Jan 182011

No fully-formed post ideas, so I’ll answer some comments/questions here. Will be posting less frequently for the next two weeks as my CISSP study ramps up.

Q: So is PvP gear worthless now?

A: No, not at all. Pre-patch, the agility bonuses from the PvP gear set bonuses made them better than equivalent offset PvE gear sets, even with a useless secondary stat (resilience). It wasn’t a large difference, but it was there. After the patch, this advantage goes away; the sets are now very close to each other in DPS, making it not worth farming (if all you care about is PvE). Honor PvP gear is still an excellent fill-in if you’ve had bad luck getting a certain drop, though. Either will work for raiding. (If you somehow have 4p Vicious, that remains better than heroic blues.)

Q: PVP WTF? No fear break? No root break? Now what?

A: Go resto, apparently. :)

I’m not a PvP expert, by any means, but I still think they’ve gone overboard a bit. Let’s look at other melee classes, to see what tools they have. Warriors can spell reflect a root, but it takes some skill (have to macro in a weapon swap to Shield).  Arms warriors can bladestorm out, but that uses an offensive CD (admittedly, a short one), and Fury has their rage thing.  Pallies of course have Freedom, and can also bubble in an emergency. DK’s can either use Death Grip to pull the caster in or sit in an AMS (AMZ for unholy). Rogues can cloak (of course) or vanish. We…have nothing. (BTW, I like the “Top 10 things to do while rooted” threads that are popping up in the druid forums.)

I agree that our mobility needed some tuning; we were able to stay on a kill target far too easily. This was also true in LK, but our damage sucked with having to get and keep SR up to actually do anything.  Unfortunately, not being able to break a root goes too far in the other direction. I think the best solution is to restore the ability for shifts to break roots, but give it an ICD (say 30s or so).

FWIW, I find that this topic generates a TON of anecdotal responses. The best actual data I’ve seen is the OP in this thread, which shows that feral is the 12th most common class selection choice for a BG top 20 3v3 team. (So, in other words, not that great.) Looking at the numbers, we were the “best of the rest.” Afflocks and Frost mages are by far the most common DPS; the most common melee DPS are Unholy DK’s, then AWarrs/EShams/Rogues are virtually tied. (RShams are by far the most common healer.) Based on this data, I don’t see any rationale for heavily changing druids.

Q: Unheeded Warning is good now?

A: It’ll be better, though I still need to work out the numbers to determine how good it actually is.

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  1. Been levelling a Warrior to get the Blood Elf Warrior part of the guild achieves done, and I need another profession bot. x.x;

    As regards to their CC-clearing abilities, it’s worse than you thought.

    Arms gets Bladestorm, not Fury.

    Fury gets a talent called Heroic Fury that clears all roots and refreshes Intercept.

    Prot can, of course, Spell Reflect. This may be why they nerfed our Glyph of Entangling Roots.

    All specs can break fear, sap, and incapacitate with a trained ability called Berserker Rage.

    • That’s what it is. Thanks. BTW, I think you can still spellreflect in Battle, so Arms should be able to weaponswap, right?

      • Theoretically. I’m just grinding my way from 69 -> 80 right now, no delving in deep into the intricacies of stance-dancing for me just yet, though.

  2. The biggest oddity I see with this is that it has been a key part of the druid since vanilla, and haven’t been considered a balance-breaking ability before. Now all of the sudden, it is. Really odd. Instead of balancing damage done, they break the feral druid like this.

    I mostly PvP as resto though, and they are going to be ok, even though we are loosing 9 seconds on the Tree form. The funniest thing about this is that restos who already can dispel roots, gets the Disentanglement.
    Still gets me upset just thinking about it.

  3. Don’t suppose you have any rough paper math to say whether Unheeded Warning will beat out Tia’s Grace/Fluid Death or Essence of the Cyclone at all? Picked one up a week ago (from a raid before I found out it was bad) and we haven’t been able to get everyone back together from that raid to roll off on it to see who gets to sell it just yet, so I’m still hanging onto it for now.

  4. There’s a very big difference between balancing at the top and balancing at the middle. And given that we’re talking about the bell curve, there’s a lot more people at the middle. This is the same principle (only more pronounced) as balancing classes around the performance of the world top guilds vs average raiding guilds.

    Letting shifting break roots on an ICD is a terrible idea. You shift all the time, and if you can’t always break roots you want to control when you break them.

  5. “Berserk (instant Mangle proc) now has a new Spell Alert identifier. In addition, Berserk no longer breaks Fear or makes the druid immune to Fear.”

    It seems to me like they might just be referring to Berserk (instant Mangle proc) as no longer breaking fear. ( Did it? ) Is it possible that we are making too much out of this?

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