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This is Part 2 of my feral DPS gear list. This list focuses on items available from raids, and bottoms out with heroic blues; see Part 1 for a Pre-Raid list. Overall, this list is rather boring; with the extreme value of agility and the consolidation of 10m/25m gear, pretty much, you get the highest ilvl piece you can.

Methodology: I used Mew to compute relative stat values for a level 85 feral druid (values listed at bottom of post). I then created a custom weighting on wowhead with these numbers, and recorded the results below. Due to reforging, item lists are more stratified then they used to be; as such, I’ve divided the item list into tiers roughly corresponding with ilevel. (Short version: don’t worry significantly about getting the top item in a tier, just look to upgrade tiers. The amount of +agi (or the amount of gem slots for agi gems) on an item is the most important factor, generally.) Also note that the values for blue items may differ somewhat from part 1; I need to go back and redo part 1 with the new stat values, but that’ll probably happen after the next patch.

Slots are sorted by importance. A weapon upgrade is VASTLY more important than a bracer upgrade, for example, so I’ve listed those first. I will not be including PvP gear in the list; for a rough computation, knock 13 points off the item’s ilvl (to account for the useless resil). Reduce this penalty by half if you have the 2pc PvP bonus (+70 agi), and eliminate it if you have the 4pc PvP bonus (+180 agi). Yes, this means that having the 4pc Bloodthirsty PvP set is BETTER than 4pc heroic gear, and the 4pc Vicious set is better than non-tier raid gear. Not by much, but a good 5% or so. (See WoWHead comparison link here and here) The best offset piece is probably Tsanga’s. (Yes, the 4p set bonus is worth it.) Even if you don’t PvP, I recommend all ferals get the PvP gloves if there’s any chance they’ll be on regular interrupt duty. The energy savings on Skull Bash from the gloves outweigh any drop in stats.

Finally, drop location for heroic items are still questionable. I may also be missing some stuff; let me know. The items from Throne of the Four Winds are randomly enchanted, with four possible combinations: Stormblast (crit/hit), Windflurry (crit/haste), Windstorm (crit/mastery), and Zephyr (haste/mastery). Obviously, the latter two are better choices.

(If you find this list helpful, donations are appreciated via the PayPal link on the sidebar.)


  1. Malevolence, H Halfus. (300.44)
  2. Akirus the Worm-Breaker, H Magmaw. (281.01)
  3. Vicious Gladiator’s Pike/Staff (rank 2), PvP. (279.73)
  4. Malevolence, Halfus. (266.19)
  5. Akirus the Worm-Breaker, Magmaw. (248.97)
  6. Vicious Gladiator’s Pike/Staff (rank 1), PvP. (247.81)
  7. Elementium Poleaxe, Blacksmithing BoE. (235.80)
  8. Seliza’s Spear, H LC. (235.00)
  9. Mobus’s Vile Halberd, Vash’jir World Boss. (234.92)
  10. Darkling Staff, H Stonecore. (234.49)
  11. Spear of Trailing Shadows, Baradin/Hellscream Revered. (230.16)

Happily, a perfectly itemized BiS weapon drops from the first boss in Bastion, and a solid alternative drops from the first boss in Blackwing Descent. Magmaw is very puggable, and Halfus is close to it. (Note that Akirus is a strength weapon, so while it’s an upgrade from a 346 blue, it’s a much better upgrade for strength-based classes. Don’t be greedy.)


  1. Stormrider’s Headpiece, H Nefarian. (106.12)
  2. Membrane of C’Thun, H Cho’gall. (102.20)
  3. Tsanga’s Helm, Bastion of Twilight BoE. (99.27)
  4. Agile Bio-Optic Killshades, Engineering-only BoP. (~97)
  5. Stormrider’s Headpiece, Nefarian. (94.03)
  6. Membrane of C’Thun, Cho’gall. (90.20)
  7. Mask of Vines, 2200 JP. (83.57)
  8. Helm of Numberless Shadows, H Stonecore. (83.02)

Tsanga’s Helm is a very nice BoE that drops in Bastion of Twilight. Grab it if you can. If not, the tier helm is okay. C’thun is less than desirable since its socket bonus is haste, not agility, but it’s better than a blue.


