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Took down Magmaw on 25m last night, on our guild’s first night back raiding (whee!). I’d say this fight is probably easier on 25, actually; knockback+AOE slow makes the adds pretty much a joke, but NOT having either one of those makes things much more complicated. (Then you’ve got to kite, or play pet tricks, or something.) I was 2nd on the DPS meter despite dying and being out of the fight for 30s. (I don’t know if it’s a bug, or intended, but Magmaw likes to toss off random melee attacks when coming down or getting up). I figure I was running around 17k DPS before I died, and finished around 16k. Not great, considering top ferals are doing 20k+, but I’ll take it. (I have all of 1 epic, so far. Yay for whoever listed Morrie’s on the AH for 15k.)

The fight’s pretty boring, honestly; it’s a lot like XT, with less to do. Timer-wise (assuming chainers are on the ball) the head becomes attackable first about 2 minutes in for about 26-27 seconds, then becomes attackable again a minute after that. Best of all, the head continues to take DoT damage even after it retreats, which makes this fight just about perfect for us. So, assuming you have the Riddle trinket:

0 min: Trinket on pull
2 min: First head phase, trink+berserk
3.5min: Second head phase, standard rotation
5min: Third head phase, trink+berserk (potion if you need)

Etc. You lose a bit of uptime on the trinket, but saving it for the phases where you do double damage is worth it. Try to save TF: you REALLY want to have enough energy to be able to get two 5cp rips off on the head. Also, Primal Madness is actually somewhat useful on this fight, if you can either Shred down your energy before it expires, or at least let it expire after the head phase ends and you don’t need the energy as much.

It only took us about an hour to kill him, so we took a break, went over to Bastion, and got whipped by the trash. Ouch. The Twilight guys must have  must have better benefits or something, I mean seriously:

Trash mobs before Magmaw: 3
Trash mobs before Halfus: 40+ (depending on how many you skip).

I’m going to start working on Part 2 of the gearing guide this week, focusing on raid gear. If you have any requests/comments, let me know!

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  1. I put a whooping on Magmaw the other day too, in 10m I did a 15.8k about 2k above the kiting frost dk (who was 2nd), I forgot to save berserk for head phase but it is quite awesome watching 20k rip ticks from the left side of the screen over the magma well having same dot ticking away on the body.

    Ps. Low pop server = Morrie’s for 7k ;) about the only advantage to being on a low pop server. And a lot of people thought that was too much, I can make 7k on truegold in 5 days. Suckers!!!

    Now if my guild could get a full group going I could finally use it. Can’t even get puggers because there is only 3 raiding guilds on the server and they are all smaller guilds as well.

    pps. Double agility potting makes us unstoppable dps. Man I love those pots like feral cocaine.

    • Nice! Yeah, I was 3rd behind the frost DK and the rogue; (I think, the rogue and I both died at some point in the fight)

  2. Did you die when the head came whipping up? I noticed if I am not as far back as the hit box will let me go I almost die everytime the head pops up.

    And I think when he goes to pick up the tank he turns to next on threat, I took a couple of good hits from that right before the chain phase.

    • After Magmaw picks up the tank during the rear up part he will hit at least 1 or more melee who are in up close melee range. I have a lot of trouble with threat after the tank gets picked up as when it drops him he gets the same threat as the top person on the list. The first week this melee issue was really bad and he would hit ALL of the melee in extream melee range. After the first round of hot fixes it started happening less. I can verify that he can hit you if you are top threat or bottem threat as long as you are in range.

      To avoid this what I do is move to the middle of his body when he lunges for the tank. This puts me out of his melee range when he rears up but still lets me beat on him for a while.

    • May be common knowledge by now, but DPS won’t get hit by the head when it comes up if the the tank moves over to his tanking spot a couple of seconds before head comes up. DPS is getting hit because the tank is not in melee range of the head while transitioning between beating on the downed head and moving back over to his spot. We downed him for the first time last night, and after the tank started moving back a little early the DPS was untouched.

  3. I was trying not to leave a lot of rip/rake on the head before it goes up, I’ll have to change things a bit if that is the case. I was just putting up one rip, 2 rakes and then biting. I was doing around 19k with a rogue and a warrior usually within 1k of me, hopefully this change will be enough to keep me on top :)

    I also got attacked by him a couple time coming out of the head phase, not sure exactly what that is about, but i would like it to stop.

    I did notice last night in our 10m kill that after he was dead I was still getting scrolling combat text popups from my dots.

  4. Great news about DOTs continuing after head goes up. We had a similar problem with me or the fury getting killed when tank got picked up. We just 2 tanked it and never had the problem again. Nice DPS numbers. I get shafted a bit becouse I have to jump on his back but I really like getting “special” jobs in incounters.

    TB 25 man trash is ridiculous. We cleared while bullsh*&&^% in 10 man with no probs then when we started 25mans it was like WTF where did all this come from. We had alot of problems with pulling 1st patting mobs and then 2nd pat would aggro from back of room. Finally had to pull everything to the door and let CC go out while they where running to door.

  5. I was wondering if anyone has found a position to backstab this mother during P1. Really hate having to mangle spam, but couldn’t seem to find anywhere to backstab him.

    • If you have your tank on 1 side of the V shaped opening you can be on the opposite side and get shreds off without a problem.

  6. Cool beans. My guild’s going to start raiding sometime this week, so thank you for the tips. I should be getting Riddle tomorrow… oh man can’t wait for the Berserk/Riddle/Tol’vir funsies.

  7. 1) any suggestion for spending 2k valor points?
    I already have non set epic bracers and shoulders, but thinking if I should start buying set, or maybe buy trinket first (have only heroic Tia and Left Eye).
    2) which BOE is the best for feral DPS? I could afford one.

    Warscreamer, Moonglade-EU

    • Well, there’s a lot of BoE’s, and it depends on what’s available on your realm. Offhand, I’d say Tsanga’s is probably the best choice.

  8. Regarding your request for comments, was curious about which tier pieces will be best to purchase.

    Also, with the proposed change to white/yellow attack damage, I am assuming hit will be given a bump in weight? Would the LW chest be better than Morrie’s?

    I am currently using the crafted belt and chest with Hit reforged out; am I to assume these will need to be reforged back and thus the pieces will be given preference over other pieces that don’t have hit?

    • Yep, hit will come up a bit, but I still think the Chestpiece will kinda suck. It needs gem slots to be competitive. Don’t worry too much about the stat change until we get some hard info.

  9. So glad to hear it’s not just me… our RL was yelling at us to stop hitting him and I was like “O.o I was running the hell away and he *still* smushed my face”. Ow.

    And I’m glad to see my numbers are pretty well in line with yours – so far Essence is the only raid drop I’ve gotten and I have the crafted epics. So not too bad overall I’d say.

    Looking forward to seeing the gear list… almost to the point of spending my first valor points and I haven’t figured out what to prioritize (if I didn’t already have Essence and Tia’s it would be Fluid Death without a doubt but I think I can hold off for a bit in favor of one of the tier pieces). Agreed that Riddle would be fabulous for Magmaw – bad luck with heroic weapon drops meant I spent my commendations on the spear but I’m over halfway there for the trinket so it shouldn’t be too long before I have that to swap in.

  10. It’s possible for the tank to taunt him, after he gets picked up. Should solve those problems :)

  11. In our 10 man tries we just notified that the melee’s will be hit by him only if the tank is not in melee range. Once our tank managed to come back to melee range asap, it was no issue anymore.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely threat-related. He sneaks in a melee going into Mangle and coming out of Impale, both times where it’s hard for the tank (or 2nd tank) to be top on threat.

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