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UPDATE: Yes, I know the official patch notes have the cat changes. Wasn’t available when I wrote this post. Taking a look now, but won’t have time to do any good analysis until this evening or tomorrow. First reaction: Warstomp/Meld in Forms! SFF gets guild mountspeed perk! Woot!

UPDATE 2: Okay, couldn’t help it, did some quick math, and actually looks like a small buff. Someone smarter then me on theorycraft (Yawning?) check my math please? I’ve really got to get some housework done if I want to raid tonight. :P


White 19.7%
Rake 21.0%
Rip 29.2%
Bite 4.0%
Shred 20.3%
Mangle 1.6%
Ravage .4%
FS 3.8%
Total 100%
Patch Adjustments:
Rake/Rip -10%
Shred  +28.5%
Mangle +27.7%
White 19.7%
Rake 18.9%
Rip 26.3%
Bite 4.0%
Shred 26.1%
Mangle 2.0%
Ravage .4%
FS 3.8%
Total 101.2%

From MMO-Champion:

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

  • Typhoon now deals nature damage to target in front of the caster within 30 yards.
  • Shooting Stars now lasts 12 sec, up from 8 sec.
  • Balance of Power now increases spell hit rating by an additional amount equal to 50/100% of any spirit gained from item or effects. (Old – Just 50/100% of your Spirit)


  • (Mangle) Mangle now deals 300% normal damage, down from 360%. Additional damage reduced by 17%, from 1044 to 870.
  • Thrash base damage has been reduced by 17%, from 243 to 202. Bleed effect base damage also reduced by 17%, from [ 7.8% of AP + 455 ] to [ 7.8% of AP + 379 ]
  • Lacerate damage has been reduced by 17%, from [ 11.5% of AP + 295.99 ] damage + [ 0.038% of AP + 118.4 ] bleed over 15 sec to [ 9.58% of AP + 246.66 ] damage + [ 0.032% of AP + 98.65 ] bleed over 15 sec.
  • Frenzied Regeneration now regenerates 0.15% of max health for each point of rage, down from 0.3%.
  • Swipe base damage has been reduced by 17%, from 171 to 143.
  • Maul now scales from 30% of Attack Power, down from 36%.
  • Berserk no longer clears the effect of Fear or makes you immune to Fear for the duration.
  • Pulverize now deals 100% weapon damage, down from 120%. Base additional damage reduced by 17%, from 541 to 450.
  • Leader of the Pack now causes you to gain 8% of your maximum mana, up from 4%.
  • Thick Hide now increases armor while in Bear Form by an additional 26/52/78%, up from 11/22/33%.


  • Omen of Clarity now procs from damage spells and attacks instead of proc from damage and healing spells.
  • Rejuvenation now costs 16% of base mana, down from 26% of base mana.
  • Nature’s Bounty proc effect removed and replaced with a new effect – Increases the critical effect chance of your Regrowth spell by 20/40/60%. In addition, when you have Rejuvenation active on three or more targets, the cast time of your Nourish spell is reduced by 10/20/30%.
  • Empowered Touch now increases direct healing done by Healing Touch, Regrowth, and Nourish. (Old – Increased healing by Healing Touch and Nourish only)

Interestingly, no significant Cat DPS adjustments to report yet. The only significant change is from yesterday’s hotfixes, which made Skull Bash interrupts affected by hit (and thus can miss). This is somewhat of a big deal, as this may change the subjective weight of Hit for you (especially for 10man content, as typically in 25mans you have other melee classes who are already prioritizing Hit). Don’t stress too much, though. Currently, even reforging away from hit at every opportunity, I’ve still got 2-3% or so, which only gives me a 5% miss chance on an interrupt. Just think of it as adding D&D style critical failures to the game. :P

(Also, because I’m sure someone will ask, expertise does not affect interrupts, since casting mobs cannot dodge or parry.)

Bears took a big damage nerf, which sucks (of course). I don’t really know what bear damage output was looking like compared to other tanks, but this makes my usual quest-mob grinding strategy of “round up 4-5 and Berserk Mangle them to death” less viable, so I’m annoyed. That’s a nice armor increase, though.

Resto…wow. No more OOC procs, but Rejuv blanketing is back in a big way. Interesting fix to druid’s current problem (AOE healing throughput). I’m happy, as it means I don’t have to stress quite so much about making sure Rejuv casts aren’t wasted.

Meta gem changes? Anyone see them yet?

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