  1. Stormrider’s Legguards, H Maloriak. (117.92)
  2. Wind Stalker Leggings, H Al’Akir. (random)
  3. Aberration’s Leggings, H Maloriak. (112.54)
  4. Stormrider’s Legguards, Argaloth/2200 VP. (105.11)
  5. Wind Stalker Leggings, Al’Akir. (random)
  6. Aberration’s Leggings, Maloriak. (100.35)
  7. ——————————
  8. Leggings of the Burrowing Mole, 2200 JP. (93.78)
  9. Beauty’s Chew Toy, H Blackrock Caverns. (88.33)

Do you feel lucky, punk? (And by punk, I mean all you new troll druids. Get a haircut.)  The tier piece is BiS here, and is the best value/pt for your VP; of course, if you buy it and it drops off Argaloth next week, you’ll be ever-so-slightly annoyed. :). Wind Stalker’s can be pretty good if you get the right random enchants (plus it’s the only legs piece with a red socket), but I’ll still prefer tier here.


  1. Sark of the Unwatched, H Atramedes. (117.73)
  2. Stormrider’s Raiment, H Halfus. (112.11)
  3. Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap, World Drop. (104.93)
  4. Sark of the Unwatched, Atramedes. (104.93)
  5. Stormrider’s Raiment, 2200 VP. (100.12)
  6. Assassin’s Chestplate, Leatherworking BoE. (91.08)
  7. Defias Brotherhood Vest, H Deadmines. (89.69)
  8. Vest of Misshapen Hides, H Grim Batol. (89.31)
  9. Hieroglyphic Vest, H Halls of Origination. (88.37)
  10. Tunic of Sinking Envy, 2200 JP. (87.02)

The tier piece is pretty poor here, so most people will end up picking it up anyway as they find things to use VP on. Morrie’s and/or Sark are much better pieces, though they’d be perfect if they had a +agi socket bonus. If you can’t get a Tsanga’s, this would be my 2nd choice for your offset + tier.


Name Ilvl Notes Score
Essence of the Cyclone (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 crit/10s proc 1518.066
Prestor’s Talisman of M. (H) 372 363 agi; 2178 haste/15s proc 1496.286
Fluid Death 359 321 hit; 38 agix10 on atk 1476.252
Tia’s Grace (H) 346 285 mast; 34 agix10 on atk 1383.6
Essence of the Cyclone 359 321 agi; 1926 crit/10s proc 1342.422
Key to the Endless Chamber (H) 346 285 hit; 1710 agi/15s proc 1324.68
Left Eye of Rajh (H) 346 285 exp; 1710 agi/10s proc 1324.68
Prestor’s Talisman of M. 359 321 agi; 1926 haste/15s proc 1323.162
Heart of Rage (H) 372 363 exp; 2178 str/20s proc 1322.772
Crushing Weight (H) 372 363 str; 2178 haste/15s proc 1238.556
Tia’s Grace (N) 333 252 mast; 30 agix10 on atk 1221.48
Heart of Rage 359 321 exp; 1926 str/20s proc 1218.516
Unsolvable Riddle 359 321 mast; 1605 agi/20s on use 1208.565
License to Slay 359 321 hit; 38 strx10 on atk 1206.452
Grace of the Herald (H) (bugged) 346 285 agi; 1710 crit/10s proc 1191.87
Unheeded Warning (est) 359 321 agi; +25% melee/10s proc 1172.63
Skardyn’s Grace (H) 346 285 agi; 1425 mast/20s on use 1158.05
DMC: Hurricane (est) 359 321 agi; 5000 dmg proc (ppm?) 1138.63
Crushing Weight 359 321 str; 1926 haste/15s proc 1095.252
Heart of Solace (H) 346 285 haste; 1710 str/20s proc 1090.41
Skardyn’s Grace (N) 333 252 agi; 1260 mast/20s on use 1023.96
Impatience of Youth 359 321 mast; 1605 str/20s on use 1018.64
Figurine – Demon Panther 346 285 hit; 1425 agi/20s on use 1008.045

