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My original post on the upcoming changes to Unheeded Warning considered it to be fairly meh. However, I’ve discovered that Simulationcraft had a bug in its calculations (which Yawning promptly pinned down for the SC team) which threw off my figures. I haven’t had a chance to refigure yet, but Leafkiller has tested the new modeling of it in Mew (in the dev version) and determined it comes out VERY well; potentially 2nd BiS to Fluid Death. There’s still some concern about whether it buffs Fury Swipes, but I’m upgrading my recommendation on UW from “SELL” to “BUY AND HOLD,” especially if you don’t have access to either of the heroic trinkets.

And thanks to all the support for my column on WoW Insider! They haven’t had a dedicated feral DPS columnist until now, so my first few weeks of columns are mostly going to be catching up the material on the site; most of what you see there will be similar to material I’ve already posted here. (Gear guide, rep guide, etc.)

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  1. I lucked out and got a nice BoE Int ring which i traded for an Unheeded Warning. I made a PTR copy and I tested it on the PTR and currently it is not buffing fury swipes (my website link is a short combat log, but enough to see what it does and doesn’t buff). Hopefully this is an oversight and not intentional since this roughly would double the damage of fury swipes which is around the 4% range in 359-372 gear.

    If any of the prominent theorycrafters are interested in getting one, i made an extra PTR copy of my character and I have another one that isn’t soulbound.

  2. Since people have started examining trinkets from the PTR have there been any calculations on the upcoming Quicksilver Alchemist Stone (351 agil, 194 crit) and where it lies within the table of trinkets?

  3. Interesting. I was wondering how you and yawning could get so different results.

    I have an Unheeded Warning in my bags waiting for the patch, so I’m following the disscusions on this intensely :)

    On my server you can pick it up on the AH for as little as 9k gold. I got lucky and got it from trash in Bastion of Twilight.

    • I’m in the same situation myself. My raid group had Unheeded Warning drop and debated a bit as to what to do with it. I’m the only melee Agility user in the group, so they eventually decided to let me hang on to it until the patch.

      It would be nice to see this become useful. Rather unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your luck in raid drops, or availability of raid spots) that our 2nd BiS before Heroic raids is a blue 5-man drop, but at least that’s not as crazy as some of the gear situations we had to deal with back in the ArPen days. :P

  4. I bought it for 45k on 4th or 5th day of xpac thinking it was amazing. Turned out it was crap. Hopefully I can actually use it a bit now :)

    I also bought that Fury of Angerforge for my DK for 55k 2 weeks after Xpac hit, and same exact thing. Now they have buffed both, they must have seen my purchases and felt bad for me.

  5. Just wanted to say that it’s incredibly awesome that you’re writing for insider. Keep up the great work :)

    • Shoot, Kal, if it wasn’t for you, Andrew, and Flyv, I’d have never started this blog in the first place. Thanks for helping me get started.

  6. I ran some new trinket numbers on my toon using the most recent version of Mew. I posted them on the blizz cat dps thread here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/969727226?page=28#550

    The numbers actually put Unheeded Warning as BIS:
    Fluid Death + Tia’s Grace: 21410 dps
    Tia’s grace + Unheeded Warning: 21485 dps
    Fluid Death + Unheeded Warning: 21608 dps
    372 Prestor’s Talisman + Unheeded Warning: 21651 dps
    372 Essence of the Cyclone + Unheeded Warning: 21691 dps
    372 Prestor’s Talisman + 372 Essence of the Cyclone: 21644 dps

    I have not tested this on a better geared toon though so I can’t speak to the relative scaling of the different trinkets. In any event, if this numbers more or less hold true as gear scales, then we will want to shoot for Unheeded Warning + the 372 Essence of the Cyclone.

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