Jan 282011

Well, color me excited. I’ve been contacted by another WoW website and asked to do some feral articles for them. (You can probably guess which one, but I like my surprises.) I’ll link to the first one when it runs this weekend, and talk a little more about the future of TFD.

Remember, if you have a question, best way to reach me is via sending me a PM via the forums. (If you just need help, feel free to start a new thread; I’ve got several great commenters who usually hit the new threads before I do.)

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  1. Whatever it is, GRATS!

  2. Whatever site it is, they are getting a really good Feral Druid writer for sure. The stuff on TFD is very good and very useful. The Feral druid coverage on a certain popular Wow site is very tank-centric, so that is my vote :)

  3. I can only hope it’s wowinsider…the idiot they have doing feral their sucks, and most of that talk devolves into bear anyways (not that I’m against bear, but only bear is lame). Not to mention that she wastes most of them on resto as well.

    • Actually, I find Allison to be one of the better writers there (though admittedly, she spread herself too thin trying to write feral/feral/resto).

      Hopefully they’re fixing that! ;-)

      • Well yeah, maybe I’m a bit harsh…she does do a good resto. But I usually don’t care for the bear part too much, and the feral definitely isn’t there…hopefully it will be fixed :D

    • She did a good job with getting basics out there without going too deep into the numbers, and usually had a link for more detailed info. But I think as Alaron said she just couldn’t keep up with 3 very different playstyles (don’t think most could) and Kitty DPS sort of fell by the wayside. Come to think of it I can’t recall the last Feral DPS article they had. They did say a week or two back that they were going to bring in a dedidicated DPS blogger sooooo :D

  4. greetings from Chile, I’m looking foward to a bear guide written by you
    good luck in your next project


  5. Enjoy your gig at Wowinsider (however they’re capitalizing it nowadays). You’ve certainly earned it, and I can see why they want you.

    Personally I’ll be sorry if the volume of posting here goes down. WI serves an important role as the lowest common denominator, but I found the posts here much more interesting than the basic information commonly found on WI.

    You know what WoW needs? Forums. Ahem. Good forums?

    • This is a bit belated, but it occurred to me that my previous comment could have been taken as a slur on TFD forums. This was not my intention. I honestly forgot they exist when I wrote my comment.

      (This is probably no more flattering, but at least it’s less malicious)

      • You may make a large donation to assuage my feelings.
        (Kidding. :)) I frequently forget I have forums when my “new posts notifier” stops notifying me…

  6. Grats mate. Just don’t forget the little people that knew you before you became famous!

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