Jan 052011

Took down Magmaw on 25m last night, on our guild’s first night back raiding (whee!). I’d say this fight is probably easier on 25, actually; knockback+AOE slow makes the adds pretty much a joke, but NOT having either one of those makes things much more complicated. (Then you’ve got to kite, or play pet tricks, or something.) I was 2nd on the DPS meter despite dying and being out of the fight for 30s. (I don’t know if it’s a bug, or intended, but Magmaw likes to toss off random melee attacks when coming down or getting up). I figure I was running around 17k DPS before I died, and finished around 16k. Not great, considering top ferals are doing 20k+, but I’ll take it. (I have all of 1 epic, so far. Yay for whoever listed Morrie’s on the AH for 15k.)

The fight’s pretty boring, honestly; it’s a lot like XT, with less to do. Timer-wise (assuming chainers are on the ball) the head becomes attackable first about 2 minutes in for about 26-27 seconds, then becomes attackable again a minute after that. Best of all, the head continues to take DoT damage even after it retreats, which makes this fight just about perfect for us. So, assuming you have the Riddle trinket:

0 min: Trinket on pull
2 min: First head phase, trink+berserk
3.5min: Second head phase, standard rotation
5min: Third head phase, trink+berserk (potion if you need)

Etc. You lose a bit of uptime on the trinket, but saving it for the phases where you do double damage is worth it. Try to save TF: you REALLY want to have enough energy to be able to get two 5cp rips off on the head. Also, Primal Madness is actually somewhat useful on this fight, if you can either Shred down your energy before it expires, or at least let it expire after the head phase ends and you don’t need the energy as much.

It only took us about an hour to kill him, so we took a break, went over to Bastion, and got whipped by the trash. Ouch. The Twilight guys must haveĀ  must have better benefits or something, I mean seriously:

Trash mobs before Magmaw: 3
Trash mobs before Halfus: 40+ (depending on how many you skip).

I’m going to start working on Part 2 of the gearing guide this week, focusing on raid gear. If you have any requests/comments, let me know!

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