See my trinket post for analysis + comments. Basically, you want H Tia’s and one of Unsolvable Riddle, H Eye, or H Key to start raiding, and look to upgrade your offset trinket to Fluid Death or one of the epic proc trinkets. Don’t use strength trinkets unless you have no other option. (Yes, these need links, I’ll get to it eventually.) There are several trinket changes coming in the patch, which I’ll be analyzing in the future.


  1. Double Attack Handguards, H Chimaeron. (86.00)
  2. Stormrider’s Grips, H Magmaw. (81.69)
  3. Double Attack Handguards, Chimaeron. (76.50)
  4. Liar’s Handwraps/Stormbolt Gloves, Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Exalted. (73.03)
  5. Stormrider’s Grips, 1650 VP. (72.66)
  6. Gloves of Haze, H Vortex Pinnacle. (68.07)
  7. Sticky Fingers, 1650 JP. (68.01)

None of the options here are well-optimized for ferals. The DA Handguards are best, but only slightly, so just stick with Tier (which you should use only when you can get the set bonus, since it’s inferior to the rep piece).


  1. Poison Protocol Pauldrons, H Omnitron Council. (87.11)
  2. Stormrider’s Spaulders, H Cho’gall. (82.21)
  3. Poison Protocol Pauldrons, Omnitron Council. (77.46)
  4. Stormrider’s Spaulders, Cho’gall. (73.03)
  5. Thieving Spaulders, H Shadowfang Keep. (65.21)
  6. Caridean Epaulettes, H Throne of the Tides. (64.90)
  7. Embrace of the Night, 1650 JP. (64.86)

The PPPs are a very good feral cat piece, but you’ll eventually want the Shoulders to round out Tier. 3rd offset choice if you can’t get an offset helm or chest.


  1. Dispersing Belt, H Twilight Council. (82.21)
  2. Wind Stalker Belt, H Council of Wind. (random)
  3. Dispersing Belt, Twilight Council. (73.03)
  4. Wind Stalker Belt, Council of Wind. (random)
  5. Belt of Nefarious Whispers, Leatherworking BoE. (71.69)
  6. Sash of Musing, 1650 JP. (68.39)
  7. Red Beam Cord, H Halls of Origination. (65.21)
  8. Quicksand Belt, Ramkahen Revered. (64.73)
  9. Belt of a Thousand Mouths, Akma’hat(Rare Uldum mob). (62.52)

The LW belt will come up a bit in value with the new gem socket, especially if it’s red (though that’s doubtful). Windstalker w/Mastery is your best option, though all are fairly close.


  1. Storm Rider’s Boots, H Halfus. (85.75)
  2. Storm Rider’s Boots, Halfus. (76.17)
  3. Treads of Fleeting Joy, 1650 VP. (73.03)
  4. Crafty’s Gaiters, H Lost City. (68.01)
  5. VanCleef’s Boots, H Deadmines. (67.58)
  6. Boots of the Predator, H Shadowfang Keep. (65.59)

Hey, thanks Blizzard! Let’s call an offset piece the same name as the set piece to confuse everyone! /sigh. They’re from Halfus, so shouldn’t be difficult to acquire. The VP boots are not great.


  1. Necklace of Strife, H Valiona. (62.31)
  2. Necklace of Strife, Valiona. (55.15)
  3. Don Rodrigo’s Fabulous Necklace, World Drop. (54.77, underbudget)
  4. Brazen Elementium Medallion, Jewelcrafting BoE. (50.03)
  5. Pendant of the Lightless Grotto, H Stonecore. (49.09)
  6. Acorn of the Daughter Tree, Guardians of Hyjal Revered. (48.75)
  7. Entwined Elementium Choker, Jewelcrafting BoE. (48.64)
  8. Amulet of Dull Dreaming, 1250 JP. (46.69)

Well, this is easy. At least the Strife necklace is well-itemized.


