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Jan 192011

Apparently the trinket list in part 2 of my gear list broke IE browsers; as I use Firefox/Chrome, I never noticed. My apologies. (And, happily, the phpBB notification of new posts in the forum also broke. Bah. Thank you to everyone who tried to tell me.) I find it ironically funny that FF/Chrome has no problem with the extra spurious code from Microsoft Excel, but IE can’t handle it.  Until I can get home and fix it properly, I’ve dropped a text version of the post in the forums here.

If anything else on the site is causing problems, please let me know.

  3 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. I’ve also temporarily dropped the post behind a “Continue Reading” link, so that should unbreak the main page for those with IE. (hopefully).

  2. No worries, Alaron. Stay focused on that theorycrafting! IE is for newbs.

  3. alaron of omens give me sight beyond sight!

    cheers for the fix!


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