Jan 112011

(Yeah, I could talk about our guild killing Halfus and almost Val/Ther, but neither fight is really interesting from a feral DPS standpoint. If you have any questions about either, let me know in the comments.)

Maybe old news, but I soloed Maggy last week. I tried a lot at 80, but simply didn’t have the burst tools to down a channeler before they were healed. (For those who are confused, Magtheridon was a BC-era 25-man raid boss. He has 5 adds that attempt to heal each other when the reach 50%, so most groups had to use multiple tanks to keep them apart, w/multiple interrupters.) Now with Stampede, I can typically down one, lay a DoT on a second (this is key), then go Bear and Berserk Mangle. The one you dotted will hit 50% before the other two and get healed by everyone, and Berserk will (hopefully) kill the other two before the casters can heal again. Once you have two left, you can outdamage the heals, and Mags himself is a joke.

I’ll be finishing up Part 2 of my gearing guide (focusing on raiding/VP items) today, though it may bleed over into tomorrow depending on how fast I get my other stuff done. I see that mmo-c just posted some datamined changes; instead of getting burned again, I’ll wait a bit and comment on those tomorrow as well.

Also, I finally got around to fixing my Armory link. :) Standard caveat that I frequently test different specs/gear so don’t take my current equipment as gospel.

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