  1. Lightning Conductor Band, H Omnitron. (59.24)
  2. Mistral Circle, H Council of Wind. (random)
  3. Signet of the Elder Council, Earthen Ring Exalted. (55.15)
  4. Mistral Circle, Council of Wind. (random)
  5. Lightning Conductor Band, Omnitron. (52.43)
  6. Ring of Rivalry (STR), H Valiona. (52.39)
  7. Elementium Destroyer’s Ring, Jewelcrafting BoE. (52.34)
  8. Gilnean Ring of Ruination, World Drop. (51.62)
  9. Skullcracker Ring, H Blackrock Caverns. (49.09)
  10. Ring of Blinding Stars, H Halls of Origination. (48.72)
  11. Terrath’s Signet of Balance, Therazane Revered. (48.36)
  12. Band of Blades, Jewelcrafting BoE. (47.70)
  13. Nautilus Ring, H ToT. (46.69)
  14. Mirage Ring, H Lost City. (46.39) (may not exist)
  15. Ring of Dun Algaz, H Grim Batol. (46.04)

Rep ring + Mistral(w/Mastery) is best. The Elementium ring is so well itemized that is climbs up a tier, but good luck finding someone who can make it.


  1. Cloak of Biting Chill, H Maloriak. (62.77)
  2. Cloak of Biting Chill, Maloriak. (55.56)
  3. Dory’s Finery, World Drop. (52.43)
  4. Viewless Wings, 1250 VP. (52.43)
  5. Cloak of Thredd, H Deadmines. (49.09)
  6. Kaleki Cloak, H Lost City. (48.14)
  7. Razor-Edged Cloak, Leatherworking BoE. (48.13)
  8. Twitching Shadows, H Blackrock Caverns. (46.69)
  9. Cape of the Brotherhood, H Deadmines. (45.96)
  10. Sotftwind Cape, Earthen Ring Revered. (45.96)

Hold out for the cloak from Maloriak if you can, though there’s not a ton of items to buy with VP.


  1. Parasitic Bands, H Magmaw. (62.77)
  2. Parasitic Bands, Magmaw. (55.56)
  3. Double Dealing Bracers, H Shadowfang Keep. (49.09)
  4. Poison Fang Bracers. H Halls of Origination. (46.96)

Step 1. Get Parasitic Bands. Step 2. ??? Step 3. Pro..zzzzzzz.

Idol Relic

  1. Relic of Golganneth, 700 VP. (37.09)
  2. Relic of Arathor, H Shadowfang Keep. (34.23)
  3. Silver Inlaid Leaf, Inscription BoE. (34.18)
  4. Sandshift Relic, H Blackrock Caverns. (34.02)

Well, there’s no other options…so there you go. VP sink.


Hopefully, a few more agility options pop up (especially neck/wrists), but I’m doubtful of that at this point. That said, for your VPs, you should be looking to get 2pT11 first (legs + chest or legs + hands) then Fluid Death, then the relic. If your raid is regularly getting tokens from Nef/Cho’gall, then go ahead and get your 4pT11 before anything else. Don’t worry too much about the bleed/dd damage changes coming in the patch; mastery still remains the best secondary stat and hit/exp remains the worse, so item ordering should (roughly) stay the same.

Relative Stat Values at 85 (25m raid, T11 gear, numbers in parentheses represent statistics normalized to agi=1):

DPS: 4.11 (1.36)

Agi: 3.03 (1)

Str: 2.32 (0.77)

Mastery: 1.24 (0.41)

AP: 1.10 (0.36)

Crit: 0.96 (0.32)

Haste: 0.91 (0.30)

Hit/Expertise: 0.86 (0.28)

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  42 Responses to “The Fluid Druid’s Cataclysm Feral DPS Gear List, Part 2”

  1. Awesome guide!

    Kinda scary how many of these top items I have. :o

  2. Are any of the first tier Conquest rewards worth it? For example you can get enough conquest points in a week (all you need is 5 wins so can be done in a day) to get the relic it offers.

