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(Yeah, I could talk about our guild killing Halfus and almost Val/Ther, but neither fight is really interesting from a feral DPS standpoint. If you have any questions about either, let me know in the comments.)

Maybe old news, but I soloed Maggy last week. I tried a lot at 80, but simply didn’t have the burst tools to down a channeler before they were healed. (For those who are confused, Magtheridon was a BC-era 25-man raid boss. He has 5 adds that attempt to heal each other when the reach 50%, so most groups had to use multiple tanks to keep them apart, w/multiple interrupters.) Now with Stampede, I can typically down one, lay a DoT on a second (this is key), then go Bear and Berserk Mangle. The one you dotted will hit 50% before the other two and get healed by everyone, and Berserk will (hopefully) kill the other two before the casters can heal again. Once you have two left, you can outdamage the heals, and Mags himself is a joke.

I’ll be finishing up Part 2 of my gearing guide (focusing on raiding/VP items) today, though it may bleed over into tomorrow depending on how fast I get my other stuff done. I see that mmo-c just posted some datamined changes; instead of getting burned again, I’ll wait a bit and comment on those tomorrow as well.

Also, I finally got around to fixing my Armory link. :) Standard caveat that I frequently test different specs/gear so don’t take my current equipment as gospel.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all the effort you’ve put in to the DPS Gear Wishlist as well as the Cataclysm Feral DPS Guide. Love reading the site. Keep being awesome!

  2. Just went to Magtheridon and tried it myself. I can burst the first caster no problem. Then I dot one and pop bear + beserk, but I’m nowhere near killing two more casters. What am I missing here? :)

  3. I have same problem with mag, i can get the first add down and the 2nd add down, but the remaining ones aint going down anytime soon

  4. Well maul glyph helped alot DOH and i was able to kill mag

  5. Just out of curiosity – how much gold does he drop?

  6. EDIT – Nevermind, I checked WoWHead apparently he drops close to 500g, not too bad!

    Also it’s suppose to be Ampzilla not Ampzill…silly me.

  7. I didn’t say it was EASY. :) Glyphed Berserk helps a lot. I actually didn’t have glyphed Maul, though that would have helped also. You’ve got to get down 2-3 early with your first Berserk. Once Berserk is down, just survive as best you can until you can get the rest with your second.

    Note that if things aren’t going well, I find that if you kite everything around for a while in kitty, it resets.

  8. Success! Your tactic worked perfectly. My biggest problem was getting the first add down, my god the nuke needed to get him from 50% to 0% before the heals were finished.

    513 gold, + 15 gold in tier, +30 gold in gems and random epics.

  9. Well the glyph of maul helped alot. Got a bit scared when magg got free and i had 1 add still up and a infernal too, and i was at 20% hp. but once the adds went down it was easy. seemed like my lotp healed the dmg magg did and with frenzied regen i was back to 80% when magg died, i went with my dps spec too so i didint have thick hide etc

  10. I am still trying to do this, and am unsure as to the exact strat people are using. How exactly does stampede help? I seem to be able to get 1 mob down 30% of my attempts but cant get another one even with maul & berserk glyphed. Are you guys doing this in dps or tank gear?

    • It’s not easy, by any stretch of the imagination. I went back in there and did it again, and it took me 10 tries, though I was trying different strats. (Luckily, I’m a NE so I can meld and reset if the initial part doesn’t go well.)

      Phase 1:
      1. Charge/Pounce/Ravage/Rake/Mangle/Rip 1 of the channelers. You’re not really trying to kill it, you just want to get all your DoTs up.
      2. Mangle/Rake/Rip channeler 2 and 3.
      3. Hopefully, the channelers are focus-healing channeler 1. Go bear, pop berserk, and aim for channeler 2 and 3. Hopefully, If things go right, all the casters will heal channeler 1, and you can kill 2 and 3 while the heal is on CD. Try to interrupt one if you can.
      If you don’t get at least 2 down with your first Berserk, reset.

      Phase 2:
      This is where Stampede comes in handy. Again, same tactic; heavy dots on one channeler, light dots on the second. Regain energy, then run away, charge in, and burst down the second channeler. Once you have only 2 channelers left, things are easy. You can interrupt one and outdps the heals from the other.

      DPS gear, to answer your question. Once the channelers are down, you can almost fight Maggy in cat form. (I usually pop into cat during the blast novas to put DoTs up, just because it takes quite a while.)

      • Thanks for the instructions. I followed your exact strat and 1-shotted it. (also even if your not a NE, if you can run 30+ yards from all the mobs for longer than about 5sec at any time, the encounter magically resets. Cat dash does this easily)

  11. 354230 691082Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? Im kinda paranoid about losing everything Ive worked hard on. Any recommendations? 720537

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