfixed TH and Deepholm to have less resources! And the weekend’s coming up! Time to go buy out the AH.
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  1. Not using Rip? :-)

    I’ve found that a simple Mangle/Rake/Rip is enough to take down most mobs in the shortest time. Three hits, leave them bleeding and move on to the next.

    YMMV, as I also have some lame pallytard bobbing along behind me, supposedly “DPS’ing”. Nonetheless, it’s obvious when I’ve been on the mobs and when I’ve not.

  2. So far for me I use one of three types of sttack strategies. First is the standard mangle, rake, mangle to 5 CP then FB. Through Deepholm most mobs are dead or near death.

    For castors I stealth, pounce, mangle, rake, mangle to 5 CP and FB. This greatly limits the damage they do as most times they get off just 1 or 2 spells at most.

    The last is charge, ravage, mangle, rake mangle to 5CP then FB. The only time I’ve used rip is on elites or if there is 3 mobs where I 5CP and rip then move to next mob. More then 3 mobs means bear form or death. In Deepholm even 3 is getting very hard to do especially if there is spell damage involved.

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