    114 Agi
    170 Stm
    76 Crit rating
    Useless Resilience

    Compared the H SFK or the VP relic it beats it in all regards minus the haste. Same for the VP reward as well.

    • The relic is definitely not worth it compared to the VP piece. In comparison to the 346 blue relics, it’s slightly better; you gain about +20 agi and some stam and lose 50ish haste or crit. Not enough of an improvement that I would spend conq points on, though. Actually, I have no idea what I’d spend conq points on.

      • Weapon and wrist.

        As you pointed out, Conquest gear is generally not as good as the equivalent raid gear, but better than the heroic alternatives. And it’s much easier to get (albeit slowly), with full control over what you buy. This makes it the perfect way to fill slots you’ve been unlucky on drops with and don’t have valor options.

        The weapon in particular makes for an excellent investment early on – I bought it before I managed to get a 346 weapon, let alone Malevolence. After that I’d say the wrist is attractive, if only for it’s low price and the lack of alternatives.

        Following those nothing really jumps out. Getting a 2-set (with gloves being one of them) is ok, if you don’t need the weapon/wrist or you’re getting a lot less valor/week than the cap.

        Another point to note is that pvp gear makes for excellent tanking gear, for those of us who dual-spec. It has superior stamina and agility, and tanks can easily afford to give up the threat from secondary stats (in some slots, at least) for the superior mitigation.

      • @ Korhaug

        That’s kind of what my thinking was. Kind of as filler pieces since it’s rediculously easy to get these things. Now would you recommend I hold off on getting anything until the Weapon? I am currently using the Dragonmaw rep weapon.

        I admit I didn’t even think about using the PvP set for a tank set though, lol Which at least gives me a reason to keep getting my butt handed ot me in arenas until I find people worse than us to beat heh

  3. Well looking at the low bar of entry to get it. To get any of the heroic loot you have to be geared for them you can start doing arenas soon as you hit 85 and in a single day snag that relic. Could grab any of the armor pieces the next week if you held off. Granted not optimal but can do in a pinch till you get lucky with the drops. I’m absolutely horrid at PvP ,especially arenas, but even my just for laughs team with my friends managed to get Conq capped in a day.

    As for what else to spend the points on..I have no idea either lol. The Relic just stuck out to me because there are just not that many options pre raid and I’ve been running around with that 318 quest one for a very long time now. So while the majority of the Conqueror gear maybe shouldn’t be on the Raid list might make a mention of it for the pre heroic stuff.

    PS Love this blog you’ve pretty much been a must read for me for a while now. EJ is all well and good but they can get a bit lost in the math whereas you tend to take the time and dumb it down for the less mathy types such as myself :P

  4. Really nice list, thanks Alaron. I agree with the random poster above me that prefers you to EJ – maths is fine but the context you provide is really helpful.

    I did a little bit of maths around the stat weightings on my blog (see http://shreddingattacks.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/everybody%E2%80%99s-panicking-best-in-slot-lists-are-useless/), and looked at the relative scores between items of the same ilvl and the scores between the ‘worst’ and ‘best’ of different ilvls. I reached the exact same conclusion as you, that it is more important to upgrade your ilvl than to get a better piece of the same ilvl.


  5. Are you taking into account 4.0.6 changes in your list?

    I know that the impact will be minimal, so the differences also will be minimal…..

  6. @ Random

    Seeing as the Dragonmaw don’t have a rep weapon, I’m going to assume you mean the Hellscream’s Reach rep weapon.

    Weapon is the most important slot. The differences are huge. The pvp weapon is much better than the blue weapons (heroic drops and Tol Barad rep), but then Malevolence is much better than the pvp weapon.

    So the questions are – do you farm Halfus every week, and how likely are you to get it if it drops? If the answers are “yes” and “very likely”, holding out for Malevolence is a reasonable option. Otherwise, I’d save points for the pvp weapon. And don’t forget, this will take at least two weeks (three if you’re getting the minimum conquest cap), and if you get the drop in the meanwhile you can always buy something else with the conquest points then.

  7. Jan. 16 4.0.6 PTR Notes:
    “All PvP 4-piece bonuses have had their flat stat values cut in half. Primary stats are very powerful in Cataclysm, so much so that players were considering using PvP gear in PvE just because of these primary stat bonuses.”

    I take it this places 4pc PVP gear well below PVE gear now, and no longer worth getting at all for PVE purposes?

  8. Love the list, I dont dps very much however, and was wondering if you or anyone knew of a similar one for Bears. Used to use the one on thinktank back in the wotlk days but cant seem to find one for cata.


  9. HM t11 legs token drops from Maloriak, thats 100% sure

  10. Just because it’s kinda easy obtainable at the level of my gear (heroic blues+craftables) i was planning to get me Tsanga’s. Today i saw one at the ah for 30k. I know it’s a great offset piece but this seems too much – so, has anyone bought it yet and can name a “normal” price or what you consider fair? thx

  11. Thanks to all for the kind words.

    @Heli- I’ll be updating the lists for 4.0.6 when it drops. Hopefully feral damage doesn’t get hotfixed a few days after release, like it was for Cata launch.

    @Steve- Check Reesi’s blog (Inconspicuous Bear), I believe there’s one there.

    @Deca- That sounds about right to slightly high for Tsanga’s. It’s hard to say what a “fair” value is, since the supply/demand for world drops is so erratic.

  12. If your looking for Tsanga’s put together a 10 man and farm the Bastion trash. With a good amount of CC you can farm Halfus trash easily.

    We did an hour long trash run 2 nights. Had 2 Tsanga’s, Unheeded Warning, and 1 other trash drop can’t remember which. Granted that was on the trash to council so less trash along with more annoying, but Tsanga’s is currently worth the little farming if you can find people that will do it.

    Bastion trash IS able to be reset. Or atleast was a month ago.

  13. I applaud to the gearlist, however I do think one part is missing. Interrupting requires hit since a couple of hotfixes ago. If a feral dps is set as an interrupter in the raid, the hitcap would be required for 100% chance to interrupt. I bet this would affect the relative stat values alot.
    What would you recommend to use to get to the hit-caps? Reforges/gems/enchants? Which would have priority? Enchants/gems give ag, a mainstat, so I’d presume reforging?

  14. […] (The Fluid Druid � Blog Archive � The Fluid Druid’s Cataclysm Feral DPS Gear List, Part 2) suggests taking first Tsanga's Helm – Item – World of Warcraft as offset piece If you don't get […]

  15. Hey Alaron

    Any chance you could attach this to your right hand column under part 1 for easy finding.

    Thanks very much for your continued hard work on this stuff.


  16. It should be noted that the PvP gloves provide 10 energy reduction to the cost of Skull Bash. If bashing pretty much on cooldown, they may be a DPS increase.

    Because of this the T11 helm would be good to get long term.

    Also, with the change to Skull Bash so it can miss, I’d gem, enchant and reforge those gloves to hit/expertice.

  17. Hello, http://www.wowhead.com/item=59461/fury-of-angerforge Is that any good? well it does give str. but what do you think?

  18. In response to druids needing to be interrupters, pally tanks will have a reliable interrupt next patch and should take a chunk of interrupts off our hands once the next patch comes out. Also I’ve missed a very small number of interrupts not being hitcapped mostly because of fluid death as one of my trinkets, It hasn’t been a problem for me thus far.

  19. I know that this is mostly a DPS Kitty Website, or so it seems anyway, I was just hoping for maybe an Updated Wishlist for Bears? I know that Bears depend or Mastery moreso than the Kitty kind do. :[

  20. Hey there fellow cats! :)

    After looking at the stat-priority list I understand that hit is not important, but what im not sure of is: WHEN its not important. I dont need hit at all? Or is it just after 8% hit?

    To elaborate: As I read that list, I should reforge all hit and other stats into mastery ?

    – Eowin

    • Yes. Agility > Mastery > Crit = Haste > Hit = Expertise

      I personally tend to favor crit a bit over haste because i use some of the same gear for bear too and haste is terribad for bears.

  21. Is the str trinket [Fury of Angerforge] worth useing now? seeing as the thing build up a lot faster.

  22. Let us know when you update your trinket list! I’m thinking the new Alchemy trinket will be better than my key to the endless chamber :) Thanks!
    -Big Fan

  23. Situational question I suppose, but is getting 4pT11 really worth the itemization hit? I feel like for cats that raid with a bear tank, having to mangle 10-12 extra times in lieu of shred doesn’t balance with 3% AP.

    Thanks for the blog,


  24. hey,

    am very much inclined to go with TJ’s comment, we also have a bear tank and so far it has always been a dps increase to not have to mangle but be able to shred instead,
    seeing even more mangles would be needed to keep the 3% ap up I really wonder if it would be worth trading in 2 of my Tsanga’s, PPP or Sark to get the 4 set.

    just my 2 cents

  25. Does the VP choices remain the same as of patch 4.0.6?

  26. Is it worth going for the 2 piece T11, when I’d be replacing aberration’s legs + double attack handguards? I’ve got sark as chest so not buying the T11 chest yet.

    I don’t have access to shoulder + helm since we don’t farm those bosses yet and others have way more EPGP.

    So in short: Is it worth it to replace two great 359 offset pieces with 2 T11 for the bonus?

    • I have the same problem. I don’t think so. I’m saving my VPs up for something different. Maybe the ring.

  27. I’m confused about the necklace order. If mastery > haste then shouldn’t Don Rodrigo’s Fabulous Necklace be a DPS increase over the Necklace of Strife?


  28. […] on research [only a little, I don't want to get to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed]. A big thanks to The Fluid Druid for doing a lot of the math behind this […]

  29. on your pre-raid gear post you have Caridean Epaulettes above thieving, on this post they are below… which are actually better?

  30. hmmm also noticed you have on this post

    7.Elementium Poleaxe, Blacksmithing BoE. (235.80)
    8.Seliza’s Spear, H LC. (235.00)
    9.Mobus’s Vile Halberd, Vash’jir World Boss. (234.92)

    whereas on the other post it shows

    1.Mobus’s Vile Halberd, Vashj’ir World Boss. (245.38)
    2.Elementium Poleaxe, Blacksmithing BoE. (244.90)
    3.Darkling Staff, H Stonecore. (244.53)
    4.Berto’s Staff, H Blackrock Caverns. (244.07)
    5.Seliza’s Spear, H Lost City. (243.95)

    same with these rings –

    7.Elementium Destroyer’s Ring, Jewelcrafting BoE. (52.34)
    8.Gilnean Ring of Ruination, World Drop. (51.62)
    9.Skullcracker Ring, H Blackrock Caverns. (49.09)
    10.Ring of Blinding Stars, H Halls of Origination. (48.72)

    vs. other post

    2.Gilnean Ring of Ruination, World Drop. (51.62)4.Elementium Destroyer’s Ring, Jewelcrafting BoE. (49.91)
    5.Ring of Blinding Stars, H Halls of Origination. (47.00)
    6.Band of Blades, Jewelcrafting BoE. (46.65)
    7.Skullcracker Ring, H Blackrock Caverns. (46.64)

  31. hello just wonder about 2set bonus t11, I use Leggs and hands but i have the Double Attack handguards (Normal) And I wonder which T11 part i should get :P can probably get any atm.
    here’s my armory link


  32. Very nice website. I has a ton of useful information and I feel like I can be a lot more comfortable with my feral druid. I would love to see it updated. :)

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